Edith Roller Journals: July 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten and typed journal notes by Don Beck (August 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-2 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-1 (125)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 July – 1976 – Thursday

Worked on the Venezuela contract all day except for making a few corrections on a contract for Garb.  O’Neill was working on another.  Garb had to have both tomorrow and went to Galbraith for permission to pull me off Galbraith’s job.

After getting home from work, I ran in the Panhandle.

Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Ate dinner.

Washed my underwear.  Did not finish until after 12.00.

I have been thinking how to handle my laundry so that I am not so late on Thursday night.  I was not even able to wash any other garments.

I read newspapers. Fell asleep in my chair, so did not get to bed until 2.00.


2 July – 1976 – Friday
After getting my time card in, I had hoped to be ale to type straight ahead all day on the Venezuela contract and to finish it.  But problems and interferences arose all day.  Phil Bernal wanted a contract put on ATS today.  I told him he’d have to find somebody else to do it or ask Galbraith to give him priority.   Otherwise I’d have to go to Betty Vasil for a resolution.  He got Kate Walker to do it but didn’t have it ready for him to start until mid-afternoon.  Some more changes had to be made in Milu’s contract and the page numbers for the index put in and an express print-out ordered and Nicki Maras didn’t have time to do these.  I started just before noon and spent nearly an hour on the job.

A new office and shopping center called “Market Plaza” has just been opened opposite Rincon Annex and after eating my lunch on the PG&E steps I went down to see the festivities (Wells Fargo had been giving away free balloons and there may have been refreshments at the Del Monte site, but I was too late to get anything.

When I got back to the office I found Maggie wanted a change made in her Engineers Liability document and a copy ordered.  Marie, who has been extremely helpful, explained what to do, but neither she nor I could make out how to change Dor’s format so as to get what Maggie wanted.  She decided to have it typed in by Brenda.

The system was down for about half an hour, preventing me from finishing Galbraith’s document  I had five or so pages to go. I ordered a print-out of what I had done.  I had encountered several in consistencies in capitalization and format, as well as odd wordage, not all of it a result of translation.

Marie worked on the other machine most of the day, until Kate got on it.  Colleen worked for a while on my MagCard typewriter.

After leaving the office, I took the bus to the SF Coop.  I bought a shopping cart, as it will be useful to bring produce home from the Hayes St. Coop, but mainly to take laundry back and forth from the laundromat, as I have decided to cut down on my home laundry.  I was going to try to take a bus home today but I had too much including a watermelon.

I put my groceries away.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 11.00 to past 1.00.

Went to bed at 3.00.


3 July – 1976 – Saturday
Awoke at 9.00.

Went up to Hayes Neighborhood Coop to be there at the opening at 10.00.  Had to wait as they weren’t ready yet.  Bought vegetable.  Magnolia was shopping there too and I walked home with her.  She told me of Temple plans for the weekend.

I put my purchases away.  Prepared a meal.  I had pancakes, an egg, vegetarian bacon strips, and mushrooms.

Worked on journal entries.

Pressed clothes for the week.

Got a call from Patti Chastain who was given my address for her disability checks and also to her parents because of difficulties caused by her communal status.  She lives in the Temple [in the church]. Her parents may be arriving on Thursday and will be expecting to visit with her.  She told them she was living with other girls.  We discussed a method of handling the situation, so that they would think she lived in the apartment.  She will consult Council.  I agreed to cooperate.

Slept for 2 hours.

Received 2 messages from the Temple, the first that service would be at 7.30 and inquiring as to housing for guests.  I told them my problem was getting transportation for people I took home.  Later I received the other message that we were to wear no uniforms nor headbands to service.

I had a piece of watermelon.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Went to meet Christians at 7.15 as we had been told to be on time to service.  We were also told not to wear uniforms nor head dresses as Kathleen Cleaver and her party were going to be in service tonight as part of effort to get a fair trial for Eldridge Cleaver.

CJ Jackson was presiding , took names of people who were driving to the Valley tonight and had room for passengers and then the names of those needing rides. Everybody is expected to go.  Some room was found on the buses.  Getting enough room for everybody took time.

Rick Cordell indicated who were the new people who had come.  Rick told of miracles on the trip.  Vera Young, Phyllis Houston, Bea Morton, Beverley Griffith.

Norman Ijames led congregation singing.

Norman took offering.

Vernetta is a greeter and not in service.  I had Bobby with me.  He wouldn’t go upstairs with the other children, though he didn’t have a seat to himself.  The seating was tight and it was hot, so he was quite a bit of trouble.

More testimony.  Tish LeRoy. Rick Cordell said it was Masonic Auditorium that they wanted to charge more than their agreement and that Jim walked out.

Johnny Brown spoke.

Jack Beam spoke of wreck he was in.

Gene Chaikin described how Jim brought the bus through last night on the Grapevine.

Johnny Brown took offering.

Jim finished at 10.25.

Guests were brought up.  Two rows ahead of me were saved for the staff who had been talking with Kathleen and her party.

Jim recommended that we write to forms doing business in South Africa, encourage our friends in Rhodesia and South Africa who are dying.

African Dance.

Jim: on plight of Eldridge Cleaver.  Lack of justice in having parole revoked,  Introduced Kathleen [Cleaver].  Speaks of powerful feeling of hope in Temple.  Why would anyone want to return?  Being alienated from our culture, seeing children become _____ .  Shows rare quality of courage.  CIA and FBI conspiracy proved.  Privileges [?] etc. not stopped, but people who worked against it, wants help in court.  July 23.  Decide whether Cleaver can come out on bail.  His trial not a criminal trial but a political trial.  He deserves respect for being alive at 40, because so many did not make it.

Jim called attention that Cleaver’s own followers not here.  If we don’t concern ourselves with Eldridge Cleaver, we may be next.  Know what we may be getting into .  Case will open up whole FBI files.  He’s given more than all of you will ever contemplate.  Jim ____ ___ ___ FBI agent, kept in tank for 6 months.

Dennis Banks is back in SF.

Jim: will see that Cleaver has an attorney.  Has to go through the same thing with Chris [Lewis?], be in court every day.

On Banks.  Indian family put up his bail couldn’t make it.  $5000.  Dennis didn’t let us know.  Is on hunger strike against jail conditions.

After healing session, the meeting was dismissed at 12.15.

Pearl Gray who took the section Bobby had had consented to take me and my guests home from LA with the buses with 3 boys.  Dwayne, James and Chris.  She quickly got her luggage from the buses.

We got home at 1.00.

Beulah and the boys went to bed.  I had some toast and peanut butter and toast and jam.

I went to bed at 2.00.


4 July – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 6.00.  Bathed and dressed.

Prepared breakfast: toast, eggs, apple and cranberry juice, carob milk for children, and Sanka for Beulah and myself.

Beulah and children I put in a taxi at 8.00.  Buses leaving from church at 9.00.

Telephoned Christians about 10.15.  Lorenza in the car too.  We soon passed one of the Temple buses and later three more of them.

I slept most of the way.  Christians gave me some chicken and corn chips.  We stopped at a filling station in Cloverdale to go to the bathroom.

We arrived at Redwood Valley about 1.00.

Those coming in cars had to register for housing with Liz Forman.  I was assigned to Rita Tupper’s

Service started about 1.45.

I was given a good seat at the right hand side on the front.

Congregational singing.

Johnny Brown took an offering.

Marcy on podium at 2.00.

Jim on podium at 2.45.

The p.l.  Not the pains and disappointments there that we have here.  No one gave me a moment’s concern.  Young people there disprove the doctrine of original sin.  Nothing to celebrate on this day except pain.  Some have gone out and be traitors.

2007 people sentenced to die by capital punishment decision on Thursday.  Israel invaded Uganda today.  In SF officials celebrated this is Congregational Church.  Religion justifies all kinds of evil deeds.  In Muslim tradition women do not even have a soul.  In this country where religion doesn’t reign, materialism does.  Some of you are very religious.  I don’t want title of God.  Religion has done nothing for America.  Almost harder for a white person (or Mexican) to enter society than a camel to go through the eye of a needle.  Whites have a great responsibility here.  Do not break anyone else’s heart.

Relationship between husband and wife won’t last.  Spoke of women who left children.  Left children know they don’t stand alone.  Kept Jack Arnold’s record clean,  Don’t ask who has been a traitor, as I have never lied to you.

No one else could have taken last night.  People build alliances but drop you like a hot potato.  Some cop out. “I’m not worthy.”  That’s doctrine of original sin.  In p.l. environment, opportunity made the difference.

When you hurt children, I’ll never forget it.

Everything we spend here is down the drain.

Don’t have anything to do with anyone who has gone out.

Videos of promised land, participatory peace.  Proof that socialism works.

Preparation to leave after election.  Indications.  Economy.  Israel apt to trigger nuclear war.

Asked those who have regular social security ___ ___ if have 100 people of $200 fixed income we can make it.  He took the names and other details on all who get social security and/or retirement or pensions.

Names taken of those who have children whose other parents exercise custody rights.

Jim asked how many have got passports and those who haven’t.  Multitude hadn’t.  Jim warns.  Price is going up from $13 to $25.00.

Planning Commission to meet immediately after meting dismissal.

We were served dinner outside on the grounds.  Seniors were supposed to be served first but even so, it took an hour to get through the line.  We had a chicken leg and thigh, green beans, potato salad and punch.

Children got in the swimming pool first. Then seniors were allowed in.  I changed into my bathing suit and went for a swim.

Saw Viola Moton, Russ Moton’s mother.  She had come with the buses from Philadelphia.  Said she might stay this time if her husband comes out.

Georgia Lacy had been dispensing water from a tank provided for our use, as the regular water supply not sufficient even for normal needs this year.  I relieved her for about an hour and poured water continually.  People had to bring their own cups.

At 7.30 we went inside the Temple again for housing instructions.  Liz Davis explained the new system which was necessitated by having so few householders in the Valley any more.  Buses and a few privileged cars were used to transport people to Wotherspoons, Maureen Talley’s, Edith Bogue’s, Janaro’s at the ranch, Barbara Cordell’s and the office complex, West house, Jenny Cheeks’s, Pat Grunnett’s, Edith Cordell’s, East House, Nat Swaney’s, and a few smaller homes.  People have been given tags to indicate whether people got a bed or were to sleep on the floor.  I had no further formality to go through for my housing.

At Rita’s house I was to have a bed.  Helen Snell had the other bed in the room.

Rita was tied up in a government meeting until about 10.30.  By the time she returned several other people had been assigned to her house, among them the Mercers.  I gave up my bed and slept on the floor.  Two people were put on a pull-out couch and the development in the living room.

The nurses’ station was mainstreamed also at Rita’s home and Cathy Jackson, formerly Grauman, was on duty all night.

I helped the Mercers and the other seniors to get to bed.  Henry Mercer described some of his activities in the Communist movement.  He was interrogated intensively by the FBI just before coming out to the Temple.

Everybody was very cooperative and understanding.

