Tim Stoen Publishes Marked For Death

stoenMarked for Death: My War with Jim Jones the Devil of Jonestown, a memoir by former Temple attorney Timothy O. Stoen, was published at the end of 2015. As the author describes the book on Amazon:

“It is a first-hand account of my experiences as his attorney, enemy, and postmortem target. It is also a modern, tribal version of an age-old story: ‘Power tends to corrupt,’ said Lord Acton, ‘and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'”

Now a prosecuting attorney in Mendocino County in northern California, Stoen granted an interview to the Ukiah Daily Journal as part of its December 13, 2015 description of the book.

This book was reissued with a new cover, amplifications, new photographs, and back-cover endorsements, under the title Love Them to Death in March 2017.

Among the reviews of the book:

  • An undated description of the book on Booklife includes several interviews from the Amazon website.

Two additional reviews appear in this edition of the jonestown report:

Tim Stoen also discusses the book and his experience with Jim Jones in a youtube video filmed at the men’s breakfast in Fort Bragg in February 2016.