Documentary Team to Accompany Survivors to Jonestown

A documentary company I work with is partnering with a group of survivors to chronicle their return to Jonestown in 2016. The partnership comes after 18 months of research and dialogue between C2K Entertainment, the Jonestown Institute and Laura Johnston-Kohl. In order to provide the group with their own film and footage, C2K is seeking funding from outside distributors and networks for a broadcast version of the film.

There are approximately 12 survivors who have signed on to participate. As producers for C2K, we are humbled by the group’s trust in us as storytellers and admire their dedication to taking this journey back to Guyana. It is our intention to create a documentary about their lives and their return to Jonestown with balanced integrity that will take the focus off of Jim Jones and reframe the cultural conversation about the people of Peoples Temple.

Born of the group’s own desire to join together and return to the site of a national tragedy, this story offers an organic arc and a multitude of voices that have never been heard from before. It’s the story of how this group of our neighbors, friends, colleagues and brethren who lead ordinary lives have found the courage to pick up the pieces and move on after immense loss. It’s a universal story of courage, inner strength and redemption.

(Melissa Thrasher is a producer/director at c.2k Communications. Her previous article for the website is The Shattered Glass of Jonestown. She can be reached at Her co-producer Ken Musen can be reached at