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Jones: Judges said yesterday the trial of the leaders of the Red Brigade’s gang would be considered in light of the threats from guerrillas holding Prime Minister Aldo Moro. The trial of the Red Brigade (pause) leader Renato Curcio and 14 of his assistants resumes in a fortress-like police barracks in Turin. In the past it’s been held in a fortless– fortress-like police barracks. They are charged with forming an armed band to subvert the social order and political order of Italy, a law, by the way, that now under Senate Bill 1437, is quite comparable to the United States. Very vague things, generalizations like that, that can easily cause people to be arrested on even conversation critical of the government. The kidnappers of Signor uh, Moro, prime minister who plan a people’s court for their hostage, say further proceedings in Turin would be an act of war. The descend– defendants in Turin face 20 years in jail if found guilty. The authorities yesterday stepped up their hunt for the kidnappers who shot dead the politician’s five bodyguards in an ambush in Rome last Thursday. They believe the abductors are somewhere hidden in Rome. The vastest police search in Hitaly– in Italy since [Benito] Mussolini has not been able to detect the kidnapters [kidnappers]. Reliable sources said members of West Germany’s crack anti-terrorist units had joined the Italian police in the manhunt. (Tape edit) Stand by.

Prime minister former Pakistan, Premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Pakistan’s military rulers yesterday clamped tight security on the country as Prime Minister Premier Bhutto spent his first night in a condemned cell after being sentenced to death. The 49-year-old politician, who ruled Pakistan for over five years, was sentenced to hang until death by the Lahore high court for ordering the assassination, supposedly, of some vague political opponent in 1974 [Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan]. He was immediately moved from the VIP cell he was occupying since last September, to another cell specially created for him as a condemned prisoner. According to reports here, he has been stripped of special privileges. According to Reuters news service, before he had enjoyed radio, television and newspapers and the right to have some outside foods brought in from people who w– were concerned about him and his family. Now, the one [once] urbane, articulate politician must sleep on a bare floor. That is the lot of those condemned to death in Pakistan. All prisoners on death row must sleep on the bare floor, with no comforts of any kind in their quarters. Pakistan as you know yesterday – we discussed ­– had joined the nefarious CENTO [Central Treaty Organization], a bloc of those pro-United States forces that includes Turkey and the dreaded murderous regime of Iran. Mr. Bhutto was convicted of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy of murder. My, my. Power does not wa– does not give one security, even though he was prime minister, under a v– very much more benevolent rule, but a very strong leader in a strong position. He was undone by the coup, a military coup. There is no immediate indication as to whether he would re-appeal to the Supreme Court, which he must do within seven days, or he will be executed. Stand by. (Tape edit)

USA refuses to condemn– (pause) Andrew Young, with a face that looks like he is resolute in his concern, raises his hands high as they were signifying the US abstention from the Security Council vote on Rhodesia internal settlement this week. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim presided. In the voting, the Security Council approved a Third World revolution– resolution declaring Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s settlement with the Uncle Tom black leaders, the so-called internal settle– s– settlement, illegal and unacceptable. But Andrew Young, holding onto any form of life, which always amazes me, being that life is a shitpile anyway, and has no meaning except for Marxism, Lenism– Leninism and socialism, where we are in our present form. Seems amazing that people will go so far to just live and to hold a position so they can buy a sandwich and take their tranquilizers, go to bed, and get up early and rush to compete for their post. And then as [could be Fred Wills, former Foreign Minister; might be Rashleigh E. Jackson] our foreign minister of Guyana said, he knows as a matter of fact that President [Jimmy] Carter is moving rightward, and one of the requirements of the right wing in the upcoming elections will be – in the congressional elections – is that Andrew Young has to go. But Andrew Young, like many people, has no sense of personal dignity. I can’t imagine how one gets caught up in the illusions that there is something in eating and sex, which always comes with disappointments, ‘cause everyone breaks somebody’s heart and everyone ends up with heartbreak. I can’t understand how life is so important that people will hold onto it at any cost, take their tranquilizers and often die from competition to keep some other cut-throat from getting their position, if they were lucky enough to keep it. Even if they’re white! And of course, all blacks finally get it anyway, no matter how much they play the game. Congressman [Charles] Diggs, a rich proprietor from Michigan, played the game well until recent years. He said very little, even though he is the chairman of the Subcommittee on African Affairs and the founder of the Black Caucus, he didn’t say all that much. But the sight of a black man in a congressional seat is threatening indeed to a racist white class, ruling class, that is now recommending repatriation, expelling all people of colour from its shores.

