Q347 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. I want some to go back and review news in addition to a written test for those that will be required to pass, those that stand up and pass that are chosen to pass the question. There’ll be two types of test, those called up and chosen and go back some time, some weeks, to be sure that you have all of the news. Then, there’ll be written test, except those that do not have to take the test this time. I would like to ask some of those people, however, for special treats, to enter into the volunteer portion of the test. Stand up when I ask questions, so that some of you can go back and review news, there’s some news in the radio room here, old time news, some of you should go back and review it, be prepared to show how much knowledge you have of world events. That’s very important.

Everything must be clean tomorrow, there needs to be more planting done tomorrow, and we’re going to have to cooperate with the nursery, there needs to be– Absolutely any barren space must be covered with plants. It looks better. Stand by. (pause) The blass– the grass as I’m looking needs to be cut all around the playground. It’s got to be taken care of. That’s got to be cut all around.

I’m asking the administrators to get theirselves together– I understand there’s some antagonisms about who is to go to Georgetown. I don’t know what you expect me to do, each of you (unintelligible word) your departments squeal every time I have to have someone go to Georgetown and represent us there. I have no choices. Somebody’s going to have to go. And every department’s going to have to be affected. I had resistance in several departments. I haven’t appreciated that. And I’m working very carefully, going over scripts and interviews ready for this man [Joe Mazor], so that I’ll have the proper questions to penetrate him, so we can get all the information we need from this CIA ex– He says he knows all the ma– of who’s in the CIA and what they plan, mercenary actions, but it takes a lot of time, and I’m spending that time in spite of the fact that I’ve got a temperature of 102, nearly– nearly 103. I really would– that people would take advantage and do what they’re supposed to do of the opportunity of giving freely someone and finding a way that it would do so I don’t have to fight every time I’m seeking a alternation to Georgetown, because people don’t like Georgetown, and we’ve got to alternate people to Georgetown every six weeks – no more – so that a person knows when they’re going to get out of that big– that city life. They don’t like it. Please take this into heart. Now, you go ahead and study your Russian, I’m going to give some news which you will– can study on the blackboard or it can be played just after. Go ahead and study your Russian. Don’t pay any attention to what I’m doing at this moment.

Rhodesia. Uh– (speaks away from mike, then back) In Lusaka, African leaders are meeting about Rhodesia. In London, American and English leaders are meeting about Rhodesia. In Salisbury, capital of Zimbabwe or Rhodesia, a big demonstration by whites is protesting the Smith meeting with Joshua Nkomo. So now, not only does Ian Smith have a total loss of black support, he has the loss of white support also. President [Jimmy] Carter is considering a meeting with Ian Smith. Of all things, that he’d stoop so low as to meet with that dictator.

Rhodesian-Zambian relations. Since the Rhodesian airline crash, Zambian president is concerned about Rhodesian troops coming i– onto Zambian soil. As you know, the prime minister of Zamba– Zambia, [Kenneth David] Kaunda, is a personal friend of our prime minister, Forbes Burnham. Remember, our party is PNC.

All of you had better get up early or stay up late and study the tape, how to meet guests. You’re not to go up and start conversations with anyone. We’re going to have guests tomorrow from the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement. Very, very friendly to us. And there’s also going to be a dentist [Dr. Patrick Ng-a-Fook] that I’ve hired to give your teeth– some of your teeth, their proper attention. Then in another couple of weeks, we’ll have optha– ophthalmologist who will be coming, and that cost a great cost to do cataract surgery on your eyes. I do expect everybody to be grateful– Perhaps they should listen to this, because it won’t take long, and then you can get back to Russian, because you need to have a good command of Russian, because the Russians are due any time.

Now it’s important that you do not go up to anyone, just a smile at them and say hello, but don’t answer any personal questions. If they a– if they ask how old you are, something like that, that’s fine, if you like the place, yes, I lo– I love it, I wouldn’t be anyplace else. That it’s the most beautiful place on earth. But do not go further. It’s always possible that an agent can be a double agent. The government will be watching this person very closely, but he is so frightened, he is leaving the United States tonight. Charles Garry’s also going. He is afraid to stay in United States one more day. So apparently we are onto something big. It would look like that anyway. But we will not throw caution to the wind. We’ve– have gotten some very pertinent information, vital information. His tapes will embarrass, if we don’t do anything else, if the news media is so capitalistic, we can print up– Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett has said he’ll give us, 10, 15, 25,000 papers to produce our own newspaper free, and pass out, about what this man says, and it is a terrible number of things that he says that this conspiracy of our ex-members plus the CIA have been up to. (Pause)

Anyway, Rhodesian troops on Zambian soil– soil. He is protesting this, Kuanda, severely. He is considering asking help from the United Nations, Britain, or any other country that will give assistance. That could be Cuba or the Soviet Union. Zambia has not real– no real army, and only one surface-to-air missile, because USA has kept them poor by pouring copper onto the world market, thus reducing the price of copper– copper. Remember those old news. I’m counting on a lot of you to shine tomorrow, by going back and studying news that we’ve had for weeks. You can get them there– Vernetta [Christian] has whole sheets of them, and some of you shine, we’ll give you very special considerations, if you can answer questions that go way back.