I went to bed about 11.00.  Mildred Mercer talking constantly in her sleep for about an hour.  She finally lapsed into silence and I went to sleep and slept soundly all night, getting up only once.


5 July – 1976 – Monday
Rita woke us up at 7.15.  I helped Sister Mercer and another woman to the Temple for breakfast.  The line was very short, but grew much longer. I got food for the Mercers.

The buses were scheduled to take people on a tour of the Temple facilities at 10.00.  but did not start on time.

I spent the midday hours writing in my journal in Rita’s living room and walking around occasionally taking to people.

Rita told me which Temple properties had been sold and who was living where.  The Temple is still keeping the money-making facilities. Jim said yesterday that the parent house was to be turned into a commune.

Vernell Henderson asked me again when I was going to be able to go communal.  I told her that privacy to do my studying and typing was my chief need.  She said she thought she could find a suitable place for me in her apartment.  Her place had to be used by the Temple for a conference meeting every other Saturday and must be vacated then.  I mentioned my dental bill.  She said she would go ahead with plans on this basis.

Some of the people sat in the shade, talking and playing cards.  Although it was hot in the sun, there was a little breeze.  Many stayed in the Temple.

Food was served about 2.00.  Jim McElvane lined people up and service was more elderly than yesterday though some people still got in at the head of the line.  We had roast beef, beans, a salad and ice cream

Service started at 4.00.  Marcy presided took an offering, led the congregation, singing helped by Johnny Brown.

Marcy reminisced about building of the Temple on this site.  She came out and purchases the property 11 years ago.  Though this land is beautiful and has served us well, the p.l. is the center of the Third World and Jim knows what he is doing.  This is a new age and our children are privileged to be living in the beginning of a new age.

Shawn Baker, Chris’ [Lewis] nephew, sang.

Marcy and Johnny Brown took another offering by sum.

The crowd, extremely noisy, had to be reprimanded several times

Children performed a new routine and “Jack-Legged Preacher.”

Francis directed children in singing, “Wake Up, Everybody.”

Jim:  We’re in constant meetings arranging for the greatest adventure ever undertaken by any people.  People who become fascists so different from ordinary [?]  run.  Tests show that only a few unaffected by major opinion.  Consented to torture and participated – 70% went along with crowd.  Will go along with a crisis made by others in activities contrary to their mortality.  Trend toward doing away with those who are handicapped and non-productive.

Americans are hypocrites, don’t live by their own Bible.

Throw away that name of God back in the cesspool from which it came.  Condemned such words as King and Lord.  No hell but capitalism.  Out Saviour is socialism.  Religion has been set up to murder you.  Back to end [?] ____ are Birdie Marable, Sally Stapleton, and her thieving daughter [Lillie Jo Carr].

For departures we will set dates which are erroneous to deceive enemy.  Let the stupid animal fuckers wait on Jesus or  take your ___ ___ and ___ ___  and give us the world.  Much shouting at ironic contemptuous remarks about Jesus.  On uselessness of calling upon Jesus.  You couldn’t stand it in this room if it were ordinary July 4th weather.

Asked for permission to sell members’ furniture held in warehouse,  Don’t need it; make our own.

Jim took count-down offering, with emphasis.

Jim dismissed us at 7.00.  LA people were to leave immediately, but LA buses would be held while the government meeting continued for a while.

Christians left about 7.45.

I stayed awake until we got to Santa Rosa.  Then slept for an hour or so.

We arrived in SF about 10.30..

I unpacked, ate some fruit. read newspapers. Went to bed about 12.30.

Among those I had talked to over the weekend were Bob Stroud, Ray Godshalk and Chris Kice.

Bob and I talked about how fascism might come to this country.  I told him what circumstances in my opinion might cause it to be imposed and how a leader could come forward.

Ray is living in East House.  He spoke almost tearfully of what great power Jim has.  Jim’s statements: “before the Morning Star was, I was,” and “I am Universal Mind” much impressed him.

Chris is enrolled in the degree program for registered nurses at Santa Rosa Junior College and struggling with her required English course.  She has never liked to write,  I had her show me what she had written for the class and I gave her some suggestions.


6 July – 1976 – Tuesday
I expected Dor to phone in today but none of us heard from her.

I finished the Galbraith contract and ran off on the machine the portions I put on today.  Gave it t him to proofread.

At lunchtime I went to see the film in the employee’s series. It was called, “Art is—“ and showed a variety of artists, their work and bits from their performances.  Emphasis was on the new and experimental.  The only name with which I was familiar was Leonard Bernstein’s but the ballet artists were featured most extensively and were most enjoyable.

In the afternoon Phil Bernal gave me the portion of the draft contract Kate had done for him. It concerned a nuclear power installation.  He wanted a double-spaced draft which presents problems in format but worse, the order of his sections was not consecutive and they had to be inserted in the proper places and the material was very long.  He wants an express print.  Out tomorrow and at the end of the day I did not see how I was going to get through it without help.

The secretarial staff is limited at the moment and except for Brenda who does a great deal of straight typing for us, I had no one to help.   Several people worked on their own materials in the Center and asked for advice now and then.  Marie is on vacation.

I exercised when I got home.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Proofread my journal, made corrections and calendar entries.  Finished the 1 to 15 September section.

Took a cold bath.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


7 July – 1976 – Wednesday
Typed all morning on Bernel’s contract, as much new material had to be inserted.  I had told Betty Vasil I might have to ask someone for help but by noon I thought I could handle it myself.  Later on I found that I was not aware of one big section which also had to go in.  Fortunately no one else was working in the room in the morning.

I ate lunch on the PG&E steps.

Bernal wanted an express print-out.  The deadline for ordering one is 2.00 o’clock.  I had not been able to make minor corrections and with difficulty finished at 2.15.  I phoned the computer center to see whether they would expedite my print-out.  They were very cooperative but due to the slow action by the messenger service I did not get it until after 3.00 o’clock.

When I got home I took an hour’s nap.

Ate dinner.

Left for service with Christians at about 7.45.

We didn’t get into service until 8.10.

The usual preliminary activities with Bob Christian, Wesley Johnson and CJ Jackson. Taking charge.

At about 9.00 Jim came on podium and Dale Parks led the congregation.  Dale told how… [sic]

Jim: Commendations for some on the trip.  Sue Noxon emptying urination receptacles.  Ida King.  Good attitude on trip.  Etta Thompson. Always helpful.

Kay Rosas on floor.  Reported using “bitch” in relation to Amanda Fair, a senior, who confronted her about washing clothes in Chicago against regulations.  It was “Isn’t this a bitch?”  Laura Johnston says she changes her story to fit whomever she is talking to.  She says she called herself a bitch.  Jim zeros in on her, says she’s calling the rules “bitchy.”  McElvane told to give her 10 hours security. Help Pat Hess cleaning Redwood Valley church; raise $100 pamphleting.

Marlene X called black sister a bitch.  Jim says no punishment when you tell on yourself.  Work it out with your conscience.

Mary Griffith.  Jim: Where are clothes you stole on trip?  Home of relative of one of our members.  Jim tells her to go home and get them.  Forfeit $8 allowance for cleaning clothes.  Jim: you won’t dirty the name of this church any more.  Lee Ingram accuses her of taking money from purse of bus driver, Carol McCoy. $45.  Radio missing.  Lee says last year in counseling session she was about to be put out of church.  Jim interviewed and let her stay.  Jim asks her how much she stole and from whom.  Her dad says she stole $20 from his pocket.  Zippy Edwards says she goes through Sister Railback’s belongings.  Her mom doesn’t want her to go.  Jim says this is part of the trouble?  What do you suggest?  She steals off old people, young people, strangers. Mom wants to know why she does it?  Jim: because she wants to steal.  She hasn’t suffered enough.  She will get beat on.  Her brother says parents don’t discipline her.  Dad says she doesn’t deserve to be in cause.  She’s 14.   (Bone cancer woman)  Raised possibility.  She is kleptomaniac, needs treatment.  Jim: people do what they can get away with.  Socialists do not believe people’s behavior determined by other causes than environment.

Jim conferred with Helen Swinney, then the 2 of them conferred with Mary.  Jim says we can’t turn her out on street at 14.  Says she has been conditioned in home. She promises she’ll work in p.l. (promised land).  There aren’t any god’s voices, devils.  Black child has less a chance.  Image building filthy for black child.  I do not intend to let our child go astray. Parents living communally.  To others in different if parents not in this church you can’t go and if they are they may not be as worthy.  He spoke of dignity black person feels there, mostly people of color.  Few white people there.  He asked congregation to approve.  Jim directs clothes to be sent back with money for cleaning.  Jim points our the mercy came to dedicated apostolic people.

Nancy Sines did wonderful work while we were on trip.  She put names of heroes on wall for 4th of July.

Jim took another offering.

Meeting dismissed about 12.00.  I had to wait some time for Christians.  They told me they had had to meet with counselors concerning some of their furniture which has been in Valysha Williams’ house.  She is making it hard for them to get it back.  She became angry in the meeting with Council and walked out.

I washed dishes.

Read the newspaper.

Went to bed at 1.30.


8 July – 1976 – Thursday
On getting to work I telephoned Edna and confirmed to her that I expected to be able to spend the week of 15 August at the family reunion.  She will order the ticket from there.  I will try to call the other sisters.  I expect to leave Sunday night, the 15th, and return on Saturday night the 21st of August

Dor spent most of the day getting in order the records I had kept on my ATS and overload work.

I worked all day on Galbraith’s contract, making corrections which he had indicated.

At lunchtime I went with Lynn Schoembs to a meeting of the Program Committee of the Bechtel Women’s Awareness Association (BWAA).  About 7 Bechtel women employees are members of this committee.  We sat on the floor in can empty office and ate our lunch while they discussed plans for the next 3 or 4 months.  They seem to be concerned that no opportunity be given the audience to raise questions from the floor on company policy on certain personnel matters. Lynn later asked me if I would be interested in working on the Program Committee.  I told her my doctor had ordered me not to take on any extra work.

I had not finished Galbreath’s contract at closing time and got permission to stay late to work on it as he wanted it in the morning. I worked until 7.00, by which time print-outs must be ordered.  I had several more pages to revise.  Galbraith had been pleased with my work.

Dor lent me $8, as I had not been able to get to the bank.

I took the bus to Chinatown and ate at Louie’s, had a very good meal for $3.99.

Took the Sacramento St. bus to Divisidero, the Divisidero bus and walked from there.  Didn’t have enough money left for a taxi.

Got home at 9.30.

I washed my hair.

Then washed clothes.  Didn’t get through until 1.00.

I ate some cracker and jam, read the newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


9 July – 1976 – Friday
Didn’t get up until 6.30.  Had time to eat only an orange for breakfast.

Worked all morning putting the remaining corrections in Galbraith’s contract and ran off the pages at the machine.  I have learned a good deal about ATS during Dor’s absence.  Dor was impressed with the amount of work we had had in the Word Processing Center during her absence but she was not happy about some of the work Kate and I had done, particularly on the Bechtel contract.

