Fred Lewis Family Tree

Three extensions of family trees – for the Gales family, for the family of Doris Jane Scott Lewis who married Freddie Lee Lewis, and for Morris Norwood who married Fairy Lee Lewis – appear here. All three extended trees indicate only the lines of direct descent to those who died in Jonestown. While they include numerous relatives not associated with Peoples Temple, they also exclude a number of relatives not included in the direct line. The managers of this website thank Sarah Rex for her research in preparing these trees.

Jessie Gales


Fannie Horthan

Julie M. Gales ƒ


Frank Lewis ƒ

Freddie Lee Lewis ƒ


Doris Jane Scott Lewis

Karen Scott Lewis

Adrienne Rochan Lewis

Alecha Julianne Lewis

Barry Eugene Lewis

Casandra Florene Lewis

Freddie Lee Lewis, Jr.

Lisa Michelle Lewis

Fairy Lee Lewis Norwood


Morris Norwood Jr. ƒ

Jynona Norwood ƒ

John Elbert Gales ƒ


Leomy McGowan Wright

(later divorced)


The key for symbols and colored type in these Family Trees appears here.