The British would have to make some response if the Zambian president requests assistance. They cannot afford to– to lose Zambia entirely in the alliance. The spread of the Rhodesian war is a major fear of many. Zambian economy is disrupted by Rhodesia, and Zambia stands behind Joshua Nkomo. Zambia will not break that alliance, say they.

Response by [Josip Broz] Tito and Romania prime minister [Manea Mănescu] on the Soviet comments on the visit of the Chinese. Tito was greatly surprised at the Soviet reaction. He said, we learned during [Josef] Stalin’s time not to depend on one country alone. The Romanian President, Tito says, we can’t let the– The Uranian president– (Pause) Not Tito, excuse that. The Romanian President [Nicolae Ceaușescu] says we cannot depend on one country. Both rebutted the criticisms that they were making separate détente arrangements with China, but they both insisted that they were friendly and would remain friendly to the Soviet alliance.

England, Great Britain. Margaret Thatcher, modern day fascist, criticizes the British prime minister for not calling general elections at this time. She claims the party in power does not represent the principles of the people. Says there is more unemployment than in World War II, and that taxes have doubled. Says that English people are char– tired of black people and Indian and Asian being in their culture. They ought to be returned to their own lands. Some of them been removed 200 years. Where are their lands? How evil this woman is. [Edward] Callaghan, Prime Minister of England, the Labor Party, may call the elections in mid-Oct– mid-October, even though he’s insisting that he will not because he sees a f– an– a rightwing turn under Margaret Thatcher, head of the Conservative Party. As you remem– I told you before, he has stren– she has strength, because the Liberal Party head, probably with the collusion of the press and CIA and other intelligence agency, brought out the fact that the head of the Liberal Party, [Jeremy] Thorpe, had had homosexual affairs with the young man [Norman Scott] and had conspired to murder him, because he was black– whitemailing him. Anyway, Liberal voters always go over to the Conservatives when there’s any trouble in the Liberal Party. So that makes it even dan– much more danger from– for the present Labor government. Some say the longer he waits, the harder he will fall. The election could go either way right now, but it is getting worse for the Labor government any– uh, every day. The fact that Margaret Thatcher has never been in power and is controversial– controversial is a liability, that she is a racist, openly, is also a liability. For Thatcher, as well as most of her support– support come from women when they claim they believe things will get worse with pressure for wage and prices increasing.

Tehran, Iran. Thousands may be dead from just one night of fighting in a troop clash with demonstrators protesting curfew limitations. It’s not able to be estimated how many are dead. They know they’re in the hundreds. Protests against the power of the corrupt rich Shah [Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran].

Won’t be too much longer. Then after I finish, you can go another 45 minutes in Russian, so you have that down.

It is obvious that the government is prepared for violence with troops standing by in every city. Iran is nothing but one state of rebellion. It has been amazing that until now there has been as little violence as there has been, because of the obvious (Pause) visible threat of the S– Shah’s secret police, and the threat of his highly-trained and disciplined f– armed forces, disciplined in torture. The deaths will unite the conservatives, religious dissenters, the constitutionalists, and the nationalists and the socialists against the Shah. They are all prepared for confrontation with the government. The Shah is taking a major risk in changing or ending his liberl– liberalization program. So far, the army has been loyal to the Shah, but it’s under great pressure from other forces to break with the Shah. Eleven cities have dusk-to-dawn curfew. There is no city that does not have rebellion against the Shah.

India. Severe flooding, suspected due to the CIA cloud-seeding and geo-physical warfare of the Ganges River and in the West Bengal region. The Indian army has been sent in the area to help, as tens of thousands have died and hundreds of the– of cities have been wiped off the map. It’s a terrible irony, because this was the best crop year, the best harvest that India ever had. But some suspect the CIA because India was turning more strongly again towards the Soviet Union.

France. The French budget will have a tough time passing in the National Assembly because of dramatic unemployment in France. Mi– [Francois] Mitterrand, head of the Socialist opposition, criticized the current prime minister [Raymond Barre] for lack of initiative to do something about the workers’ plight in France.

Swiss economy is expecting a two percent growth rate, protuc– production costs are higher, but if wage demands aren’t too high, they can be okay.