Phil Bernal brought revisions in on his public utility contract which Kate and I had worked on.  Dor started to do the job.

I ate at my desk and went to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.

The day was very pleasant.  There had been fog night and morning for the past few days and the temperature has been cool.

When I got back, I found that the computer system was down.  Dor had not finished her work for Bernel and didn’t have any of it stored.

Dor started a cross word puzzle and I made journal entries.

I left at 3.30 for my dental appointment at 4.00.  Dr. Fudgen started work on a crown for my broken tooth.  He finished a little after 5.00.

I finished parking.

Prepared dinner and ate.  Dressed for the Temple service.  Didn’t wash dishes, but stacked them in the dishpan.

Christians brought me to the Temple at 8.15.

A long line of children testified, stopped only when Jim came on podium at 9.10.

Polla Materas sang.

Jim started taking the offering.  While reminding people that their second $1000 will be due next week he said we really have to be preparing to go to the p.l.  Every penny we can get is needed to provide facilities we will need.  He mentioned the latest Supreme Court decision cutting down on the right of appeal, as well as the decision to uphold the death penalty.  He spoke in impassioned terms of the coming of concentration camps and how religion will be used to put our people into them.

Before Jim finished the offering, movies taken of the trip were shown.  The wreck of the van was shown and the way in which the supplies were saved.  ___ ___ Ukiah was under the _____of Pat Hess and XX ____ ____.

2 little children who had ____ to African dance steps, the visit to Congress where Philip and John Burton spoke tour members, the stop at Lynn, Indiana, where Jim was born and reared, an episode from a meeting at which a cast was removed from the leg of a crippled woman and some recreational times were shown.

The offering was then counted.

Jim performed healings.

People were invited to come down to the front for Temple membership.

Those who could make further contributions came to the altar.

As I had Wednesday night, I saw Ora Pearce and Judith Shuritz in service.  They have remained in the Temple but Ora confirmed that her 2 daughters and families had left.

I got my belongings from the Christian’s car. Only Bob was going to LA with Bobby.  Vernetta was going to work with Leona Collier planning a garage sale of their unneeded goods.  In spite of the quarrel with Valy[?] who Bob was going to take our usual bus, No. 3.  It was the last to come from the lot and not many people were on it.

No one said anything about eating on the bus and like others I ate the lunch I had brought.

The buses left at 1.00.

I slept soundly all night, working up only at the first rest stop, where I went to the bathroom and ran.


10 July – 1976 – Saturday
We stopped at Buttonwillow from 8.30 to 10.00.

I ran, washed, ate my food, brushed my teeth and ran again.  It was going to be very hot day in this area.

Talked to June Crym who told me details of communal life: meals, getting laundry and pressing done, transportation, getting personal needs taken care of she lives in the Temple.

I read the rest of Friday’s newspaper and a little of the CIA book.

Slept until we got into LA.  Quite warm in LA.

Dressed in the annex.

Service at 2.00.

Announcements by Hugh Fortson.  Necessary to apply for passport immediately.  Pleads with people to donate unused furniture which can be sold.  Donations of food solicited for workers on the apartment house.

Jim came on podium at 2.40.

Rides arranged.

The choir sang.

Tape from last night.  Additional matter.  Trying to revoke tax exemptions of churches, which could do anything but sing, preach, pray.  If you do humanitarian work, you violate tax law.  We had better be about our Saviour’s business.  Capitalism is evil.  We are sitting in a cesspool.  We can’t get a million blacks to work for their freedom.  They have sold out our birthright, not for food, but so the white man will smile at us.  Instead of eradicating the horrible social conditions, they’re going to kill us.

Unto us is a Saviour given.  We shall be freed.  Science knows how to conquer death.  He interspersed many references from scripture.

Some have deserted, gone back. A thousand may fall on our left hand and a thousand at or on our right, but nothing shall come nigh our dwelling.  We’ll be there if you try to crucify our God.

Jim at 3.00.  Talk of Bradley as Vice President candidate.  He doesn’t stand for anything,  Black men can be used to continue fascist politics.  The same system will continue whether we have a black mayor or vice president.  All black officials have sold out.  If Brad were any good, he would have reformed this vile political system.  I have not come to be destroyed but will destroy the works of the devil.

He warned against conspiracies against the leader.  People who grumble against the workers, the first stage.  You rebel against organization, stay with the capitalist and you will not die.  Sowing seeds of discord.  I can see a major probe coming.  We can’t even be on time, stay awake in services.  The racist follows the same routine for 40 years. That’s why they’ll win in America.  Some of our children are too lazy to live.  Might as well pull chickens teeth to get someone to donate their car.  You can’t hurt me.  I was crucified long ago.  Spoke of racism here.  Some of you are black chauvinists.  Blacks won’t get any special treatment. Those who sow discord. You can you are traitors just as much as those who have left.  You’re not going to be as good as a nigger as some white people here.  I’m not troubled with white racism, I’m troubled with black racism today.  I won’t sit around and watch decay of a movement.

We’re not in real danger.  You want a new apartment, new councilors.  Do you have someone in mind?  Who’d get you out of jail, who would work all night?  All alliances should be broken up.  In such, one is a traitor.  Marriages except in name only do nothing to advance the revolution.  People buy you off by buying you a sandwich or taking you to a show.  You can’t find the apartment and the first mates but you can get a lot of little children killed or starved.

He spoke of those who have gone out and taken others with them.  I can never trust them again.  Some were to come back.  Don’t show your heart in time of battle.  Show that we can’t be messed with .

I am always fair.  No matter how many people have been harassing me.  No one here who compares with those who have gone out.  Who hasn’t become a devil.  Don’t wreck the only lifeboat on this troubled sea.

Don’t grumble or gripe to anyone and write up anything you see wrong to me.  No grumblers, no shirkers, no _______, I never trust you.  She left little child.  We’re going to have to see some courageous action.  I won’t help people in government, in the church to placate them.  You can’t placate a cancer.  It isn’t going to be easy to slip out.

Jim took offering.

Spoke of Lena Flowers.  Wayne Pietila baby.  Becky Flowers, Jack Arnold.


Service out 5.30.

Got my belongings from the annex where we had had to put them, though I had to go back for my coat and pillow because a meeting was being held in the annex and I couldn’t look for them.

Beulah got a ride for Earlene and me with Eunice Stanford, who came back later for her.  Beulah’s sister, who is visiting her with one child, was home.

We had a soda, chicken giblets with rice and after Beulah came, watermelon.  The house was nicely cleaned up.  Jackie Fountain came back with Beulah.  She seems to have greatly improved, had a good attitude.

I read a little in the CIA book but could hardly stay awake.  I was very tired from being on my feet so long last night and today and because it was very hot.

Went to bed at 10.00.


11 July – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.00.

Breakfast: toast, bacon, egg, and an orange.

Beulah got a ride for us with her favorite son-in-law, father of Vicki and X.  Her sister and niece went to the service today.

We arrived relatively early, at 11.10.  Bob Christian was making announcements. He asked for donations for food for the apartment house workers.  Johnny Brown and Rick Cordell made further announcements.

Rides were arranged.

Norman Ijames presiding.  Appealed to those who ___ ____ not yet, have them to apply for passports.

Jim entered on podium 11.45. Morning speaks of ____ by National Guard.  Mentioned groups which would be detained.  Business organization exempt from any investing (more).  Tax laws that churches can only worship, sing and pray in traditional way.  Pentecostal movement may not be included.  Humanitarian activities not tax deductible any longer.

Those who have fixed incomes, who have not already reported them stand and __ ___ taken.  We can go to p.l. for missionary work.

Jim took an offering.

I was asked to usher for half an hour.

Tape of former sermon.

Jim spoke of CIA assassinations.  Presidential campaign.  Carter says no woman for vice president, to soon for black vice president.  Soviet say if Republicans elect President, we will have nuclear war, not sure about Carter, but he comes from racist church.  Doesn’t make any difference if we have a black president.  Hasn’t made any difference that Bradley is Mayor.  Still have same political chief.

Healings during which Jim took count down offering. Most done by sending nurses.

Had people come to the altar.

Service was dismissed very early, at about 1.45.  Jim told is we were going to have shorter meetings to allow more time for work and pamphleting.

Seniors were not served at a special table, but formed a separate line.  We had chicken, green beans with sliced potatoes and a salad.

I changed clothes and washed in the annex.

The buses did not leave until 4.30.

After boarding the bus I began to suffer from an attack of hay fever.  I did not have enough tissues with me.  I got some toilet paper at the rest stop.

I read Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence and finished the book.

At 8.30 we stopped at Buttonwillow for a 2 hour break.  I ran, ate an orange and talked with Garry Lambrev, Bryan Kravitz and Liz Davis [Forman].  Garry and I talked about social developments in socialist countries, particularly the USSR and Bulgaria.  His father came from the latter country and has visited there since the revolution.  Bryan told of visiting relatives in the Philadelphia area while on the Temple trip.  His parents have separated and have new spouses.  His father has married a black woman. They did not come to the meeting but are not unfriendly to the Temple.  His father introduced him to a half sister he did not know he had, an 18 year old, whose mother was another black woman.  Bryan hopes to have her come out to visit the Temple. Bryan came out on the Temple bus on our first Philadelphia trip.  He had heard of the Temple from a tape made by Karen Layton which was in the hands of his boss, who had a press.  The  circumstances are rather mysterious, as neither Karen nor anyone else remembers about the tape.  With Liz I ran for a while. And we talked a little.  She says adopting teenagers has been difficult for her.  She was a good counselor and teacher but is a poor mother.  In her home now she has Kevin Davis, 17, Chris Buckley, 11, and Reneé McMurray [McMurry], who is 14,  all disturbed children.  Liz told me Brian Davis left the Temple and went back to his mother.

We sat in the buses for an hour and did not leave until about 10.00.  I slept quite well.  When we stopped for our rest break, I talked with Lisa Layton about communal living.

We arrived at SF at 3.10.  Bob ____ gave us a ride with  X  Yates.

I unpacked.

Went to bed at 4.00.  setting the alarm for 5.00.


12 July – 1976 – Monday
Intended to get up at 5.00 and press clothes but I turned off the alarm and slept until 6.30.  I got to work on time though.

I telephoned Mabs and Dorothy [Edith’s sisters] on the Bechtel line.  Told them of the dates planned for the family reunion.  Mabs said her coming depends upon getting someone to do her watering.  Dor was pleased with the arrangements.

I worked all morning on revisions of Galbraith’s Inelectra contract.  Had no difficulty with them.

Took my lunch on the PG&E steps.

This afternoon brought my journal up to date.

My hay fever got worse during the day, probably because of Dor’s smoking in the office.

I left promptly tonight and caught the Hayes St. bus.  Rode up to the neighborhood coop and bought some tomatoes and a cantaloupe.  They gave some nectarines away.

I exercised.

Prepared dinner.  I had a dish of eggplant, onions, mushrooms, canned tomatoes, cottage cheese and spaghetti, sprinkled with grated cheese, green peas and a nectarine.  Ate some watermelon later.  Washed dishes.