It has gotten to the point of almost actuality of carrying out the proceedings in England and throughout Europe. It is actually moving. West Germany and France are moving their citizenry, and England is making plans this May to begin the first of repatriation of their blacks. Their cities are so troubled, that it is almost like a concentration camp existence, according to even Reuters news service, for black and brown people to live in England. Must be pretty hellish, too, in that there have been 11 race riots, if I am correct in my knowledge. Boston has not one day of peace in its school system, or to be able to function as an ordinary school system, for two weeks running. So, blacks have no security, but even if you’re white and own a position like the prime minister I just mentioned, Bhutto, they get you in the end. If you’re [Richard] Nixon, they get you in the end. It’s the nature of capitalism. Dog-eat-dog cut-throat competition. There’s no way one can overcome it.

So it’s so much more peaceful, and enjoyable for that matter, to retire into the consciousness of the collective and build a collective. Because when you build up the collective and the cooperative, you build up the defence of you and your loved ones if you are at the point of beginning to love. A thousand strong, for instance, in our cooperative. Every time you help produce, you build up the cooperative, one thousand strong. You build up the medical assistance that you can get, one thousand times. You build up your security for food, one thousand times more than if you’re working for your own selfish interest. Much more security it seems to me, that any fool could see it pays to live socialistically.

And you saw all the great medical assistance rendered last evening to Rose [Shelton], who was in a desperate circumstance when I came to her. Very close to death, very close indeed. The chills of death had begun because she’d collapsed, and then on top of it, had a massive haemorrhage in her brain, and she had collapsed, could not see, and I walked up to her, touched her. She was in enormous, agonising pain. The lower torso that often frequents death, and her head, she couldn’t stand the pain. I’ve never heard Rose cry in her life, but she was in terrible condition until I laid hand upon her and told her she would be all right. Then the pain left and she became normal, and her sight returned, just as they were preparing the emergency GF– GDF flight to take her out of the area. That, of course, you can’t buy under any circumstances. That unusual, that magnificent and unique touch of Father, the leader. Even if someday, you want to leave here and go back, after all of our people are here, to your death, and certain genocide, concentration camp existence, certain nuclear war, certain destruction of all minority people, as we have heard from Doctor– Doctor Richard Hammerschlag, who was a part of the creation of ethnic weapons to destroy Indians and blacks, and said we were the only people that thanked him for exposing this barbaric activity in University of California, in conjunction with Michigan’s uni– state university. If you are determined to go back to your death, which we will allow you when our people are safe and sound. In the meantime, try to learn the advantages of such pa–powerful, powerful protection. Nurses over Rose, medical staff working, the doctor working, lab working, urinalysis laboratory (tape edit) functioning, everyone concerned, nurses not indifferent, standing three of them by her side, under the supervision of Christine (pause) Young. It was fantastic to just see, the medical protection, everything magnified, everything multiplied one thousand times. That’s the advantage of relaxing your cut-throat competition and working to take care of the collective, producing every square inch of it, coming up with ideas, like Doc Fitch, who I hope is working on making that boat, and I hope that radio staff will get him whatever is necessary. People making marvellous ideas, like Doc Fitch, in thinking how to build up the family. The security for your children is only under pure communism. Any right-minded person who’s not a moron or an imbecile, could see that.

Even capitalists fall. Prime Minister Moro was kidnapped by the people for his crimes against humanity. Prime Minister Bhutto, in spite of his strong military control of Pakistan, some other dog was more cut-throat than he, and undermined him. And now he lays on a cold cell, waiting his ha– public hanging. A Prime Minister, 49 years of age. Who are you to think that you have security in capitalism? What kind of maniacal narcissism possesses Andrew Young to think that in any way, he is secure, when he’s black. Because even white people are cut down. Did they not cut down Vance [reference is to Bert Vance, Director of Office of Management and Budget], the cabinet member with Carter? Banker, powerful, prestigious, influential? But he was threatening, because there were other elements that wanted his post. That is the nature of capitalism. Total, animalistic competition. Everybody’s job is open for prey, and you have to complete for that job and security against dozens and hundreds [of] others in many cases, who want it and will do anything to remove you to get it. Here, your job is secure and you should work at it with more diligence than any capitalist, so that we can overcome the evil capitalism that causes people heart attacks. The average white male is now dropping dead in executive position in his 50s. The average doctor dies in his late 50s. The death age is being reduced for women and men, white as well as black. An Indian who dropped dead at the average age of 44 years. There is no security, because you can never feel at peace that your reputation is going to be safeguarded, your job or your family taken care of.