That is the end of the brief summary of the news. We hope that you will go back now and study all of the information you can possibly get together from past news, so when I call people up, there’ll be a lot of hands. Those will get special benefits. The written test or just what you need to be pass– just to be passed so you won’t have to take the next test. All right. Much love. Now go back to studying Russian for another 45 minutes, so you can get as much training in Russian as possible.


Part II:

Jones: News in the library. Uh, I uh, would’ve liked to seen more Russian studied, but if there is that, go into the libraries and study what you can of news. Many people will not do things structured. That wasn’t very much time that you had to study Russian, and you should look forward to intensified class, but being that you have– have that done, study the news. Study the news that you now have, and study it well. It’s important. It’s important.

House votes to repeal Turkish embargo. The House narrowly voted yesterday repeal a three-year-old congressional embargo against U.S. military aid to fascist Turkey, handing President Carter a major foreign policy victory.

Our judge is a communist. We have a new and strange situation. Detroit. Justin Charles Ravance [Ravitz] is the United States only Communist judge, and the people love him. He wears a tattered black robe in court, refuses to openly display the U.S. flag and request that spectators rise for the jury, not for the judge. He handles Michigan’s toughest judicial assignment, Recorder’s– Recorder’s Criminal Court here, but ha– has won the respect of leftist capitalist prosecutors and defense lawyers alike. Probably an ideal Communist, with no real connection with the international communist movement, or he wouldn’t survive, not in USA. He is the best judge around, and the most honest you’ll ever encounter, said Joel Morris, a lawyer who needs– who heads the Recorder’s Court Committee of the Detroit bar.

The 38-year-old Marxist placed a cooperat– coror– corporation president on probation for factory pollution, he sentenced a supermarket meat manager to jail for short-weighing. He insured that prisoners are held no longer than 12 hours without arraignment. He demanded that government white collar lawyers represent the indi– indigent. He says he is a part of a criminal injustice system that is the United States. Only working railroad. Only working railroad. He firmly believes that the law promotes class division, racism, and imperialist wars. A legal scholar, he says many lawyers practicing before him are incompetent and don’t adequately represent their clients. He will tell them in open court, nevertheless, he describes– he operates a courtroom that all lawyers request and many love to practice in. It’s the best courtroom I’ve ever been in, said defense lawyer Neil Bush (phonetic). There is justice there. Other judges have hi– have nice robes and flags, but no justice.

Ravitz– Judge Ravitz has a brilliant legal mind, treats every person with dignity, and is impeccably fair. There is no mystery in courtroom 703. Ravitz fully explains the reasons behind ruling and won’t simply declare sus– sustain or overrule, he translates baffling legalese into everyday language for audiences and jury and summaries [summarizes] all sidebar conferences with lawyers for the re– record. He attempts to make spectators, litigants and victims feel at ease and not the least bit intimidated.

The jury, not the judge, is the object of honor. Ravitz will open the jury door, bid each juror hello, and make sure no spectator sits until the jury is in place. You know, that makes some sense, said a Republican lawyer. The jury represents the community. Why the hell should we be standing for the damn judge?

Ravitz says plea-bargaining often is used by prosecutors and defense lawyers to the disadvantage of unwitting defendants. Instead he takes guilty pleas under advisement. Ravitz later tells a defendant (stumbles over words) exactly what sentence he will receive. The defendant then can change his mind, plead not guilty without prejudice, and receive a new trial. That’s certainly fair.

Most people who come into a courtroom feel awestruck in– by the judge and the policeman, said Mizell S– uh, St– Salwell [phonetic], chief defender for the Legal Aid and Defender Association of Detroit. Ravitz has succeeded in eliminating the majo– the mystery and majesty of the court. He may be the best young jurist in the country. The judge is not the least bit flattered and undermine– underlines the limits of what he and his comrades can do. There’s no way that 20 or 30 of his– of us are going to legitimatize a system whose economic arrangements are divisive.

The bearded Marxist is a son of an Omaha salesman. He attended Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and received a master’s degree (pause) in international relations at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a law degree from the University of Michigan, then went to Detroit. His radicalization is tied closely to his meetings (pause) with black Marxist Kenneth Cockrel, now a member of Detroit Common City Council. The two lawyers helped found a radical law firm to assist the poor and working class in 1968. Working 18 hours a day, their record was no less than stunning and paved the way for Judge Ravitz’ election to the bench in 1972. Ravitz and Cockrel helped win acquittals for two men charged with shooting two Detroit police officers. Further, they maintained during that the– that– the trial that Wayne County’s jury selection process excluded most blacks and young adults. Their argument led to key reforms by the coun– the county commission. In the most remarkable decision– Just about through, thought this would be interesting to you– Though they’ve both been threatened, uh, their lives are threatened and they probably won’t last another term, but at least in Detroit, you’ll find a more fertile ground for communism these days.

