Baisy/Johnson Family Tree

An extended Baisy/Johnson Family Tree appears here. The tree below indicates only the lines of direct descent to those who died in Jonestown. While it includes numerous relatives not associated with Peoples Temple, it also excludes a number of relatives not included in the direct line. The managers of this website thank Emily Yaden Schneider for her research in preparing this tree.

Shirley Mae Gulley Wilson Baisy

Robert Lee Wilson ƒ

James Samuel Baisy ƒ
Jerry Lee Wilson, Jr.
Wanda Wilson Baisy
Tonya Baisy ƒ
James Samuel Baisy, Jr
Kecia Baisy
Siburi Jamal Baisy
Trinidette Cornner Baisy
Jon Deshi Baisy
Patsy Ruth JohnsonShiron Fulton
DeShon Johnson
Gleniel Johnson
Saleata Lateais Johnson

The key for symbols and colored type in these Family Trees appears here.