Capitalism is death, lethal death. It’s the law of the worst kind of animalistic jungle existence. Communism brings cooperation, and thus you have the protection of one thousand people to see that you’ll eat. Dozens hovering over you when you are sick in the clinic. Conscientious people, not people who want to get off at a certain hour and will even take out your oxygen tank, disconnect it like one of our own ex-members did. As you remember, that was done by – I’ve forgotten – Vicky Moore, Vicky Moore did that. Just disconnected it! And someone else, one of our workers who should’ve had some conscience but didn’t. But not here. I saw them function, they didn’t know I was coming. Hovering over the people, and everyone that’s been in that clinic, speaks of the tremendous advantages of communistic medicine here that is meeting the needs of our people so, so beautifully.

Five leaders of a Muslim extremist group who is of a right ring– right wing, were hung yesterday. Officially hung, according to Middle East news agency service. A military tribunal in Cairo sentenced the five to death last November, after convicting them of attempted destruction of Dr. Muhammad Hussein, ex-minister of war– works. Hu– Hanged yesterday were Shukri Ahmad Mustafa, head of Takfir Wal-Hijra. Owner of a large insurance company, and another who was in charge of the religious society for repentance. Four of his lieutenants, all business men. Mahir Bakri, Anwar Ma’Mun Sakar, Ahmad Tariq ‘Abd ‘Alim and Mustafa Ghazi also went to the gallows, before thousands.

No security! It does not exist. Even though they were capitalists, they had disagreements and were framed. The five millionaire people who put [Ferdinand] Marcos the dictator in power, along with our CIA backing, that we don’t have to feel the guilt now of our tax money going for such murderous operations as Marcos who’s killed 50,000 in recent weeks in the Philippine Islands. And then Carter has the audacity to speak about concern for human rights? Human rights? When he supports a dictatorship and gave 37 more million dollars last month to assist it, saying, “Well, we have to consider necessities of alliances.” Oh, human rights is good when he wants to use it hypocritically in other words, for propaganda, but not against the dictators that we want to use, like Marcos. Well, Marcos killed off his closest associates, five millionaire supporters, because he was threatened that they wanted his position, so they were murdered in public square. Yes, communism brings security. Capitalism, an early grave or the torment of hell all the time. Like the monkey on the rock. The monkey, if you watch him, that is the head of a little group, is in constant nervousness, wondering if he is safe. Capitalism reminds me of (pause) a bird in the middle of snakes that I once saw. Quivering, trembling, agonising, waiting for something to strike. That is life.

On the other side of news, a massive demonstration of 50,000 people marched through Amsterdam, Holland city centre yesterday to protest against the US neutron bomb, that has been revealed will be used in Europe and any conflict with the Soviet Union. The march ended in a mass meeting which closed a two day international meeting organised by the Dutch to stop the neutron bomb committee. Stand by. (Tape edit) (speaks off mike, on radio) I wanna holler (unintelligible word) on the radio.

Unidentified female: We have contact with, uh–

Jones: The marchers included many of the 1500 delegates from 28 European countries. (on radio) I know we’ve got contact, Goddamnit, you want to get me off this signal (unintelligible). (back to mike) Excuse– Stand by.

The marchers included many of the 1500 delegates from 28 European countries, Canada and the United States. Dutch politicians addressed the meeting held to oppose production and introduction of the neutron bomb, which kills by intense radiation but causes little or minimal damage to property. Only capitalists would think of making such a bomb, that would kill every form of life, animal– animal, but not touch their sacred God, property.

Israeli forces push back to their borders, as they make an attempt to move towards Tyre. UN forces and Syrian forces push heavily back, and the Israeli chief of staff Lieutenant General (pause) Mordechai Gur said in Tel Aviv that his forces would move back 16 kilometers from where they were inside Lebanon, so they gain nothing by that push. But all the time they’re getting their backing and financial support of Carter. Carter tried to stand up to them, but there’s so much capitalistic and Zionistic influence in the United States that he was overruled by congressional pressure, and we continue to aid one of the most malicious, expansionist, fascist regimes in the world.