In, as I said– In the most remarkable decision to be (pause) won, that he won a– a jury acquittal for [an] autoworker who killed two foremen and another worker at a Chrysler plant, Judge Ravitz and Councilman Supervisor, communist of Detroit, Cockrel, argued that working condi– conditions, along with Chrysler and US racism, had driven the man insane. His early months on the bench were marked by controversy. He wore cowboy boots and refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance at his swearing-in. When Judge Ravitz took the bench, he refused to wear the traditional black robe, and h– and had the US flag removed from the court. The Michigan Supreme Court ordered the garb back on and a flag displayed, a move that still angers him. Hence he– the tattered robe over a sports shirt, he wears it only over a sport shirt, which he won’t button, and a flag that is purposely obscured or hidden by an oak divider and cannot be seen.

Last week, a 52-year-old autoworker and prospective juror stood and said, I can’t sit here when the symbol of truth, justice and liberty is not displays– displayed. Judge Ravitz quietly responded, I respect your decision, sir, and exercised [excused] the man from the jury. Real patriotism. Judge Ravitz holds– has ab– holds as absolutely nothing to do with false symbols.

A corporation in southwest Detroit was charged with violating state anti-police– anti-pollution state– uh, state– uh, statutes. The company tried to fix the problem but continued normal production. Judge Ravitz criticized their public-be-damned attitude, placed the firm on proda– probation for two years, even though that was mild– he doesn’t take on industry too heavily, or he wouldn’t remain a communist judge, I can tell you that – and made clear that if the probation was violated, he would hold the company president in contempt and send him to jail.

In August 1973, a supermarket was found guilty of short-weighing meat. The chain’s district manager, Judge Ravitz– Ravitz called, walked toward the bench like he might be the great US Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy, after whom this building is named. He came forward– he came towards, I say– (Pause) There’s still more of it, I might as well finish it. When I’ve got it’s going, we might as well share the– the whole of it. (Pause) We were telling, the man walked towards the uh, bench– (Long pause) He walked towards me like he owned the building and explained the way those matters are handled, in that the corporate– corporation pleads nolo contendere. That means no contest so they can get away, innocent. The charge against the meat manager is– is dismissed, and the corporation pays a statutory fine of one hundred dollars. Still going kinda light on big business. Judge Ravitz sentenced the most– meat manager Arthur Dickler (phonetic) to one day in jail, a decision later reversed on appeal.

Likewise he – the judge, that is – uh, instituted the writ of habeas corpus to make Detroit (pause) police account for any prisoner who has got– who had not been arraigned after 12 hours before he acted. Hundreds of prisoners could be held for days in dismal conditions without arraignment.

Judge Ravitz’ next blockbuster– came at the end of a blockbuster, the– the tenth presi– precinct drug conspiracy trial, one of the longest and most expensive in Michigan history. The seven month trial involved (pause) sixteen defendants, nine police officers, and seven heroin pushers, eleven defense attorneys and four prosecutors, generated 40,000 pages of testimony, and cost the state two million dollars. Lawyers still laud Judge Ravitz’ impeccable handling of the trial. It was a legal circus, just like the Chicago 7 Trial, and incredibly, there wasn’t even one mistrial. One prosecutor said, he was the only judge with intellect and patience to handle the case effectively.

However, the real surprise came when Judge Ravitz had to find lawyers to handle the appeals of several indigent poor defendants. Rather than turn to Legal Aid, Judge Ravitz selected two prominent silk-stocking lawyers and a former state appeals judge. One lawyer was Jas– Ja– Jason Honig– Honigman, personal attorney for Ford Motor chairman Henry Ford II. The three frantically appealed (clears throat) their selections and won. But the self-styled peoples lawyer had made his point. America’s successful lawyer does not represent the poor.

Ironically, the other lawyer, former appeals judge and lieutenant governor, T. John Lesinski, and Judge Ravitz have met since, because the Ma– the Massachusetts– the Mi– rather, the Michigan Supreme Court, acting to reduce a five thousand four hundred case backlog in Recorder’s Court, last year appointed Lesinski as Special Administer [Administrator] with far-reaching powers. I don’t want to sing the guy’s laurels, Lesinski said, but Judge Ravitz has turned out to be a excellent judge and has been utterly cooperative.

Ravitz drives a foreign car, carries a gun, why? There’s a lot of crime out there, he said, and I’ve had a lot of assassinations on my life, and is against capital punishment, although not for the expected reason. As long as the system remains under their domination, it would be crazy to say, a– it should exist because we know who’s going to get killed and who’s doing the bidding for whom. He said, under capitalism, only the poor are the ones that get executed, that are the ones treated by capital punishment. Similarly, Judge Ravitz is against gun control. If you take away guns from the state and the police, you can take them away from everyone. I’m not prepared to say they should have an exclusive monopoly on the right to bear arms.