Read through the journal entries for 16 to 30 September.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.  I was still having trouble with sneezing and my nose running.


13 July – 1976 – Tuesday
Continued to suffer with the allergy which has affected me since the weekend.  My left nostril is especially stopped up.

Galbraith made more changes on the Inelectra contract after receiving the first print-out and I spent the morning making them.  In the afternoon I typed a draft for one of the legal assistants.

The Employee Film Series film was “The Black Angel Mine” which showed Bechtel’s construction of the Marmorilih lead and zinc mine in West Greenland.

Made my journal entry and made notes for a memo to Jim asking permission to visit my sisters the week of 16 August.

Had a conversation with Dorothy.  As usual she turned it toward religion and we touched upon reincarnation.  Her general philosophy of life was revealed by her remark that she liked to “be proud of the people I work for.”  This followed some talk we had had with one of the attorneys about the new Jubail complex Bechtel has contracted to develop in Saudi Arabia

I slept 2 hours, from 6.00 to 8.00, after I got home tonight.

Had dinner and washed dishes.

Took my bath.

Worked on my journal from 12.00 to 2.00, finishing 4 pages.

Read.  Went to bed at 3.00.


14 July – 1976 – Wednesday
Worked all day making extensive revision to documents.  There are four in all.  Detailing the provisions of Bechtel’s retirement and profit-sharing plan.  Most of the changes were those made necessary by recent legislation of Congress.  We got the assignment through John Miclu.

Dor told me someone had complained to Mr. Johnson that they could not get their work out of the Word Processing Center.  He had asked Betty Vasil to look into the matter.  She didn’t tell Dor who made the complaint but said the person was “low level.”  Dor and I believe it was Maggie, who is rather self-important.

Dor said Betty had requested another person for our staff and it seems likely the request will be approved.

In order for me to collect dinner money for last Thursday when I worked overtime, I have to present my badge.  As I lost it when my purse was stolen at the Temple, some months ago, I haven’t had one.  I paid the cashier the $3.00 fee required and had my picture taken and received a new badge, then collected my money for my dinner, $3.50.

I ate on the PG&E steps.

In the afternoon I had a conversation with Dor in which she went into detail about her fears for Communism.  She respected all the usual charges of the far right.  She used to work in Oklahoma for an organization called XX   which I suspected was a reactionary disseminator of such propaganda.  Dor has no such dread of fascism, does not seem to know what it is.

I put on MagCard a memo to Jim asking for permission to spend a week with my sisters in Denver and ran it off.

I slept an hour after getting home from work.

Ate a quick dinner.

Dressed for the service.

Left with the Christians at 7.45.  We got into service about 8.10.  Seniors were telling of the ways in which they had suffered in former days.

Forms were filled out by those who do security.  Then further volunteers for taking security shifts were asked for.

Jim on podium 8.45.

Jim:  Julian Bond says worst thing about Carter is not knowing what he is going to do.  He’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Is cold cruel and cunning.  Believe he’s a true racist.

Judy Merriam stayed at Mary Wotherspoon’s so latter could go on trip.

Ruth Atkins helpful.  Cleaned Ruby Johnson’s room when Ruby was unable.  Helpful with sewing.  Helped new members in communal house.  Jim says she one of his true followers on bus from Seattle when it nearly went over.  She called name of me of Father.

Many young people did good work on children’s bus.  Helped with younger children.

Names of those who substituted on microphone crew read.

Esther Dillard was reported by a doctor for missing appointment, she forgot it.  Betty Jackson says she missed.  Doctors would have charged you if not a member of church.  She is to bring in $15.00.

Danny Beck told to stay downstairs, went into watch TV in Ruby Carroll’s apartment.  Sylvia Grubbs says he needs to work.  Robert Johnson went with him.

Jim wants communes to meet to provide more outlet for children.  Set up some programs so they don’t waste time.  To meet tomorrow evening.  Have something for Saturday.   Danny to raise $10.  Would have to get swats except for work on trip.  Sharon Kislingbury says he brought several children up on several days.  He to work all night.  Warned children with chicken pos up there.  Other boys assigned to brining $5.

Young man brought up. Doesn’t stand when Jim comes in.  Wants $20 for plant ticket to LA, though the bus is going tonight.  Charles X wants to leave church because white people treat him better.  Admires J. Paul Getty.  Says we are too concerned about black people.  Jim: “You have an attitude. This is a dang place to have an attitude.  Jim asked him to vacate our premises this moment.  “He does not even deserve to ride our bus.”   As Minister [probably Archie] Ijames says, there are untold thousands of our so-called black people who talk just like that.  Jim asked someone to explain his attitude to his relatives.  Report that he threatened to come back.  Jim says he won’t stay, he can come back ___ __ ___  but he wont stay.  If he makes any attempt to come in, call the police.

Emmett Griffith and Mark Cordell to get training on heavy equipment operators.  Mark Cordell passed high school proficiency test.

Tommy Moore. Tim Clancy reported he is careless with printing equipment in LA.  Here went off without permission.  Said Norman’s daughter not his but mine.  Brought from his mother.  Vicki Moore, she complained I couldn’t do something with her sexually, she made advances to Jim.  Insisted. Show you believe her.  Archie thinks he should go and live with her.  Tommy doesn’t think it’s very important to live with her.  Can’t go back and forth with her and violate our rules.  Vickie has gone out from us.  Norm says you make the choice, whether to be in this family or not.  Jim instructs Tommy to tell Vicki we know her lies.

Jim decides to take the young man who has become mild can go with us on the bus.  Will deposit him with his mother.

About Tommy. Jim says he has no guardian, should live with mother and see what its like.  She is vile, attacking her own brother.

Philip Lacy went with Tommy without clearance.  They went to get parts for a radio.  Knew they wouldn’t get clearance.  Philip admitted he wanted to get out of work at church.  Tommy accused of manipulating to get advantages from mother and Temple.  Jim says she forced him to go public on matters he didn’t want to talk about,  She left because Jim wouldn’t have relations with her.  To get money, she sold some panels Tommy made for use of solar energy.  The man Vicki is with is a drug pusher.  Tim says he can show some appreciation. Instead he damaged our property.  Tim says he was just bored.  Congregation voted he should go with mom, though large number opposed.  Jim said he must show what he wants to do.

Jim went to see Eldridge Cleaver last night.  Though he praised America, he’s set up.  People guarding him who have done violence to blacks.  Jim responsible for saving him so far. Hell’s Angels backed by police responsible for murdering blacks in jail.

Up to Tommy to get Vicki to give us proper custody.  3 month period.  She hasn’t provided for him.  Jim:  she responsible for the mess Jim is in.  Jim gave him careful instructions on how to deal with Vicki.  She would try to frame him.  She tried to tape record him.

All offices in welfare have tape recorders in Ukiah and the Bay Area.  Phone messages are taped.  Be careful what you say.

Question of Philip’s penalty.  Report from Mom Liggins.   He talked in derogatory fashion about adults.  Lois Ponts and Penny Kerns at Liggins.  Controversy over TV.  He was hostile.

Woman who was at Liggins says TV did not disturb him.  Big hassle over why she defended Philip.  After long argument during which Jim had to show his power she admitted she up there because she didn’t like Penny.  Philip says he didn’t like Penney, would had turned off TV for anyone else.  Philip gets night’s work.

Tyrone Duncan hit a man with a tire iron.  Could be assault and battery with intent to kill.  Attorney wants to know should he represent him?  He said he didn’t intend to go to the p.l.  Decision: work all night tonight and tomorrow night.  Then we’ll represent him.  He says he wants to stay here and fight.  Jim says he will not go to jail.

Jim announced that young man dismissed earlier had proved contrite, wanted another chance, which he will be given.

Jim took another offering after healings.

The meeting was out about 11.30.

I gave my memo to Jim about my trip to Christine Lucientes to give to him.

Went home with Christians.

Washed dishes.  Read Newspapers.

Went to bed about 1.30.


15 July – 1976 – Thursday
Spent the morning on the ATS making revision on the Thrift and Trust plan documents for Miclu.  In the afternoon I made more revisions on the Inelectra contract for Galbraith.

Had only a few minutes to myself.  Added some details to yesterday’s journal entry.

Dor was working on the official records.

At lunchtime saw a videotape which was a program report on the Airport project, the Alaskan pipeline, with some interesting shots of the rivers the pipeline must go over or under another tape showed Bechtel’s toolhouse

I didn’t exercise tonight.

Instead of washing underwear and other garments by hand.  I have decided to take them to the laundromat across the street, now that I have a cart of my own.  Hope I will save time in the run, though I’ll love to continue to wash some dresses and stockings and girdles by hand.  This time I did other accumulated laundry, such as sheets and towels,.  I got through at 7.30.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

I put away clothes and washed items that have to be done by hand.  Didn’t get through until 12.30.  Didn’t wash my hair.

Read Roszch.

Went to bed at 2.00.


16 July – 1976 – Friday
Spent most of the day on the computer with more revisions of Miclu and Galbraith’s documents.

I have not felt well all week, have had much trouble with allergy which came on me Sunday, though it was better today.

I ate at my desk.

I went to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.

Dor was still working on her reports.  She had acted somewhat distant all day but I thought her mood was probably caused by her dislike of doing the report.    I had made several mistakes of omission, since the Miclu and Galbraith jobs were complicated but had corrected them all.   Another little point arose concerning the Miclu does and I made a mild inquiry as to whether it had to be done today.  It was about 4.15.  This set off a diatribe from Dor.  She complained about my lack of diligence recently, implied that my efficiency let down at the beginning of the week at the end.  She did not have much sympathy “with my need for more test.  If the work comes in it had to be done.  If I didn’t do my share,” I’m the one who’ll have to do it.”  She thought I was bored with the work and speculated that it might not be as exciting as my experiences in foreign countries and differed from teaching.

I was quite shocked at the venomous nature of her remarks but tried not to respond much, except to say that I had not felt well (I didn’t say anything about her heavy smoking which she should know prevents me from recovering from my respiratory problems.  I took care of the correction on the Miclu job, went to the bathroom to prepare for leaving.

When I returned, Dor immediately apologized for what she had said.  She had known she had made a mistake as soon as the words were out of her mouth.  She did not, however, withdraw her statements, beyond saying that there are always 2 sides to everything.  Again I tried not to carry on the discussion.

Took the bus to the Coop.  Bought an ice cream cone. Bought groceries.  Took taxi home.

Unloaded my groceries.

Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Washed my hair.

Went to bed at 2.00.


17 July – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Went up to the neighborhood coop and bought produce.

Listened to the Temple broadcast.

Prepared a meal, at and washed dishes.

Cleaned house.

Slept for 2 hours.

Pressed clothes for about an hour.

Ate some fruit.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Bob Christian was late going to the service.  Vernetta was already there.

Didn’t get into service until 8.30.  Had anticipated towards the back where I was with young people until the ushers moved them to the back to make more room for the late comers.  I couldn’t see too well.