The news will be just a little bit shorter, because I have to go back to the radio. I think if you got the message and should be tested by the teachers on – and the teachers should have listened – on the advantages of communism. Just practical, real advantages of living in a communist society, as opposed to a capitalist society. Not only if you’re black, but also if you’re white. Even when we have been surrounded, as Cuba, with alien enemies, we’ve learned the bravery that comes from principle, ‘til death has no– no sway over us. We’ve learned our inner motives and strengthened our character until pain has no dominion, if we have truly relaxed and allowed communism consciousness to come to us. Great advantage, my friend, great advantage. Food supplies for months in advance are in our storage bins. Four thousand some pounds of sh– of fish will be brought in on the boat. All kinds of protections. Medical supplies of the basic essentials, ahead. No need to go and be worried that someone will do a wrong surgery or give you a wrong medicine out of hostility, ‘cause there’s nothing so hostile as medical people in America. You ask our nurses, oh how hostile they are! They often enter it out of narcissism only. In fact, that’s the basic reason, even according to the AMA, that people go into medicine, because they are concerned about their own health. But they don’t like to be bothered– Narcissists don’t like to be bothered by other people.

And so, we find, as in Detroit, two nurses convicted – I didn’t give it because it’s one of the lesser things – but two nurses convicted of killing, for fun, I guess. They got the same wages, they certainly didn’t get anything for their murderous, inhumane act. But they killed 54 old people. Just didn’t want to be bothered. Some of the old, by the way, went down as young as 46 years of age. When asked, one nurse, Joan Jeffries said, “I didn’t like to hear her complaining.” They said, well, she’s a very sick woman! She had been in a terrible automobile accident and nearly every bone in her body had been broken. Said, “Yeah, but I didn’t want to be bothered.” No conscience about it! Murdered 54 people, by suffocation! Suffocation! Modern nurses, registered nurses, in a supposedly good hospital in Detroit, murdered people by suffocation!

And it goes on every day, it just doesn’t come to light. You don’t know the facts because you don’t know what’s going on. So let’s keep it in mind. That will be the advantage of today’s news, and should be reiterated, and reiterated, and reiterated.

Guyana is supporting the liberation struggle in the Caribbean. By public statement, it will take a strong stand in the liberation struggle of all oppressed nations in Central America. Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan and uh, Dr. [Forbes] Burnham have come to agreement for a joint stand on the question of liberation, a breakthrough in relations.

We are informed by the Soviet Union personally in a meeting in our home with their ambassador that the Prime Minister of Guyana will be moving close to the Soviet Union, as he is travelling just in a matter of days to visit for closer working agreements and trade agreements with the Soviet Union. Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the opposition leader of the PPP, is being heralded more and more in the Guyana Chronicle, as I see here on last Monday’s issue, where it says GuySuCo and GAWU (pronounces as single word) reach an agreement. The Guyana Sugar Corporation, which is headed by Dr. Cheddi Jagan, and the Guyana Agricultural and General Worker’s Union reached agreement yesterday at the conciliatory wage talks at the Ministry of Labour. The agreement, relating to wage increases from 1976, is expected to be signed by the parties at GuySuco boardroom Camp Street at 2 pm on that day, last Monday, it’s already finished. The union’s delegation was led by President Boise (unintelligible name) while the GuySuCo team was led by chief industrial relations officer (name, not sure). D.P. Sankahr (phonetic). GAWU is the one that is uh, headed by Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

So indeed, this is the news that things seem to be moving closer and uh, Carib labour movement has failed. Another article by Cheddi Jagan in the same paper. Dr. Cheddi Jagan has said that the labour movement in the Caribbean has failed to play a positive role in the region. The struggle for the masses has given away [way], by and large, to a struggle for self-advancement, and direct and intimate contact with the rank and file and democratic trade unionism has given away to bureaucratic, capitalistic– capitalistic, command– commandism from above, he told an industrial relations seminar at the Critchlow Labour College here in Guyana on Tuesday. (Pause)

The seminar ending today is sponsored by the Department of Management Studies of the University of Guyana. This is a breakthrough, a breakthrough indeed, that Dr. Jagan, the opposition leader, was the chief seminar speaker. In a lengthy and detailed address to the seminar tracing the growth of industrial relations in the region, Dr. Jagan, PPP, Progressive Party leader (pause) which is the Moscow party here in Guyana, who’s also honorary president of Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union, argued that the Caribbean trade union movement has become tired and corrupted to imperialist interests, and is unable to formulate any independent strategy and program aimed at solving the growing social and economic problems of the workers. He added, however, that the movement can and must play a dynamic role in this period of mounting social, economic and political crisises. He said, we the people of Guyana can, must and will come together against the common foe of imperialism. According to Dr. Jagan, there is now a revolutionary upsurge in this region of Guyana, and a growing militancy is developing in the movement under revolutionary leadership. This is resulting, said Dr. Jagan, opposition leader in Guyana, in growing isolation for the collaborators and position seekers of imperialism.