He says that traditional rehabilitation is a sham, and he sends political literature to men he has sentenced to jail. The best rehabilitation, he said, is promoting social and political consciousness so people are less into individualism, violence, competition and materialism, but it is precisely those sort of people, the ones who make waves in jail, that don’t get paroled, that don’t get paroled at all.

His honest, human sympathy, and resolute judicial approach were fully revealed recently in the sentencing of Lark Baker. Baker, an illiterate 16-year-old Kentucky native with a record of 36 arrests, pleaded guilty in– to the brutal murder of an 83-year-old woman during a home robbery. Judge Ravitz told a packed and rushed– hushed courtroom, this case has many of the classic ingredients as far as environment and juvenile history goes. It reflects upon an inadequate, inhumane educational system, and upon a juvenile’s ju– justice system that produces nothing but criminality. Shaking his head and speaking softly, he said, I’m dealing in decades here, and it’s a hard thing. I don’t know if I can look at a person 16 years of age and write him off for his life. Ravitz then sentenced Baker to 40 to 70 years in jail.

Ravitz’ future is unclear. He won’t run again when his 49,000 dollar-a-year term expires in 1983, or seek a higher judicial shot. I don’t regard the decision to run and look forward to the day when I can leave to do something more meaningful. He knows he has no chance of re-election and even faces the chance of execution, in spite of the fact that he does appeal [appease] the right on occasions like he did with this youngster by se– sentencing him to 70 years of age– 70 years. That’s a heavy sentence for a 16-year-old. So he’s trying to window dress to appear like a good communist, but he’s inconsistent, like on the matter of gun control and so forth. He’s really playing all ends to try to get something done. But unfortunately, when you use certain tactics, you become a part of those tactics. His great unfulfilled objective, he said, is seek– seeing laws used to benefit people whom he knows to be victimized by crime, to get corrupt people who sit on benches or in prosecutors’ offices. It’s exciting he’s– to think what might happen if we could prosecute properly.

Well, that’s a communist judge who won’t last long in Detroit. And it is interesting that Detroit does have more communist sym– sympathies, though it is still under a fascist Uncle Tom sellout mayor [Coleman Young], but there are more blacks in Detroit than anywhere, so you can get by with a little more than you could in ordinary places.

Study your news now, go back over back news. We’ve got to show a good– good standing. You gotta know your Russian well, you gotta be able to stand up and say Chinese and Russian, all those language, Swahili for “peace,” they should be written on the blackboard, same in Portuguese, same in German, the same in Spanish and all other languages, Chinese, Russian, and Swahili. If there’s another language – French – I believe that was all. All those – Italian, too – I want them all up there so you can have them on a slip, if you were called on, you could answer those in languages. It will impress people and will cause others to copu– cooperate with this great model of socialism, and emulate it around the world and get support for it, and strengthen our possibilities, if worse came to worse, of having a haven in a paradise o– in the Soviet Union.

Much love. Much love, and I want to see a lot of studying now in the library. Be in there fast and furious tonight. I’m asking it because of all these people coming tomorrow. That’s why we have to have a great deal of pressure. And I want a great deal of pressure on cleaning up that playground, everything. Trying to– m– m– we haven’t had too much rain, s– rake off the mud as much as you can in the dry, so everything will look as attractive as possible. And I’m counting on teachers, I’m counting on medical people, public service union, and inspectors to be responsible for this place being in apple pie order, because if we win this, the next few days, the sky’s the limit for you, darlings. That’s why I’m pushing. Knowledge and work. Thank you, and I love you.


Part 3:

Jones: Attention, attention. Due to the fact it was not taped, and I want all to get this message. Due to Kay Nelson, black, and Charlie Touchette, white, both came from prejudicial backgrounds against people of different colors, they have been doing fantastic teamwork in Georgetown, already got us a 33,000 dollar clear order. And we can make more. I know Ruby [Carroll] and her team will push even faster. You can budget exactly how much time that it will take. Three thousand of those beautiful Mickey Mouses will make us 3000 co– j– just selling them to Guyana stores. Anything we sell privately, we could cu– we’d cut out the middle person. But we’re taking this order because it’ll be impressive to the government and will make us 33,000 dollars.