Testimonials interspersed with singing were heard.

Jim on podium about 9.10.  Spoke inspirational words and led the audience in singing.

Speaking of freedom, candidates one has pearly white teeth, one trips over his dog’s leash, and the other you can see mounting his horse on the late, late show.  If they want us to get on to the p.l., they should make it easy for us or we might stop in Washington for a revival.  He started to take an offering, then continued the rejoicing.

Ava Brown brought me a message.  “Jim cleared it for you to go visit your relatives.”

Jim: on the way out, we may stop at Reno and see what the machines will do for us.  You say, “That’s gambling.”  When I do it, it’s not gambling.

We are in “Jet” magazine this month.

While taking the offering , you will never get cancer.  Give it away.  Give it to someone who wants it.  You won’t get it if you don’t want it.

More singing.


Jim took another offering by sum while healings continued.

New members admitted.

Come to the altar with specified amounts.

Meeting closed 11.00.

Beulah didn’t come.  I was willing to take another guest but Judy Flowers had to place people who weren’t able to climb the 3 stories to my apartment.

I read.

Went to bed at 1.00.


18 July – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 9.00.

Breakfast: cantaloupe, steak, toast.


Bob Christian phoned.  Trouble with car.  Wouldn’t start.  Brother Farris brought the rest of the family.  He was taking the bus and so would I have to.

Arrived at Temple about 11.20.  Jim passed through the downstairs area and reminded people they are supposed to be in seats at 11.00.

Norman had taken one offering, was starting to take another when Jim on podium at 11.30.  He continued offering by sum, then left podium.

Testimonials.  Singing.

Dr. John B. Moore, introduced by Janet Shular.  He was former District Superintendent of Methodist Church.  Spoke of daughters Carolyn Layton and Annie Moore.  Now a pastor sees us as a community that cares.  [???] be sun and rains, nourishing world [???]  we are allies.

Yvette Muldrow.  Bicentennial 1776-1976.

Polla Materas sang Lullaby from “Porgy and Bess.”


Rag-time music during which several couples came to the platform and danced.

Jim healed several.

Jim asked people to come to the altar with money to help pay for someone who had to go to N.Y. [??] on the people’s bus.

Meeting ended 1.45.

Jim took the bus home.  Had to wait over an hour for the Hayes St. bus, so I wasn’t home until 2.45.

Ate a big salad with shrimp and a peach.

Washed dishes.

Pressed more clothes.

Left home for the evening service at 5.25.  Decided to walk and I got as far as Divisadero and Fulton where Reenie Jackson picked me up.  Service was scheduled for 5.30 and I was only a few minutes late.

CJ was quieting the auditorium.

Rides were arranged.

Mom Taylor appealed for donations of clothing in good shape for our brothers and sisters fighting for freedom in Africa.

Congregation and solo singing.


Jim on podium at 7.00.  Took offering by sum.  The only way to get freedom in this city is money.  You can’t possibly save enough.  Said he has been working hours to plan activities.  Hold of dictatorship already evident.  If you have a checking account, if you are paying off a debt,  you’re already under surveillance.  Insurance companies going broke, won’t cover certain conditions any more, because of tire strike, in 30 days can’t get tires.  After election there will either be a war on terror, depression.  If a war, it would bee the last one.  He spoke of traitors.  If I save someone from cancer yesterday, tonight if they have a pimple on their knuckle they’ll turn against me.  I lay down my life for you, but it becomes ridiculous that some people don’t want to live.

He issues a stern warning to those who would betray this cause.  He continued the offering.

Kitchen staff reported successful dinner and ____ entertainment last Friday night.

Commendations read. Ellen Klingman did good while at ranch.

But Ellen Klingman called girl names “black bitch.”  It was reported to her by other girls.  Jim told of rule against gossiping.  She called him “white boy.” Grandmother says she likes to be with him, enjoys name calling.  Jim dismissed the case.

Jim warned new young man to quit flitting from girl to girl.  Stick with one.  Only sex deviates flit from girl to girl.  He reportedly said he wanted to get as many girls pregnant as possible.

Young Calvin [Douglas] security man late to service.  Had bad attitude when questioned.  He says he listening to music tapes in back room.  He to do extra security and work on a clean up crew.  Jim says bad attitude always caused by thinking we’re better than everybody else.

Questions form the floor.

Penny Kerns reported Emmett Griffith and Joe Wilson came in service over fire escape to third floor.  They had a lame excuse about their being guests in auditorium and they had dirty clothes on. Penalty: Raise $50.  Don’t anyone else climb fire escape.

More slides of the trip were shown.

Meeting was dismissed about 8.00.

Marshall Farris had room to take me home with Christians.

I ate a piece of watermelon.

Called Lor [friend working at SF State] and had a long conversation with her.  Ryn [Lor’s daughter] is almost certainly getting her PhD in August and Lor will be driving up with Dorothy and others.  Carol is up on the Arctic Circle and Beth is a fire fighter in Oregon.  Lor had feared that she would be alone for sometime during the summer but one of her lodgers decided to stay over.

I took the hem out of my white skirt and basted another in, so as to let it down.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.00.


19 July – 1976 – Monday
I arrived at the office earlier than Dor.

She made no mention of Friday’s events but she was still very tense all day.  She observed the details of my work very closely.

Dor spent 7 hours going over the departmental invoices from the computer center.

I spent seven hours on the ATS, finishing Maggie’s secrecy agreement document by feeding MagCards prepared by Betty Barclay into the computer.  It was exacting work, making additions and rearranging lines required constant attention.

I ate lunch at my desk.  Took the bus up to the telephone company and paid my bill.  The company now has a security system and requires employees to show badges.  I was not permitted to go through the hall and had to go to the Market Street entrance.

In the last hour of the day I had to make minor corrections in Miclu’s trust and thrift documents and order copies of the 4 documents.  I was late in leaving the office.

Having got home late, I was late in finishing my exercising.

I prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 11.00, finishing 3 pages.

Read Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends.  I am re-reading the book and getting more out of it.

Went to bed at 12.30.


20 July – 1976 – Tuesday
Got up at 5.30 so as to spend a half hour on my journal, as I like to keep the quota of 4 pages every night.

Had tried to call Eddie and Dor [sisters] from Rita Schuman’s office, now unoccupied, but didn’t get any answer.  I wrote a letter on MagCard and made a copy for each.  I told them my plans were to leave on Sunday 15 August and return on Saturday, the 21st.  To Eddie, I told her of the night coach flight, the time and cost and of possible arrangements for getting my ticket to me.

I called Contonia from Rita’s phone.  Had not seen her at the Temple for a long time and someone told me she was ill.  I spoke to her sister, Rosita Lewis who said no one else had been in to church after her and even inquired how she was.  Rosita arranged for a sister who is not in the Temple to take her in but said she was at home now.  Contonia told me she had been ill for 2 months and was still weak.  She had gone to a doctor.  She had tonsillitis, laryngitis and strep throat.  She had called Sylvia Grubbs, Debbie Evans and Maria Katsaris but no one came to see her.  She said she was still loyal to Jim but she was getting out of the commune.

In the early part of the day, I had little work to do.  In the later afternoon, one of the new attorneys, James Harth, brought in a memo and a letter, which I started to put on MagCard.

At lunch time I saw the film in the Employees Film series, “Program on Cancer,”which showed new developments in many areas of research on and treatment of cancer, making optimistic prognostications.

Dor’s attitude seemed normal.  She said a new girl has been hired to start Thursday.

At home I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.  Prepared lentils for lunches.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 11.30.

After my bath I read Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends.

Went to bed at 1.00.


21 July – 1976 – Wednesday
I finished the two items for James Hartt and checked over Maggie’s secretary agreement print-out and took them to their offices.

At 9.00 we had a departmental meeting the first of regular monthly meetings to be held at 9.00 in the Assembly Room on the second floor.  Casper Weinberger said this was the recommendation of the Director’s Advisory Group.  Discussion on the new Jubail complex was scheduled for today.

Willis G. Slusser opined, explained the project in _____ John Stewart who had also worked on the contract negotiations and people for the division involved gave details.  A representative from the graphics area had pictures and diagrams to display.  The project, to build a whole city with refineries, infra structure, 2 piers, housing and a training center, desalination plant, is estimated to cost $25 billion and require 20 years.  The working force will be brought in from other countries (from Pakistan and Yemen mainly at first).  Saudi Arabia has few trained personnel but Bechtel is expected to train replacements for all functions.  The Saudis were very apprehensive that they would be overcharged and do not have the means of checking.  A similar project will be carried out on the Red Sea side and will be used to evaluate the Bechtel performance.  The boycott situation was mentioned.  We agree to abide by the laws of Saudi Arabia while in the country, which was said to be acceptable to our government.

The meeting lasted until 11.00.  Coffee, doughnuts and sweet rolls had been served.

The rest of the day I had little work to do.  I made journal entries.

Ate my lunch on the PG&E steps, then walked up to Mission Street to a hardware store and bought a new key ring.  After getting back to the office I went to the bathroom as usual to brush my teeth,

Dor was away from her desk.  I later learned she had been with Betty Vasil.  After she had eaten her lunch at her desk she said she’d like to talk with me before the new girl enters on duty tomorrow.  She wants me to be very strict about keeping office hours especially at lunch.  “And I don’t mean come in and put your things down and go to the bathroom and brush your teeth.  I mean be at your desk ready for work at 12.45.”  She said she’d have to prod her son to get started earlier in the morning.  She said nothing about any break, mid-morning and mid-afternoon nor about being late getting out of the office at night.

Cathy and Karen Tango, the new file clerk, came in the office to check on office equipment, spent some time in conversation with Dor.

I left a little before 4.00 for my appointment with Dr. Fudgen.  He put the new crown in.  I was out of the office about 5.10 and home by 5.30.

I slept for an hour.

Ate a quick dinner and dressed for the Temple service.

Bob Christian phoned at 7.45 that Marshall Farris was taking us to the Temple.  Bob had not received his unemployment check form Houston and can’t buy parts he needs to repair his car.

In service about 8.15.

Arrangements for distribution of newspapers.

Jim on podium about 9.00.  Muslim leaders in Guyana seeking land as ___ ___   Blacks not going to be safe in America.  Guyana withdrew from Olympics as protest for relations with South Africa of other nations.  Not one black American player backed out. Seems as if America dies in 1968.  Last protest in this country.  Our own people have no pride nor dignity.

Valor St. John.  Said she loved me more than anyone “until you stood up against Carter.”  Says she’ll come now and then.  No she won’t come now and then.  You come all the time or you don’t come at all.  She didn’t think black people had it bad at all.  Jim recounted how she was cured of tuberculosis on the cross country trip.  She’ll see what will happen to her.  Anybody over 65 is a nigger.  They don’t want to have you around.  More on the black athletes.  Our people have no responsibility for their brothers.

One of Bircher’s magazines started attack on us.  Called us socialists.  Made fun of brown people. She [???] came to our meetings.  This is the beginning.  To those who think they have some reason to stay here:  what are you, some kind of a sell out? Anybody that got the brains of a piss ant can see what’s happening.