Good news. Glad to give you some good news, and indeed it is good news to live in a communist cooperative that’s working towards pure communism under the principles of Marx and Leninism, under the principles of socialism that you must study well tonight in your socialist classes that begin promptly at 7:30. Remember, I want a complete review on the practical reasons – just the practical reasons – of a selfish person on why they should live in a cooperative society, a communist society, as opposed to the capitalistic, dog-eat-dog, cut-throat competition that exists in capitalism in any day, and more viciously so in its final days, its senile stages of monopoly capitalism. Thank you, and all of my love. (Pause).

(Tape edit)

Jones: This society versus the capitalistic one. Where else could you find a thousand strong? Certainly the leadership had to pave the way, your leader, your Office. When someone comes to harm you – as there are a number of people that are under arrest orders, indictments back in the States, and attempts to take your children away – where else can you find a thousand people who will fight for you, not just with their hands? That is an important aspect that capitalism never affords, because capitalists are always quite busy cutting each other’s throats.

I saw a brother just had his brother exposed in the uh, state of Washington, in order that he might look good at his brother’s expense. Both of them were office holders. Judge Kennedy, black man, put his own son in jail to show that he was loyal. I should say Uncle Tom, Judge Kennedy, that has blocked through the enemy’s collaboration, the Cobbs [Jim and Teresa], Suzanne, all of them, Cartmell, enemies back there, attempting to block Mona [Young] from Chr– Christine having her. Well, obviously he’s a judge typical of capitalist soul. He sent his own son to prison, his own son. He chose to sentence his own son, rather than to declare his self– (pause) (tape edit) that he was the interested party and remove himself from the decision because of partisan reasons. He gave such a heavy sentence, that he showed to all the whites, Uncle Toms, that he was a good little capitalist judge. Uncle Tom, black sell-out, Judge Kennedy in San Francisco sent his own son to prison. Nothing uncommon! Happens all the time. President Carter’s nephew [William Carter Spann], his favourite sister’s [Gloria Carter Spann] son, is lingering in jail for I think five more years, in California.

Nobody el– No one ever reaches to their own family in capitalism. Hell, they won’t lift a finger to save their own family. And many times– We have case of John Harris’ girlfriend, her mother has gotten her in trouble with the law! John here, that just came in. His mother– uh, her mother turned her over to the authorities to get her in trouble with the law, over something to do with her child. That’s typical, we see it every goddamn day. Fascism has nothing to afford. Capitalism, without fascism, is the most selfish and disgusting and contemptuous kind of society. Where else would you see, but communism, like here, a thousand gathered around with defensive weapons in their hands saying, “We dare you to come in and take a child like Dana [Truss] that has no productivity in terms of money, but is a part of our soul.” That’s the advantages of communism, not to mention medicine, not to mention the budgeting debts, having to pay so many bills every month, not knowing that you can afford good medicine. You know you can’t! There is no policy that will give you, for instance, no policy, extensive, intensive care. No policy, with 24-hour supervision – no policy – I can tell you, you can look at your policy. It won’t guarantee it, you may get a few days, most get none. Here, no matter what problem, we bear [spare] no expense. Don’t know how in the hell we can do it, but we send you even to Cuba. And we are preparing one child at, if the condition hasn’t changed, like with Rose, last night, we were going to send her to Cuba. Because it would take that, it would take a neurological tap on the brain, to get the blood off the brain in a matter of just a short time. So there’d been an emergency flight, all the way to Cuba. That’s the difference between communism, a cooperative society, and the collective society has so many advantages that any fool should be able to see them.

I gave you earlier examples in the news, midday, and you should really consider them and compare the advantages, because no one is secure in their position, and they never get the strengthening of communist discipline and character to make them prepared to even endure pain, much less death or arrest and imprisonment like uh, the prime minister of Pakistan. That’s over, by the way, near India. ‘Cause we need to look at our map, we need to have a world map really put in clear view. It would help considerably. Engineer [Robert] Christian said he’s gone take care of that, he’s standing here now. But Bhutto had the military, he had all the capitalist bankers’ backing. But they got him. Those five business people in Egypt were capitalists, fighting capitalists for power, but they got it, hung in the gallows. Those capitalist bankers that were the primary supporters, one of them a relative! A brother of Marcos’ wife [Imelda Marcos], who is a dictator, but they got it, hung in public square. I don’t know why anyone could not help but see the advantages of communism over capitalism, but we still have the problem that people – with the exception of a very, very, very few – do not work as hard for communism as they did on their capitalistic job, even when they were not doing piece work. Very strange. They worked harder for the approval of some capitalistic Uncle Tom sell-out or racist boss than they do for their own wealth, because here, you share all the resources. All the goods and services are held in common and shared in common. All the means of production and distribution of all of our wealth, are in the hands of the people.