So please, all of you, put your inge– ingeniousness together on things that can be made. Several have, like that folding chair. To me, that has ideal opportunities. And uh, the brooms. We need to uh– Remind, by the way, 8R1, our radio staff tomorrow, to check very pointedly about those brooms, the buckets that uh, were made by Ken [Norton, aka Richard Grubbs]. Also, I want [to] urge you, you must – I’m saying this over because I didn’t tape it – you’ve got to get in there as early, or tonight if you can’t sleep, it’s the only time I’ve asked you to ha– infringe upon your rest, study those Chinese, Russian, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese – I think I may have missed one – French, greetings of peace and good will. You’ve got to have the right answers on the People’s National Congress being our party, it’s a non-aligned nation, and we stand for non-alignment. When we– When the Russians come, we tell them how much we identify with all Soviet positions, how loyal we are. That still doesn’t take away from a non-aligned position. The Soviets often encourage non-alignment, when there’s dangers from fascists surrounding them.

As you know, this is a tricky business. We believe this man is sincere. He would have to be gotten out tonight to get here, because he was terrified. He feels they already know something, and that’s possible that we have another agent in our Temple. That’s why Marceline [Jones] and Hue [Fortson] and uh, Paula [Adams] and Terri Buford need to get back there. And Leona [Collier] needs a rest from over-taxation, Jean Brown and also Sandy [Bradshaw] and June [Crym]. So we have to do this. We’ve got a way of getting free tickets, due to the remarkable connection that we have here in Guyana, so some of it won’t cost us anything. If it did, we couldn’t afford it.

Now if you see any problems, any of you, in any of the people I selected to go, tell me about it. Hue Fortson, Paula Adams, Marceline, and uh, Terri Buford. My own opinion, they have proven to be steady and competent, but they’ll have to work harder, not waste any moments, get to as many people as possible, because more and more people are becoming popular supporters now, in that they’ve heard about this conspiracy. And we– we have a whole sets of advice that I’ve given tonight on getting in contact with all of our friends, name everything except the individual until the individual is at safety. Just say, hi, businessperson. Step forward with nothing to gain, but could not stomach the thought that they were dealing with killers and mercenaries, and had read between the lines that this really was a wonderful community, because of the way I love children and senior citizens and battle for all people when they’re faced with the illegal court system that favors capitalism. I think that’s all that I said earlier. Unfortunately, they– they– they did not tape it, and I had to repeat it. No blame on them, I– I don’t even know that I made the emphasis, but automatically, ask me that, in the radio technical room, where uh– that gives me the possibility of saying whether or not I want it taped. Does anyone uh, here with me in the office uh, while I stand by for a moment, remember anything else. Over.

(Tape edit)


Part 4:

Jones: Attention, attention. Tell Joyce Touchette if she’s not listening, that the request made of Maria [Katsaris] uh, and Carolyn [Layton] from our standpoint that will help the cause even more, will be taken of. It was a wonderful productive idea. As I said, this good news of making money lowered my temperature to normal now. It is exactly normal, and it was 103. I know I could be around and be strengthening you, giving you opportunities to travel all over the world. There’s more than one nation that’s offered us sanctuary, to build our own Jonestown collective, and uh– both of those nations are quite modern, but I’m not going to ma– mention it, because there’s possibility of CI agent in our ranks. And security, be very alert. They are, believe me, I observe during the night, as I never sleep. They are. But you can’t be too alert.

Each of you take note. The minute that man comes in, I will identify him with a brisk handshake. I will hug Charles Garry, I will hug Mark Lane, a great author, Rush to Judgment. I really don’t like that concept of just clasping hands, but it’s normal, I have not met him before, so I’ll be very friendly appearing, because there’s a possibility that he’s a double agent, but not likely, because he is terrified that they will murder him, and has said so, and that they have no interest in John [Victor Stoen] at all, it was just uh– means of trying to get us to destroy ourselves because they are fearful that we have so much influence here and in such a large number. That’s how the deviate [Tim] Stoen operates. He has been proven now to be in the CIA. Jim Cobb, Deanna Mertle, and one you wouldn’t know, [David] Conn with Big Oil, Standard Oil, who was in the mess early, and people like Christine, with good ears, Christine Lucientes, listened and heard them speak of numbers that they could call of– of police officials.

So we’re– we’re on top of it. Things are moving our way. And let us be sure we beautify this place from stem to stern. I’d like to see everyone check with the m– nursery till every bare space is cleared. And as Vernetta Christian mentioned, we’ve got to do something about that playground. And others have mentioned it. We’ve got to do something to see that that playground has its weeds down. Every little thing. (Pause) You know how capitalists are, and the bi– upcoming end of the community that wants to be planted and everything looks ship– top order.

There’s little holes in those original buildings, if there’s anything we could do to even patch them over, because the light shows. Doesn’t make any difference from our care, because we get the best care in that, but those were the original buildings, and it’s too bad we didn’t have time to replace them.