Guyana threw out American business men, American missionaries.  Has guts.

Warning to any who impede me from getting to freedom.  Don’t be near me.  I’ve got power you know not of.

Don’t mess with somebody who’s in cancer up to his ears.  America is the cancer.  American fascism.  American corporate fascism.  My heart has already been broken,  You can’t break my heart anymore.  I’m dangerous [?].

On killing to be free.  Americans killed them, our brothers..  Now they’re shocked that black people will kill to be free.  What are they celebrating in Bicentennial?  When trouble comes to my people I’ll rattle, I’ll hiss.  “Be wise as a serpent.”

Warning to someone who talks with people who are against this faith, you’re not an enemy yet.  But stop tonight.  I’m sending messages to some people.  We believe the constitution.  Spiritual darkness that rules in high places had its center here.  God has some angels. I hate treason.  I wouldn’t be talking like this if I didn’t have some tractors.  I’ve laid plans for all circumstances because I know people.  Even if you think I am dead, I have messengers who won’t forget any enemy.

People who go out always go out for a piece of ass.  I don’t believe in love.

Has some tapes to show you your husband loves you.  Wives.  I’ll prove if you give me $1000 bet.

You’re going to feel awfully bad if you’ve sold out children, socialism.  People are plastic.  They all have no soul.  They’re all robots.

[???? This paragraph makes no sense] On blondes who won’t wear head dresses, want all to look alike.  And the very people you meant won’t wear them.  Comments on men who don’t want hair mussed.

Offering by sum.

Jim continued to preach. On virgin birth.  With 4 letter words.  On behalf of new people who are being told the truth.

Films taken by Jim on last trip to p.l. just before vacation trip.

Another offering.

Commendations and reprimands given quickly.  Bonnie Stahl better straighten up in one week or she’ll be moved to collective situation.

Richmond Stahl has bad attitude in living quarters.  Grouchy.  Has bad ____ in view of past good work for several months in collective living situation, Jim dismissed the case.

Garry Lambrev has been true, pointed out treasonous statements of supposed friends.

Tobiana Stone.  Complained about trip.  Very negative attitude.  One of trouble makers in children’s group.  She and Bonnie Stahl work all night, clean every speck in Temple.

Loretta Brown and Robert Hall told to discontinue relationship.  Joanne Hall.  Apparently Robert Hall with 2 women.  married to one, divorce in progress, says he loves the other.  Screwed both.

That woman (Joanne) get around town.  Jim warns against woman holding him cheap. Robert hit her child with a belt.  “What gives you this authority?”  Jim ordered them to keep apart.  He to work all night.  2 little boys sex play was cause of Rob’s being upset.  He denied any homosexual activities.  Loretta suddenly slugged him.  Jim gave him 2 nights work.  “That’s love,” said Jim, “from love to hate in a split second.”  The audience exploded in laughter.

One person was healed publicly and cloths were sent to several.

The meeting was dismissed about 12.00.

Brother Farris took home the Christians and me.

I washed dishes.

Read Newspapers.

Didn’t get to bed until 2.30.


22 July – 1976 – Thursday
Though I had set the alarm for 6.30, I got up at 6.10.  I was able to start for work earlier than usual, at 7.20 and got into the office by 8.00 even after picking up the print-outs at the computer center.  Dor was on the elevator with me as she had got her son started earlier this morning.

The new girl, Marquita Scarbery, entered on duty and was in the office about 9.00.  She is 24, a tall blonde, who has previously worked on computers for a Contra Costa newspaper.  She is rather talkative, open, friendly.  She lives with a brother in Concord and takes BART to work.

Dor put Marquita at one of the computers which she can use for ordinary typewriter or MagCard work.  The office is crowded and had a bad effect on my nerves, but I liked Marquita better than I thought I would.

Maggie brought in a number of Power of Attorney documents which had to be done on MagCard.  The originals had been lost in the mail.  Some concerned the Jubail project.  I spent an hour before lunch and all afternoon on these and Marquita did two of them.  Dor is teaching her both ATS and MagCard, rather than have the department pay for training for her.

Dor continued work on invoicing.

AT lunchtime I took the bus to the bank, spending 15 minutes each way, thus I had only 15 minutes to eat my lunch.  Didn’t wash my teeth.  Dor and I decided that I would go for lunch at 12.00 and return at 12.45 and Maquita would go at 12.45, return at 1.30.  Dor said she would take hers a 12.15 but as usual she did not go out.

I did not get away quite on time, mailed a letter with my payment and deposit to the Coop on Union and had to wait for a bus, so I didn’t get home until 5.45.

I exercised.

Took my underwear, several outer garments and this week’s sheets and towels to the laundromat.  I plan to do my laundry weekly in this way.

Started dinner at 8.00, ate, washed dishes.

Did personal and household chores.  Washed my hair.

I had had a headache most of the day, probably from lack of sleep, pressure at the office and anxiety about my work at home.  I got rid of it only with my cold bath,

Washed my stockings and girdle by hand.

It was 1.00 o’clock before I finished and I dot not start my packing.

I read newspapers.  Fell asleep while reading.  Went to bed at 2.30.


23 July – 1976 – Friday
Again I woke up a little after 6.00, although I had set the alarm for 6.30.

I was a little ahead of both Dor and Marquita although I had stopped to pick up computer print-outs.  Dor made no explanation.

Filled out my time card.  Dor showed Marquita how to do hers.

No work came through for any of us this morning.  Dor continued work on invoices, told Marquette and me to do whatever we wished.  I completed journal entries.

I ate outside on the PG&E steps. The day was pleasant but a little breezy When I returned to the office Dor, by an offhand remark, revealed that Betty Vasil is requiring Marquita and me to keep regular lunch hours.  Also told Dor she could go out for 45 minutes.  Dor persists in eating at her desk.

In the afternoon, I copied excerpts from the Marchetti and Marks book on the CIA on MagCard.

In the late afternoon David Haynes brought in some material on proposed language for purchase orders which he wanted by closing time.  It had to be done in 2 columns, and there was heavy underscoring.  Dor gave me part and Marquita part and found another MagCard typewriter for Marquita.  We both worked until closing time and Mr. Haybes was quite pleased.  Marquita proved to be a good worker.

Got home at 5.30.

Packed for the trip.

Ate dinner.


Had stacked the dishes and was about to wash them when Bob called.  He had the car in running order.

We got into service about 8.10.  Attendance was very sparse.

A count was made of those who weren’t going to LA.  Wesley said about 100 people weren’t going (a low count in my opinion as many people were not in service yet).  He urged all to come to Mother’s service which she makes an effort to hold in Jim’s absence. He asked those who were present to call some other member.

Jim came on the podium during testimonials about 9.00, then left.

Norm took an offering.

Jim referred to 3 rich young men who kidnapped 26 children and bus driver.  Newsmen, neighbors say how good they were.  They’re misunderstood (ironically).  If it’s poor black, poor white, they’re hoodlums.  Rich children are always very nice.  They won’t serve any time, because money buys anything in this city.

Someone downstairs now who got in trouble, came for help.  He was not inclined to give it.

The Cleaver trial today shows our power.

Jim:  I know that some don’t want to go to the p.l..  We’ll give you a church and you can come and have church and sing to yourselves.  Don’t want to force anybody to go when they don’t want to go.  If you work for us while you’re here, when the situation gets bad, come to us and we’ll take you in.  If you haven’t worked for us, keep running.

Jim took offering by sum.

Two films on “People’s China” were shown.  Had a white narrator.  First was “People’s Communes.”  The second was “People’s Army.”  One or both have been seen before.  Jim said they have anti-revolutionary commentary but to us they don’t look bad.  America breed alienation and suffering.  The child gone from here three weeks ago has been out shooting cocaine.  We’re programmed by TV.  I will take my chances on socialism.  I would be glad to give up a few individual indulgences to live where there is no crime relationships in this country based on sex are superficial.  None last.  The poor have no chance.  You wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for this group.  As Mao said the people are god.  Christianity has been around for 2000 years and has done nothing for anyone.

Question period.  Indian woman tells of political science class at Laney College [Oakland, CA] where they had trouble keeping their ethnic class.  She asks if we’ll have an opportunity to go to China or Cuba.  Jim says socialist countries arrange scholarships for youth.  But the important thing now is survival.  We’ll have time later for travel, now we must work.  We’re facing genocide.  Now we must work to save our children.

Question by Joicy Clark:  Will there be any more exposure of Watergate?  Jim:  They’re not going to expose corruption.  They are investigating who’s screwing who.  While big business buys congressmen, nothing is done to reform the tax structure.  The rich screwing the poor is what I care about.  To a question on deferring the implementation of capital punishment, Jim said: yes, until the elections are over.  The people are going back to religion.  You can’t get people away from religion.  Religion is the worst disease there is.  The country is full of mad dogs.  I‘ve got people in here who believe in capital punishment.

There’s no use going down the tubes for a bunch of stupid people.  He referred to spoiled children.  Our children will be destroyed: shooting cocaine, snatching purses, breaking car windows.  Getting a Baptist for president, we should get out of here.  Only a robot can keep from getting mad.  Not one of those three young men will go to the gas chamber.

After elections, you’ll be sorry you didn’t sell your house, extra clothes, junk jewelry and give us the money to help build up the p.l.

Question on the Key Plan in Contra Costa County.  Jim didn’t know what it was.  Someone explained it was a means by which Medical recipients were required to go to certain doctors or hospitals.  Pressure put on those people to join.  Benefits are going to be cut for those who don’t join.  Jim said would have to join if you lose your benefits.  Here we go down the road to dictatorship.

Question on  Dennis Banks’ present situation.  Jim:  not very happy about Dennis Banks.  He didn’t keep his promise not to talk about certain subjects.  He didn’t want to be associated with socialists.

If you want to stay back, stay here and sell what we can’t get rid of.

The LA church is up for sale. The police there are Gestapo.  We cannot center there.

Jim has had some contact with Jack Arnold.  He wishes he hadn’t left us.  He said he has great respect for Jim’s foresight.  The financial straits of the insurance companies is an ominous sign.

Healings were performed.

New members were admitted.

Jim made another appeal for contributions.

The meeting was dismissed about 12.00.

We loaded buses in the parking lot.  Bob Christian had put my luggage on the bus and Valysha saved me a seat toward the front.

I ate the lunch I had brought outside sitting on the edge of the luggage compartment.

My seating companion was Rosavell McCarroll.

I went to sleep and slept about an our before we left, which was about 2.00.  I woke up when I heard the motor start up, then slept again after we were out of town.

Got up at the first rest stop and ran.


24 July – 1976 – Saturday
We had the breakfast stop at 8.00 and stayed 2 hours.

I washed, ran, ate my food, brushed my teeth.

Talked to Helen Love and Lisa Layton.  Rose of Sharon fell and injured herself.  She has not been able to get to the Temple for meals.  No one brought them food until Jim found out about the situation.  He sent Ava Brown in to the middle of the night to see about them.  The nurses came and food delivery was arranged.  Regular transportation home was also arranged as they often had none.