This is an important thing and perhaps basic to all communist or socialist discussion. We should get a real insight into the practical, let us say, enlightened self-interest reasons for being a socialist, as opposed to a capitalist, that’s dropping over more and more every day, big executives in their 40s, late 30s and early 50s, of heart attacks and strokes because they know they’re under such abominable pressure that they can’t endure. As I said, it’s like the bird in the snake pit, struggling to survive. Impossible. Capitalism gives nothing but pain, diseases of stress. They’re so selfish they destroy their own ecology, they’ll destroy their own family like Judge Ken– Kennedy, send their son up the river to look good, on power trips that will turn in their own loved ones to the authorities for arrest. Got all kinds of cases I could give you, case after case to document it, in our own little group experience.

So I don’t know why anyone can’t help but see the advantages of a socialistic existence. And that stage we certainly can proudly say we’ve reached, on the road to a pure communism where we’ll one day have it refined to the exact expense, in every sense. I don’t know where we’d fall short of it now. Clothing? (Pause) Toiletry ark– articles? Food? (Pause) Entertainment? Entertainment? All the same, we all have access to the same costly films. By the way, tell ‘em to get those films ordered, be sure, for the boat when it leaves on the weekend. And medicines! (Draws out word) Incalculable cost. No place in the world could you have had the medical care that Rose was getting last night. Christine (pause) Cobb-Young, supervising and all the nurses around, and medical doctors standing over her, looking at all the vital signs – and then have the added dimension of a Father who is developing the greatest skills of paranormal power ever known on Earth, that can walk in when you’re blind like Rose was, paralysed, in horrifying pain, crying as Rose never cried in her mid-70s, and you never come out of a massive haematoma like that, massive haemorrhaging at that age – never, never, never – and then take care of the pain and heal her and she’s up all walking around, functioning beautifully today. So let’s keep that in mind. We’ll go ahead with just some other points of the news for the next ten minutes before socialist class. (pause) (tape edit) Stand by.

(Tape edit) (unintelligible aside)

Stand by for some announcements of how to get to your uh, socialist classes, and I’ll continue with some news.

Robert Christian: Okay, the classes are set up. All names– practically all students have been changed from their various classes, so you must go to the drugstore where our drugs are, where the big map is and look on the side of the building, and you’ll find the classes listed with the teachers and the students’ names. All students must go to the classes that you have been assigned. You cannot go to any other– (pause) You cannot go to any other class, or else your name will be taken down and it’ll be turned in to Dad. All – (cut off)

Jones: Father’s right here, and Father will be going right through class after class as he does every night in socialist class, and he will see, uh, we’ll be checking roster against attendance, so you’d better get in the class you belong, because we’re not just getting a seat these days. We’re getting to a teacher, narrowing the classes down, so you can get education, because Abraham Lincoln said, “Give the people the facts, and they’ll be free.” Without knowledge, you’re ignorant and doomed to live under tyranny. So, you must be in those classes. Comrade Christian, Engineer Christian has said the map of your class, uh, the direction of your class is by the drug store, the nursing medical clinic, and you can find out there where you must go.

Christian: And also– also, the tent– the tent– both school tents and rice tent pavilion have the– the signs up labelled A-B-C-D, on up through, I think, uh, P or Q-R-S, on up to S, if I’m not mistaken, of all the classes. So look on the list, see which class you go to. If it’s in section C, you go to section C. All classes are marked, all classes are marked, so you have no excuse. (short unintelligible sentence)

(Unintelligible voice)

(Short pause) (tape edit)

Jones: (Unintelligible) in the end.

Unidentified female: This is free speech.

Jones: I know. (Unintelligible) I say,

Unidentified female: Yeah.

Jones: We are not (unintelligible) at this time. ‘Cause we don’t wanna bring more unrest.

