Announcing the jtr bulletin

jtr bulletinThe resolve of the editors of this site not to have a successor to the 15-year-old publication called the jonestown report – or, as it was known to anyone who had experience with it, jtr – lasted the better part of eight months. It’s hard to say what the tipping point was – the fifth unsolicited article about Peoples Temple which really deserved publication in a place on the site where it would be seen? hearing of a new documentary or a new book or a new art project interpreting the Jonestown tragedy in an interesting way? the deaths of several survivors and relatives? news developments on a story from an event from 36 years ago? – and maybe it was just a combination of all of the above.

Whatever it was, the publication is back, albeit in a shorter, hopefully more accessible form. Even the new name – the jtr bulletin – reflects that goal.

With that said, our invitation which we once considered a standing one, we should reframe as permanent: anyone who would like to contribute a story to this publication, whether it is a research paper, an opinion piece, a description or review of an art work, a personal reflection, or a remembrance of someone who died in Jonestown – especially the remembrances – is welcome to contact either of the two editors.

The editors of the jtr bulletin remain Fielding M. McGehee III and Rikke Wettendorff.