Lisa’s daughter has not left her husband but comes to the Temple occasionally.  Lisa told me what shots I’d have to have [for Guyana].

When the buses started up, I read the Friday newspaper for a short while, then slept until we got to LA at 12.30.

Dressed in the Annex.

Service started at 2.00.

Usual preliminaries.

Jim at podium at 3.10.


Magazine article attacks Mayor Bradley, Mayor _____, and this Temple.  Attack is on.  Jim spoke of the disasters which will come upon this city.

Jim took the offering.  He first had secretaries, counselors and other workers take the names of people who still have not paid their additional pledge of $1000 and date they will pay, as he had done in SF on Wednesday.

Tape of former sermon I had not heard.  Our determination to protect ourselves.  Very short.


Another offering.

New members brought into the church.

Jim mentioned need for a helicopter in the p.l. to lift supplies.  Asked for people to come to the altar with specific sums.

Pamphleters to eat first and leave on bus at 4.30.

Service out at 4.30.

Found Beulah and our ride left shortly afterward.  Earlene Watkins and Jackie Fountain came with us.

We had for dinner chicken legs and wings, drop biscuits and peas.  I also had a Coca-Cola.

I started to read Radicalism in America by Sidney Lens.

We had a watermelon and I ate a huge amount.

Two of Beulah’s daughters came by.  One is X Jimerson, mother of Vickie and Stephanie, age 37.  The other is Janet Pendleton, who is not married, but lives with a man and has 2 children.  She is 21.  Both are very good-looking women.

I continued to read.

Went to sleep about 11.00.


25 July – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 7.50.  Having had a sound sleep.  Bathed and dressed.

I had for breakfast an egg, bacon, sausage, and drop biscuits.

We went to the service with the same rides who brought us last night at 10.00.

The weather was hot and smoggy.

Service started at 11.00.

Arrangements for 1-day lawn sale to bring together items from people trying to sell surplus ______.

Volunteers solicited to bring in food for Temple construction workers.

Testimonials.  Case of bus driver backing up bus to pick up man lying by side of road.


Jim spoke of unity of opposition: as against our anarchy.  Refusal to stand. Refusal to clap. Why don’t you show your individuality when you are in trouble?  Either will make a demonstration her or in the p.l.  We won’t allow any dissidence  .  We’re interested in instilling respect and reverence for the center of this movement, the hub around which we revolve (in reference to the bus incident) there is racism even here.  You like to get into white neighborhoods, get out of mixed places.  I’ve seen enough white honkies.  We have to be unified around white unification.  I’m not going to live here.  If I have to stay here in account of you dissidents, rebels, you’ll see me die.  I trust none but ourselves.  Black Muslims trying to suck up to the system.  You would get the chance to kill my movement, I’ll kill it myself.  I’m not a racist, I’m a realist.  It’s realistic to admit that white people don’t like us.

Jim made several references to last night’s counseling.  Dealt with several children. Stealing from purses.  Some of you afraid to take your child from supposed advantages in this country.  ____  take ___ ___ ___ in going to p.l.  Experience of _____ black people chained to floors ??? behind 8 doors.  If any child of mine that is attached to this system.  I’ll turn my back on him.  If evil tries to harm you, you will do violence to that evil.  He emphasized unity in ____ [training?] ____.

“Why do you like to give money to people who will kill you?”  He ___ ____ cars, clothes, jewelry.  Our black leaders sold us.  There was no demonstration for rights in the Democratic convention.  There won’t be in the filthy Republican Convention.  You will not be free unless you sell what you have.  Put your money in land in a black nation.  You can never be trusted.  They will always remember you associated with a true revolutionary and if I can’t go, I’ll do something spectacular that you won’t be allowed to forget you were in Peoples Temple.

On subject of children who got special privileges, are spoiled, take advantage.  WE all have to die sometime and it’s better they should die than grow up undisciplined.

I know people’s disloyalty.  That when you get older, the’’ throw you away like a dirty old Kotex.

Won’t have to have firm structure nor discipline there.  But if I can’t get you there, I’ll make sure that you have no happiness here.

If I had three months to live, I wouldn’t have all the honkey’s merchandise.  If I were told what I’d do they wouldn’t let you go to the p.l.

Spoke of socialist federations including Jamaica.  Only place in Americas where seniors are treated well.  Even here a lot of young people would knock you down and run over you.

Jim: spendthrift ways and selfishness. Killing me.

We have to push, shove and beg.  Tired of asking for offerings, rides.  You won’t do it for good, but to be seen of me.  Won’t respond to my leaders.

Jim called for those who want to give houses, land, cars, have garages sales, to give their names.  After he took an offering by sum with strongest speed.


People urged to come to altar with specific amounts.

New members admitted.

Meeting dismissed at 2.30.  As we went out the door, Jim asked that we board the buses in 40 minutes so as to have time for recreation.

Whether or not the seniors were frantic to get on the bus on time, they rushed the line outrageously and mobbed the counter so I was late in getting my dinner.  I then had to change clothes.  I ate part of my dinner, then took my chicken to the bus.

The buses left at 4.00.  I read Radicalism in America. I dozed for about an hour before the stop at Buttonwillow but the person behind me wouldn’t let me put my seat back.

We had a 2 hour stop at Buttonwillow.  It was quite hot (the radio said it had reached 106º at Bakersfield during the day).  I ran.  Talked to several people.  I told Carolyn Looman of observing Patricia and Paul Pettit playing around during service while seemingly being supervised by teenagers.  I thought it was wrong for the children to get the idea they received special treatment. Carolyn said both children sought for somebody they could manipulate.  She had not assigned Patricia to anyone in particular.  Paul is in Janet Shular’s custody.

Bea Morton retired from Internal Revenue Service several months ago.  She didn’t appreciate the long break, would have preferred going home earlier to get on with her work.  June Crym told me she 2 weeks ago that she didn’t like the rest stops.

Karen Layton said her mother has been attending the Temple services.  She is quite impressed with Jim’s gift but wonders why he is so “hostile.”  She thinks there are “lots of good white people.”  She apparently has very little knowledge of politics or economics.  She is a concert and opera singer by profession.

I talked at some length with Claire Janaro.  She, like me, was not sociable as a child and learned to live without much dependence on other people. Since being at the Ranch she has been overwhelmed with other people and her greatest longing is to be “in a cave.”  She had some very fresh comments about our seniors.  “I respect them for what they have been through, but some of them are very tough customers.  Very few wish to save Jim any anxiety.”  I had told her of Earlene Watkins’ complaint that Jean Gernandt did not give commune members rides to and from church though the Temple pays for her gas.  She advised me to take the matter up with Terry Carter or Anita Kelley, as the effect of the complaint was to sow dissension.

Liz Davis [Forman]’s grandfather is dying and she has been in touch with him for the past week.

I had trouble getting to sleep on the bus.  Although the person behind me had relented and let me put my seat back, the bus was hot, children were restless and adults talkative.  The office ordered several additional offerings to be taken, as results had been very poor.  I slept soundly only about an hour before we reached the second stop.

There Patty Cartmell asked me to write a letter to help her get adoption papers for Tyrone, the little black child she and Walter have custody of.  I discussed with Patty some of my apprehensions about communal living but I doubt she heard much, as she is taking some drug for hives and was very sleepy.

I dozed some before we reached San Francisco at 2.45.  Christians took me home.

I unpacked and washed Friday’s dishes.

Went to bed from 4.00 to 6.00.


26 July – 1976 – Monday
I spent 3 hours on the Haynes purchase order document.

I phoned Contonia.  Told her I would come to see her after work tomorrow.  She asked if I hadn’t gone on the Temple trip.  I told her I had planned to but had to change the dates of my vacation, that I would explain to her what had happened.

I ate outside on the PG&E steps.

Tonight I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Worked on my journal.

Read Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends.

Went to bed a 12.30.


27 July 1976 – Tuesday
I got up at 6.00 and spent an hour working on my journal since I was going to be late tonight.  I did 2 pages.

I pressed my coat which had become rumpled on the bus.

Had a dental appointment at 9.15.  The hygienist cleaned my teeth.  She found no serious problems and when Dr. Fudgen examined my mouth he said my gums were in very good condition.

I took the bus on Sutter Street.  Got to work at 11.00.

I worked five hours on the Haynes purchase order.

Ate my lunch outside.

After work I took the street car to Contonia’s apartment.  Rosita and the children were there.  Contonia told me again that she thought I had gone on the trip.  And I explained the circumstances.  She started on a tirade about me and all the Temple people who had neglected her while she was sick.  She had no friends in the Temple except for Jim who had come to her every night.  Some people outside the Temple had taken care of her.  She thought I treated her the way I had because she was black.  I tried not to retaliate no defend myself.  I did ask her why she thought I had come to see her now.  She said “Like all the others, you just waited to hear what I had to say about the church.”

Contonia has left the commune and can get her own place, she said.  On leaving I advised her to write to Jim about her complaints rather than talking about the situation with others.  She told me not to give her advice.  I spoke to Rosita who pretended not to have been listening.

I walked down to the Safeway on Market and Church and bought some grapes, took the Fillmore bus and transferred to the McAllister bus.

Prepared dinner ate and washed dishes.

Typed 2 more pages in my journal.

Read Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends.

Went to bed at 1.30.


28 July – 1976 – Wednesday
Marquita and I finished the documents we were doing for Mr. Haynes on purchase order language.  I worked on it for 3 hours in the morning and in the afternoon he came back with corrections which took me another 2 hours.  For Marquita, her part of the project on the MagCard had been very difficult, involving tabulation.  She had succeeded in completing her part.

At lunchtime I attended the meeting of the Bechtel Women for Affirmative Action.  Anne Morton, who used to work for Manpower Services at Bechtel and has her own career planning and development company now spoke on “self-Motivation for Career Women.”

I wrote a memo for Patty Cartmell supporting her application for adopting the little boy Tyrone [Williams] the Cartmells have been taking care of.

I wrote a memo to Jim describing Contonia’s behavior with me last night.

After work I had to wait for a long time for the Muni bus.  Then it got off the overhead power lines and everybody had to leave the bus.  2 others which were overloaded passed us by, but the third stopped.  I was a half an hour late.

I slept for 45 minutes.

Ate a quick dinner.


Christians called me about 7.45.

Christians brought me to service. Arrived about 8.15.

Rides had been arranged. Wesley made announcements.

Norm took the offering.  He had written instructions to have the bucket brought up to him so that he could deliver them to Jim.  They were emptied into a box on the platform.

Dick Tropp announced training programs in technical subjects for next ___ ___ ___ __ in San Francisco.  People introduced ___ ___ He also asked for more volunteers to help in the children’s programs held during the day in the Temple.

Jim came on podium during testimonials.