(Unidentified voices, pause) (Tape edit)

Jones: Attention. The articles I read to you earlier were from the Guyana Chronicle, the organ of the PNC, the People’s National Congress, the ruling party of the Marxist-Leninist position, under the prime minister, Dr. Burnham. It was from that newspaper that I was reading you favourable articles about the opposition leader, Dr. Cheddi Jagan of the PPP. There’s much more coverage of him for some reason or another. Let us hope that it is leading to closer dialogue. It certainly shows that there is a majority leading that way, or he would never appear in the Chronicle. A very good article occurred about us yesterday in the Guyana evening paper, a subsidiary of the Chronicle, the Citizen, and it was a very good article. We have not gotten it yet, but it was a very good article about us.

The Guyana Chronicle ca– attacks Prime Minister Williams of Trinidad, Dr. Eric Williams, for his rightward leaning trends that’s trying to destroy Caricom, the Caricom agreement, to help balance out trade surpluses and deficits in the Caribbean area. It’s the first time that The Guyana Chronicle has taken such an open swipe at Dr. Eric Williams of Trinidad.

Dr. [Vincent] Teekah, who visited here, Minister [of] Culture, Education and Social Development, said there’s nothing sinister about a World Bank loan for the construction of a second educational college. He quoted from Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s book, The West On Trial, where Dr. Jagan himself spoke of obtaining World Bank loans and discussions with the financial organisations for consultants to visit projects from time to time. The minister defending the World Bank loan further said Guyana is in need of such a loan. When we become rich, we will not need the loan. He said, we are the only country that has dictated how the money would be appropriated, who should be the contractors, and added that it has been told that Guyana – by the United Nations – was the only such country that had had the firmness to declare to the World Bank that they would not discuss or di– dictate to them how the money was to be appropriated and through what channels, such as contractors, the money would go to build a second rather advanced college that the PNC government is now undertaking. As of yet, they’ve not been able to work out the details of an International Monetary Fund loan. The prime minister has declared that there will be no devaluation of dollars if it does take place, but we still are going to be prepared. We must be, we must, all ideas.

When Don Jackson returns, tell him, by the way, to look in, in w– in Georgetown where he’s there on the means of d– getting a development uh, photo– photo clinic here, you know, uh, because he’s got good ideas about it.

Unidentified female: (Unintelligible)

(Tape edit)

Unidentified female: (Unintelligible)

(Tape edit)

Jones: I see. Well, let’s see. If we could work on voltage control and temperature control, we could talk to– Mike Lund thinks that would be a problem and maybe Chris Lund. Uh, Comrade Kuykindale– (Tape edit) Comrade [Chuck] K– Kirkendall could have a uh, solution to that so we could develop a photographic development clinic here, and we could be the best in the uh, Caribbean if we indeed could get the voltage situation regulated.

But it’s a good idea, thinking as Doc Fitch thinks. We oughta all think more about how to make money, save money and conserve it. It should be criminal and will be treated with the most severe kind of discipline, when you waste or don’t produce here, as I have now pointed out all the advantages when you’re working for yourself. You’re not a wage slave. You’re not a commodity. In capitalism, you are a commodity, for sale on the open market. You never get the benefits of what you make. Here, everything you make goes directly into your hands. Thus we should take greater care to take care of property.

Children lean on the fences too much in the– the walkways, the lattice ways that we’ve made out of scrap material. Anyone seen touching that fence material except those who are l– using it for a kind of, uh, support, those seniors, will be brought up, (unintelligible word) team, teachers, anyone, bring them up. They lean on it, they play on it, they break boards in it. All seniors, anyway, and even younger, should get a stick that gives support, keeps down breaks, gives us more money to develop our project for housing, instead of expensive airplane flights as would’ve been required last night, all the way to Cuba, had I not worked that miracle. You can’t expect me to work miracles! I’m the only one on Earth that can do them, and when I do them, I become exhausted after them, beyond description. I’ve even bled from my bowels after healing. I don’t understand the process, but it’s heavy, so we should do all we can to take care of ourselves and save that protection for the impossible, like last evening. But again, we should use these devices of sticks to steady our walk, lose our weight so we won’t have strokes, think that much of Father so you don’t have to burden him unnecessarily.

You have five minutes before socialist classes, so find out where you’re going. (Pause)

France’s centre right has called for – ruling party – has called for a meeting, emergency meeting, with the communists. The Labour Party in Great Britain have suggested they will meet with the Communist Party of England in light of the rising spectre of Prime Minister Thatcher, racist Margaret Thatcher taking over England’s government under the terrible Tory Conservative Party, and it’s leading vastly at the polls these days, uh, the public opinion polls. So Labour is talking seriously about some cooperation with the Communist Party of England. France’s centre right, due to economic conditions, their new prime minister [Raymond Barre] is being forced to talk to the Communists and meeting with them and Socialist leader Francois Mitterand, who is the coalition leader of the Communists and Socialists, meeting at this very hour discussing what can be done.

