Jonestown Censuses (June & November 1978)

Jonestown conducted periodic censuses of its residents.

The most complete census records which we have be enable to find was conducted in June 1978, and appears as the “Master List” below. The listing also includes the age of the people on 18 November 1978. More complete biographical material on the Jonestown residents who died on 18 November may be found here.

The second pdf opens to a similar list, that of the members of Peoples Temple who were in Guyana on 18 November. This list combines the names on the Who Died and the Who Survived lists, but includes no other information.

People are listed in alphabetical order on both lists, with any other names by which an individual was known in red (e.g., Linda Amos listed as an aka – also known as – under Sharon Amos). Both lists are also searchable.

The reasons for the aka’s are many and complex. In addition to people – especially women – changing their names to reflect a new marital status, some switched to names celebrating their African heritage. Others adopted last names of people they admired (e.g., Jones, Stalin, Lenin). Others assumed new names to give themselves a new identity, for both personal and legal reasons.

  1. June 1978 Master List
  2. Names and AKAs of Peoples Temple members in Guyana, 18 November 1978

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