Q764 Transcript

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Jones: (unintelligible word fragment) of massive arrest, tortures and massacres, according to a report received by uh– the Seven Days [Magazine] from the young Muslim organization, thousands have been shot down by the police in the cities of– (tape edit). Four thousand people were killed and hundreds more wounded in a protest against earlier massacres of the USA’s-backed Shah of Iran regime that is now– their CIA’s being headed by the former CIA director of the US, so you can know how vicious USA’s gonna be abroad when it’s doing this kind of thing, killing 4000 people and torturing them in one city of Iran alone, Tabriz, since the first of the year. (tape edit) The government has set a commission of inquiry. It will need to look further than official statistics for the source of the problems. The life expectancy in Iran is only 33 years. People only living an average of 33 years of age in Iran. One out of three children die before the age of three. Only fifteen percent of all the households have running water, and only fifteen percent have electricity. Those who protest these conditions are not– (pause) and wh– who are not shot are likely to be imprisoned and tortured. Despite government claims that conditions of prisoners have improved, April 12 report by Amnesty International states that the military tribunals ordinarily used in political cases deny defendants any possibility of a fair trial in Shah of Iran’s fascist state that the US– Washington clique– the government in Washington of [President Jimmy] Carter calls a model, a showcase of US interest in the Near East.

Well, that’s enough of the news, ‘cause it’s now time for Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement.

A complex revelation has come out of the involvement of government at three different levels in the murder of Malcolm X.

(Pause) Remember, Bolivia, six women– [more emphatic] six women brought about the overthrow of the military dictatorship.

The world waits to see what kind of reaction is coming from the nuclear sensor device that collapsed in the Himalaya mountains in India, and is (unintelligible word) the spring thaw coming right now, to thaw and go into the great Ganges River, the Ganges River which nearly two-thirds of the Indian population are on the banks of that. It means uh, living death if th– if those waters are nuclear-irradiated. If they’re really contaminated, it’s real trouble, real trouble. (Pause)

I think that’s about the sum and substance of uh, the important news. (Pause) What’s this, something about (unintelligible name, sounds like “Darja Marco”)? (tape edit) Thank you? (tape edit)

Scattered unintelligible voices

End of tape

Tape originally posted July 2014