(Pause) (tape edit)

Foreign ministers of Cuba and Ethiopia are holding emergency talks for more liaison. Ethiopia has pledged after Cuba’s tremendous assistance that they will offer their own support of troops and resources when their war situation– their war situation has been resolved. In their valiant efforts, they will afford [offer] their assistance to Cuba in further liberation efforts in Africa. The foreign ministers of Cuba and Ethiopia are holding significant talks in Addis Ababa on the Addis Ababa Radio, even covered some of their less uh, serious conversations, said the Cuban and Ethiopian people had an eternal bond that would never be broken, coming out of the struggle– struggle for Ethiopia’s liberation against the secessionist forces manipulated by the United States in the Red Sea province of Eritrea. Addis Ababa Radio said officials with the Cuban foreign minister and the Ethiopian foreign minister met separately to discuss a wide range of economic, cultural and military efforts of cooperation between the two countries. (pause).

Jamaica is in a serious condition, in spite of the aid in the International Monetary Fund in a capsulisation. Jamaican people are aroused by the number of white people visiting their beautiful island and are insulting them on the beaches. It has now become a crime to give insulting words or glances at those that are touring Jamaica. Jamaica is in serious condition, as its bauxite industry is about to peter out, and it has only one source of revenue left: trade, tourist trade. And so the Jamaican prime minister [Edward Seaga] has said it was probably a mistake to call on the International Monetary Fund because it gives the imperialist a little more control of our economic survival, quote unquote. (pause)

You have exactly two minutes to gain– (pause)

Unidentified female: You haven’t answered the (unintelligible) children–

Jones: The children need to be set up, please. I hope you made provisions for the children, the small children. All school age are to be in your classes, you’re to be in the classes, just like everyone else, learning about socialism. The time you’re able to read and write, you can learn socialism. (Pause)

A subculture called by ancient religious indulgence of nihilism– I don’t – it’s not in the article so I have to think – Oh, it’s Rastafarianism – threatens the economy of Jamaica. The (unintelligible word) culture. It more or less says that you can do what you wanna do, when you want to, indulge yourself. It’s a religion of self-worship. Uh– The tourism director pointed out that genuine Rastafarian doctrine – a mixture of Christian and African culture, a very strange mixture indeed in Africa, uh, from the one that was originally in Africa – was easily recognisable by its true qualities of peace, love and work, and a sense of direction, but he said, we now have a new subculture that borders on nothing but anarchy and nihilism. Seeks to ascribe blame through the technique of copping out, by therefore disclaiming responsibility for anything, is free to attack and destroy without offering substitutes. He added that such nihilists will not even build a bandwagon of their own, but seek to ride on the bandwagon of Rastafarianism and destroy an ancient, black, religious culture by adulterating it with anarchistic doctrine.

Unidentified female on radio: This is Ann.

Jones: You can have one day, one minute.

“Ann”: Talking about what?

Second female on radio: Yeah, Teresa mentioned the (unintelligible word). Do you copy?

Jones: Yes.

“Ann”: And what he said, what he said is that usually what it is, it might– Terry might say 80% right, 80% right, do you copy?

Second female on radio: (unintelligible)

“Ann”: And 20% wrong, 20% wrong, do you copy?

Jones: Yeah?

(Extended pause)

Jones: Chris Jones [Chris Cordell] uh, and Comrade Mercer’s class better get their ass together. Nicky Lawrence, Mellonie Kemp, Erris Morrison, Pat Rhea, Danny Marshall, (pause) Britty (pause) Durham, Anthony Hicks, Darell Keller, Pam Bradshaw, Helen Love, Vera Talley, Ruby Johnson, Leola Morehead, Callie Mae Mitchell, Mary Mayshack, Carole Young, uh, Fannie Ford, Dorothy Simpson, Al Simon, Betty Fitch, Mary Walker, Jane [James?] Simpson, Pearley Morrisis– Pearley Morris, Frankie Grigsby, Beulah Foster, Annie Moore. Now get yourself to the classes. Other teachers will be bring– It’s where? It’s the pavilion, Chris Jones, Chris Cordell-Jones and uh, Comrade Mercer’s class.

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Tape originally posted February 2016