Website News and Archive Reports

  1. 07-audio-tapesPeoples Temple Collection at San Diego State University Growing Stronger, by Robert Ray
  2. Project translates Jonestown documents into Spanish (Un proyecto para la traducción al Español de los documentos de Jonestown), by Luis Ángel González Rocha
    1. A reflection on Ann Elizabeth Moore and Carolyn Moore Layton (Una reflexión en torno a Ann Elizabeth Moore y Carolyn Moore Layton), by Luis Ángel González Rocha

In addition to the articles above, two online articles about the Alternative Considerations website were published within the last year, including:

  • The Unanswerable Questions of Jonestown, by Rick Paulas, Pacific Standard Magazine, October 20, 2015, considers some of the records released to the Jonestown Institute under the Freedom of Information Act, as well as the questions which will never be answered.
  • Archivists of Tragedy, also by Rick Paulas, Kernel Magazine, May 8, 2016 reports on the tapes collected by the Jonestown Institute and the process of transcribing them, as well as the story of the site and its directors.