We want to scrape over the mud, try to avoid taking our tractors in and out, or if we do, do it around about lane, behind the uh– oh, what do they call it, the uh– one of the small nurseries, right across from the dining room area. (Pause) So we won’t have a lot of mess, and we can clear it out and plant things everywhere, so they’ll see how valuable we consider food and contributing food to this nation and to others.

As you know – and maybe you don’t know – two handsome young Guyanese are being considered, young males, for membership tomorrow. One has been so ill that he’s had no uh– because they only had one breakfast today. Uh, both of them have suffered, but ladies, take your time, show principle, don’t open your mouth too much, praise the place highly, what has been done for it. Sooner or later, somebody will be dating the person, that’s all right. And there may be three. But we want to be sure. They’re young – 16, 17 – but CIA uses anyone. So we’ll be testing closely, but we have very good reason to believe that the two will be suitable candidates. Reason we do it? We can’t afford it, but Guyana will feel better about us because some people have given the attitude that uh, (pause) you know, well, Jonestown, Americans don’t want to uh, mingle with the Guyanese. Well, we already have Guyanese. And so, we’re going to be taking on young people, people who are not so (unintelligible word) in their ways. Some have begged to come in here and do any kind of work, and work 18 hours a day. So it ought to put us to shame. Let’s build our ranks and crews, and I won’t hinder if we do sometime feel that by necessity that we want to go to that one beautiful nation, the USSR, or another lovely nation, equally lovely, equally modern, they will be able to go also, because they will be of uh– of age, and it can be worked out anyway.

But Guyana’s our home. We want to help build it here, and we’re bringing the eyes of the world on Guyana. I just want something in case we need it. The talk of the news this minute is very frightening. It– A real nuclear talk. If it’s nuclear war, we’ll be here, and we’ll be safe. But in the meantime, we would like freedom from harassment, so our leader could not have to spend every night up worrying about details, and so many of his secretaries. It takes us all night on these damn radios. All night long. I wanted to get that across, to appeal to you to pick up– I still had to pick up so much today, and I was feverish, very feverish. In fact, no business, and my joints were stiffened from whatever virus it is. I know I’ve healed the cancer in me, but there’s something else, and it’s taking great deal of toll. I have high blood pressure, but I’m going to be around a long while, particularly when I keep getting news like that, that there is three– 30,000 dollars– 33,000 dollars made for this community by three hun– 3000 dolls. Go to work, dear ones, make as many as you can, because if that one Guyana store that is socialistic and owned by the government, they usually don’t pay as much uh– naturally so, because they want to balance uh, payments and have profits to share equally amongst the people. But if you could think of anything else you can make that we can sell privately, but we’ve already given our deadline goal. It was October thirty-first, as I recall, and we want those three thousand– and we’re ordering plastics, I just did, to secure them, so we’ll have that, 33,000. That should cause everyone to feel gratitude in their heart of hearts. I love you so much. I (unintelligible as voice fades)–


Part 5:

Jones: Attention, attention. I appreciate already receiving some suggestions about the four that’ve been sought and approved thus far to go to the United States. Some of you have written in different opinions, not reflecting on the morals or the character of any. Some however have reflected that it should be one of my sons. That would be a great mistake, because that person would not possibly avoid the kind of conspiracy we have to be set up, or to be kidnapped for ransom. Marceline is a senior like myself, m– middle years. It’s much easier if you run into any legal kind of set-ups. The courts are always more easily. And she and I have a pact, if any of those types of things arise, but to put my sons in that capacity would seem foolhardy to me. I appreciate those of you that think that they would give the best trust, and that I don’t doubt, but I don’t see putting my children there, unless some of you have a legal insight, don’t hesitate to argue with me, and only two have written up, and they wrote up very good points, about person’s willingness to take criticism and so forth, so I want you to write. You are the people, and we believe in the voice of the people governing us, so put more in the suggestion box tonight again, ‘cause we unlock it every so often and pick out any suggestion that is there. Please continue with that process, because time is running out. Otherwise I wouldn’t be talking uh, at this hour of the night. But I have to get this situation taken care of soon, and I hope that all of you understand and appreciate that. I wouldn’t interrupt your sleep otherwise. That’s why I said, you ought to burn the midnight oil, to learn Russian and Chinese– Russian as a language, more Russian than anything, but we don’t tell the outside that we’re studying more Russian than we are Chinese, and that we study Portuguese, Spanish and German, as well as Swahili, and it seems Italian and some other nation I have forgotten. (Pause) What languages? Stand by, I’ll ask one of the operators here.