Jim read letter from Don Beck who is spending the summer in the p.l.  Tom Bogue working hard, like changed personality.  Vincent Lopez, who was torturing animals and children, is learning like a sponge.  Anthony Simon and Becky Beikman are working with the chickens.  Local agriculture experts amazed.  Soon we will have 2000 chickens.  David in charge of Piggery.  David [George], an Amerindian lad.  ____  __ with cattle; Les Matheson working on barn.  Designed all the new buildings Amerindians ___ ___ in charge of nursery, grafting and transplanting; Jack Baron in garden.  Jerry Livingston in major garden.  Shells. Les has put in garden soil by revelation of Jim.  Tim Swinney generally fixes vehicles; Mike Touchette overhauling caterpillars, is best cat operator in the country.  Has had no experience. Skips many pages.  Mike is building roads.  All working on sawmill.  Mom Jackson in laundry room.  Kevin Grubbs in charge of crew of workers, hard responsible work.  Everyone looks younger, relaxed.  Muggs same as before.

Jim took another offering.  During this talked of newspaper article on doomsday religion second coming fantasies. Talked hilariously about Jesus.  People like a god who’s been here, left and is coming again.  “I’ve had Jesus up to here!”

Jim read commendations.

He talked of Planning Commisson meeting Saturday night, instances of wrong doing such as wasting money.  Some people struck and beaten but no one injured.

Children who caused trouble in the children’s program.  Ricardo who causes trouble in school, beat up on another child, made fun of cripple child, went outside alone at night.  Condemned to work all night.

Anthony Doswell.  One of boys stealing from purses.
Dov Lundquist. Bad attitude.

Head editor of SF Chronicle visiting the Temple saw our program.

Tobiana Stone hitting Tyrone Cartmell.

Robert Johnson not very cooperative.  Doesn’t show up.

One child given 2 nights for making fun of children who can’t read.

Vance Smith made fun of somebody as well.  He too stand up as well with nose to wall and work all night.

Ron Campbell. Threw food from plate on ground.  Jim says another think he can’t stand.  Work his fanny tonight hard, don’t let him rest.

Brenda Cobb called somebody 4-eyed bitch .  Work tonight.

Anthony Doswell (continued).  Work 2 nights for further discipline.  Called Martin Amosa white bitch.

Several boys broke camera of Vance Smith.

Jim went through list of children and their misbehaviors and assigned them appropriate discipline.

Cheryl Mitchell.  She gave new phone number to outside boy and told him of rules of Temple. Indian boy in Valley.  She supposed to do security in Valley, has had bad attitude.  Work all night here.

Movies to be shown Thursday night.  Tonight, “Rage” with George C. Scott.  Monday night special TV films on equipment bought for the p.l.

Commendations for work done while family on trip,  Debbie Evans did good job on phones.  Don Jackson organized newspaper distribution.

Laveria Doswell has been having sex with Danny Rodriguez and Robert Franklin.  Jim said: “God damn you, women, messing up two of my good workers.”  They’re kids.  She’s guilty of statutory rape, molesting a minor.  Her attitude with counselors criticized.  She chased Robert though his grandfather warned her.  Jim says she is to give Hugh an hour full of nooky Saturday night.

Women named Cox accused man of rape. When this was not the case, she also messed with a married man.  Four night rape.  Kind of hard to believe.  Cox gets 2 nights work.

Brief meditation period during which Jim tried to raise more funds.

Jim said three people suffered losses in health because they went to visit relatives.  Mother LeTourneau was one.  She had to see her people before going to p.l.

Meeting dismissed little after 12.00.

Saw Agnes Jones on way downstairs.  She had been to see Contonia in whose apartment she and children often stay when in San Francisco.  She said Contonia sorry she said what she did to me.  She says Contonia is paranoid.  Agnes has been keeping Temple informed.  She’s not going there any more, she says,

Got home about 12.20.

Washed dishes.

Ate some cherries and grapes and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.30.


29 July – 1976 – Thursday
Had some more work on the Haynes document.

Did a telex for James Mansfield.  It was several pages long.  Advice on libel provisions and insurance requirements for a new contract.

He told Dor, Marquita and me about the life of Bechtel and other foreign employees in Saudi Arabia.  He said there is absolutely nothing there to interest tourists, noting to see and nothing to do.  Foreigners make wine from grape juice and can buy bootlegged liquor at a price. The same women who are covered with 2 layers of clothing in Saudi Arabia will be transformed on a plane leaving the country and will appear glamorous in a miniskirt.  However the country was certain to change.

I went to the bank on my lunch hour, deposited my check and got cash.  Ate my lunch at my desk when I got back.

The afternoon was very confusing.  Marquita is very friendly and is getting to know people.  A number of people gathered in the xerox room and talked while I was trying to make copies of Mansfield’s telex.  Later Betty Vasil reported to Dor that she saw Marquita sitting on her desk, which might give a passing administrator we had nothing to do.  Dor suggested I tell Marquita that more decorum was necessary.  Dor had been disturbed because of the unsuitable atmosphere, though she seems to like Marquita, but I was nervous and had a headache as I don’t like so much noise and the crowded condition of the office.

Phil Bernal brought in a contract with minor changes.  I worked overtime an hour in order to finish it.

I was too late to go to the laundromat, so I varied the Thursday routine which I have recently adopted.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed the dishes.

Did my personal and household chores and washed my hair. Washed underwear.  Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


30 July – 1976 – Friday
Filled out my time card.  Bernel kept bringing in changes to his document.  I made these and filled in the index and ordered an express print-out.

After finishing that, I had little to do but had another confusing day.  Marquita had a long job to do on MagCard and Dor moved her to my typewriter for most of the day and used the job for instruction.  I switched from the computer to Dor’s desk all day, which entailed a waste in efficiency.  Dor perceived this and remarked we need more room or another typewriter.

On my lunch hour I went out to buy a new watch, as the one I have been using was a nurse’s watch I received when Mother died.  I broke the winding stem.  I bought a Timex at the Sheil Pharmacy for $16.95 including tax.

In the afternoon I had to run off on the computer several pages of a contract fro Schuman,

After work I took the bus to the Coop.

I first went to Cost Plus and bought a pot and some planting soil for a vine which Dor gave me.  I have has it in water for a long time.

Bought an ice cream cone.

Shopped for groceries.

Took a taxi home.  I got home about 8.00.

Put my groceries away.

Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Read Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends.

Went to bed at 1.30.


31 July – 1976 – Saturday
Slept until 10.20.

Went up to the Neighborhood Coop to buy produce.  Got enough vegetables for two weeks for $3.00.

Drizzle had made the ground wet and it continued most of the day.

Listened to the Temple broadcast.  The subject of the panel was the heroes of today.

Prepared a meal.  I curried eggplant and added tofu and noodle.  Ate and washed dishes.

Cleaned the apartment, including washing the kitchen and bathroom floor.

Around 4.00 o’clock, I walked up to Haight Street and bought some girdles and a pair of panties at the second-hand stores for $3.00.

Had a nap or about an hour.

Ate some leftovers and some grapes.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Came to the Temple about 8.00 with Bob Christian.

Announcement were being made.

Norm took the offering.  I gave $16 to fulfill a pledge made last week when he said revelations  required everyone to give $16.  I also gave the rest of my monthly commitment, $107.77.

Dave Garrison reported that there was very little food in the kitchen for tonight’s dinner.  Definite commitments had not been made.

Jim on podium about 9.30.

Doesn’t think people want to follow someone for principle.  People don’t wasn’t to face their responsibility and realize he feels the same as others.  People follow for what they can get from you.  You know when someone loves you when they know just how ornery they are.  You are in no danger but I’m in danger all the time.  Never met anyone who knew how to love.

Some black people still have chains of the white man on them, namely your name in the Baptist Church.

Civil rights not going to check on work, because we’re not marching any more We’re facing economic, racial, nuclear, natural disasters.  We’re not going to have any water, earthquakes overdue.  Hope that you don’t live in California when it comes.  The Chinese spent money trying to protect the people.  We have nothing to protect the people.  When unemployment comes to 18%, you’d better be ready to leave.  Minors will not be safe in a war.  White people have a dangerous religion which says that black people are inferior.  Olympics show this world is headed for a racist war.  White society countries still playing.  I don’t trust Russia.

Once had congregation of white people.  They walked.  Some of you waited on them.  Mother Taylor, you waited on one (Mother LeTourneau, white haired) all black athletes continued to play.

How could Russia and China play?  I don’t trust those sons of bitches.  I’m not going to forget it.

Lost almost all white people in congregation.  Few Indians (counted 13).  I’m black.  Going to stay black.  I don’t like the phony white world, won’t live in it. Until the socialist nations put principle above race, I’m a black nationalist first, a socialist second.

I don’t like the flavor of the country.  I’ve only given you a portion of the reasons.  I feel nervous when I ___ ___ .  Minorities in a country never last.  I want you to seriously weigh the consequences of staying in this country.  That means people in and out of the church.

When they love me, they’ll tear this place up.  When they respect me, they leave the place alone.

On abortion.  Six months.  Some babies living.  On euthanasia.  I know who’s going to get killed.  Don’t want to come back.  Somebody is bound to be calling on me.  People who have left this church, helped me on the phone.  They can’t live out there, it’s plastic.

Considering dictatorship, earthquakes, economic collapse, drought for 40 years.  White folks don’t like us now.  What’s it going to be like next year?  Why would you want to stay here?

Starting offering.  Some of you are trying to hurt me.

I___ you’re able to take care of yourself, do what you like. I won’t be an authority.  You don’t need an authority.  Don’t ask anything of me.  I’ll take care of the children and the seniors.  You take care of yourself.

Tell your neighbor of three miracles.

Talk of coming back, not coming back, young people going to see the end of this system.

Talked of court system.  Miss Hearst getting psychological testing. Don’t like Nixon walking barefoot at San Clemente.

Got a ___ here.  Give them a message. There’s one that can raise the dead, cure cancer and cut your ass down.

What is black nation district?  Looking after black institutions first.  Black against the honky world.

Meeting turned hilarious as Jim joked, used 4-letter words.  About the language, “we may cuss but we’re the only real church people in America.”

(2) Iranian protest against dictatorship.  Answer:  What they going to do for black people?  Come over here and help us.

On peace in p.l., but I’m going to slip over the border and mess up Brazil.


Another offering taken.

Meeting dismissed about 12.10.

Claire Janaro had sent me a message she had a box of clothing for me.  I went to the stage to get it.  It was a big box.  Rob Christian carried it downstairs for me. I thought Beulah had not come but found she had.  Stephanie was with her but was going to sleep in the church and go pamphleting in the morning.  Stephanie had left her coat with her luggage and it was missing.  Beulah and I went home with Christians about 1.30.

Beulah said she was getting passports for the children.  Her daughter was paying for the passport for her child.

I looked through the clothes: dresses, skirts, and blouses which Claire had given me.  They were from Claire’s mother-in-law and were size 16.  They were very fine quality and most will be very suitable to me.

Beulah went to bed.

I had toast and peanut butter and toast and jam and Sanka.

Went to bed at 2.30.


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