Attention, attention, attention. Margarita [Davis] – Margaret, as we call her, Maria – will also be showing us Greek on the blackboard. This is to be written in the morning, so we can give the phrases of “I greet you in peace” or “We want peace” in Greek, Spanish, the native language of our forefathers and mothers, Swahili. Jack Barron the chemist will help us correctly, and Johnny Senior [Johnny Moss Brown], my son, with German, French, a phrase in French. Some of them are very short, but we want to study, and we tell people that come in, that we study all languages, and of course, we study Chinese, and you have those phrases surely by now, and Russian. That’s why I would like for some of you to spend this midnight oil, because it’s getting so close. The first of our delegation come tomorrow. The Woman’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement come tomorrow, as well as (pause) our– our eminent attorney, Carl, uh, Charles Garry, and then the provocateur in the past who has now said he is afraid for his life and can’t go along with their senseless plans of murder. I emphasize again, you don’t go up and start conversation with any, say– you can wave, you can smile, you can (pause) say all kinds of good things, be sure to stress, you wouldn’t live any other place, you wouldn’t go back to USA for anything, but this will be important that we have our education clearly down, down pat. So I urge you, urge all of you, to please study more than you usually would, study the back pages of the news. It is very essential. News over the past weeks, so I can ask questions, maybe you– you could volunteer, and Ava [Jones], and I’ll say Paula who’s there could pre-arrange the questions I would ask some people that might be a little more complicated. It’s very important, although some of you will be getting special honors and bonuses of time off for those that answer the questions, so we will not strict– strictly follow that guideline. We want to be spontaneous, but certain complicated questions, as to the ma– the major enemies as communists see it, we could put that, if this conspic– this conspirator’s there, as communists see it, we could say the major enemies, and then the intricate things of world news, the history of African nations, some of that should be arranged for a special person to respond, and I should know in advance who that will be. That’ll be only a short time of it, that you take your written test, that you all must do, for uh, (Pause) the uh– because the life goes on as usual. But then some others will get extra bonus for standing up.

Those that passed last week’s test don’t have to take one. We would appreciate your getting a bonus, though, so that’ll mean you don’t take an– another written test, and the bonus tests are much easier for people who listen at all. However, you are not responsible to take any test, but anyone that wants to volunteer and suggestions of complication questions that shows immense amounts of theory and understanding, would be deeply appreciated.

Again, I say I’m sorry to have to talk at this hour of the night, but people ought to be reviewing the news everywhere. My temperature’s up again, because– for a moment, I got a great relief from Kay Nelson and Charlie Touchette making 33,000 dollars for us, and the beautiful people here under Ruby, working with Ruby, that have made it possible. All of us must come up with more ideas. We want to remind the headquarters, if the brooms, if– would not be worthwhile for us to sell. If we could get a cost analysis, of what it cost [to] make them and then a price contrast.

I’m sure we can make it. We must, and then we can free all the people. Some of your family members have called the Temple already. We don’t have the list with us, they’ve not sent it down, who have been hostile, wanting to move to Guyana, and there’re literally hundreds of people who have never in our church, black and sometimes white, not to mention the uh, people in prison, I’m talking about ordinary citizens who are begging to come here, including a very famous, outstanding Disciple of Christ pastor in Sacramento. People are seeing the handwriting on the ra– on the wall, but we’ve got to make money so we can decrease crowding and put more food on the table, but we should be thankful to eat at all, when this little boy that’s coming in, that we’re going to bring into community tomorrow, it looks like, if everything goes right, he only had one meal a day, a breakfast of bread and some sort of rice. So one meal, that’s all he had, and he said, this is uh, such a wonderful place, and he never asked to come. And that’s why I feel he would– they say the handsome lad, I’ve not seen him personally. Both of them are. And this gives an opportunity for us to balance out male versus females, so that they can be sure that everyone here will have a companion, and that we will grow, because we must grow. That’s our absolute duty, to grow, but clear– all intentions of pregnancy must be cleared for– from me, because I have to deal with the budget. If we have a few more ventures like Kay and Charlie Touchette did, getting us a 33,000 clear cut contract, it actually was 54,000, and I’m not sure we can’t beat, uh, knowing Ruby and her staff, a cost of seven dollars and a half to make them. But it’s a 54 dollar– 54,000 gross, and 33,000 net.

Thank you very much, and much love. I’d like to see some more people burning the midnight oil, to study that tape, you all have to know that tape, on the right answers to people when they ask you questions. So let’s be listening to it heavily, and I must demand that tomorrow morning, the first thing, that we start planning all the areas that still look messy or muddy or barren, and we mu– uh, clean up everything and particularly, everybody must have a flyswatter tomorrow, or we shall walk up to you and you shall go immediately to Public Services. Keep this on your mind and heart. This will be replayed with a– with my morning news, which will come on at the usual time. Thank you, and much love.

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2016