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(Tape begins with slow speed speech; unintelligible)

Jones: Guyana government gets IMF stamp of approval with forty-six million dollars in aid. The International Monetary Fund has given a stamp of approval to the Guyanese government of Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, with the announcement last month of financial assistance totaling forty-six thousand, eight hundred Guyanese. Forty-six thousand– rather forty-six million, eight hundred thousand. (Pause) Forty-six point eight million. I’ll get it correct here. I’ve been up all night. U.S. eighteen point four million. The IMF aid, the result of a long process of investigation and resistance by the Guyanese government to intrusions in their financial– in their banking affairs– (Pause) be a long pa– as I said, a– after this long results of this process (Pause) of investigation into the financial health of the country also was expected to be announced after last July’s referendum. The only surprise was that quantum, but the indications are the– that the more IMF– that more IMF aid will be forthcoming in a year– in a year’s time, provided the Guyanese government is able to meet the conditions laid down. Guyana is looking for all sorts of other areas of agreement. At this very hour, Doctor G– Doctor Ptolemy Reid, our good friend and deputy prime minister, is in Moscow because the Guyanese government has said they will never go through what Jamaica has gone through and be victims of outside influence. Fortunately, the difference between Jamaica and Guyana, nearly ninety percent of all of the land belongs to the government and is expropriated for the people.

The major conditions for IMF assistance include a five percent real growth, slashing the balance of payments deficit from twenty-three percent to ten percent, increasing the public sep– sector surplus from seventy-six thousand to s– one hundred and thirty million, and reducing the foreign commercial debt from one hundred million to seventy-five million. The government will receive, first, nineteen and a half million from the IMF in the form of a one-year standby credit to assist the administration in bringing about economic stability, and later, another twenty-seven point three million under the IMF’s c– com– compensary– compensatory financing facility to meet shortfalls in the 1977 export. Also, it’s been reported that they have not been so quick to hand out money to Guyana as they were Jamaica, is because Jamaica was much more gracious in their allowances for the multinationals to operate inside Jamaica, whereas Guyana has not allowed any ma– ma– multinational to operate inside this country.

Prior to the announcements, Guyana was owing the IMF about seventy and– point two million. Prime Minster Forbes Burnham, speaking at a press conference within days of the IMF agreement, said that as a result of the IMF assistance, investments for three major drainage and irrigation projects costing some three hundred and thirty-nine s– three hundred ninety-seven million are assured and since the local cost element are now provided for. The prime minister said that the target set for economic recovery and for socialist development were stringent and hard, but not at all impossible. And he gave his absolute assurance that they were much the same as those set by the government itself in building socialist self-sufficiency. He said we will not become the tool of any nation or any fa– financial block. Obviously conscious of the– what happened in the case of Jamaica when it failed to meet the IMF, Jamaica also was a socialist country, I guess a socialist-de– democratic government, you might say, social democracy. Obviously, Dr. Burnham, conscious of what happened in the case of Jamaica’s uh, situation when it failed to meet the IMF conditions before getting a two-hundred and forty million I– IMF loan last July, Prime Minister Burnham told the press that his government had no intention of allowing the country to suffer embarrassment and humiliation, or in any way have to get on their knees to the capitalist world again, which could rise if the targets were not met, thus placing the IMF standby credit in jeopardy. Thus far, news has it on the grapevine that Guyana has not taken the second small, uh, phase of the uh, IMF, and it is rumored, which we cannot tell– all we know that Doctor Reid is in Moscow trying to work out some arrangement at this very moment. He is in Moscow at this very moment trying to work out some arrangement whereby they won’t have to depend on IMF at all.

Anyway, the government’s parliamentary opposition, led by Dr. Cheddi Jagan, of the People’s Progressive Party– Remember the parties. The People’s National Congress is the party, uh, that is in power. Our prime minister is Forbes Burnham. The deputy prime minister who’s been a very good friend and chairman of the policy– party is the People’s National Congress. Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s People’s Progressive Party sees the IMF agreement as being a trap for a government which, in spite of its socialist intentions, remains uh– will become heavily indebted to the capitalist system and which will also be guilty of gross economic mismanagement if they accept this. However, as I say, I know a little bit more about what’s happening, at this stage anyway than uh, does the opposition. According to Dr. Jagan, with the Guyana dollar devalued in real terms– and this we will be told of, we were told the moment it– it would happen and we know that’s going to happen all over the world. Dr. [Vibert] Mingo told us that. Our good friend. According to Dr. Jagan, with the Guyana dollar soon to be devalued in real terms before the IMF agreement, because of the shrinking U.S. dollar to which it is linked. Do you how– you that think U.S.A. is so powerful, here is a little Third World nation, even though it’s the most fertile, eighty-three thousand square miles, only seven hundred thousand people live on it, the most rich place to live in the entire world, but yet economically a very small nation. How much value has the Guyanese dollar lost to U.S. dollar? Well, I’ll tell you how much. The dollar was and is presently worth two dollars and fifty-seven cents. In a short time, in a matter of days, the dollar will be worth two dollars and fifteen cents. That’s how valuable your money is in U.S. That’s how effective the capitalist system is working. Not working very well, when Guyanese currency becomes almost– (stumbles over words) if it keeps it up, it’ll be on equal par. And with no real growth in GN– gross national product over the past seven years, the IMF has clearly placed the Guyanese people under a more severe strain in order to meet its own criteria for economic development. The opposition parliament did credit the prime minister for being careful not to allow multinationals that usually go hand in hand with the IMF to gain a foothold in Guyana. The 1977 World Bank Atlas on production, per capita product and growth rate listed Guyana’s GNP per capita real at one point five percent for the 1960-75 period and a mere one point period– (Pause) one point period and a mere one point– percent between 1970 and ‘75. During the same period, population growth declined from an annual two point one percent to one point nine percent.

However, while the opposition was reciting the spiraling cost of living, Prime Minister Burnham was the– was working rapidly and showing that his government was taking all necessary measures to ensure that we achieve our targets and ensure sustained growth of the economy. It has been courageous indeed that our prime minister has banned certain foods from the U.S.A. and certain luxury items and told us to be self-sufficient, because if we were dependent upon U.S. economy, the same thing could be done to us that was done to Cuba when the U.S.A. put a total economic boycott around that beautiful free nation.

Meanwhile, the 1977 Bank of Guyana report released around mid-last month disclosed that the public sector had failed to increase profits to any considerable degree la– last year and that total economic output would be no more than a gain of two percent.

It is a tough time. And we know that, and we are in that struggle with Guyana. Some of the brave nations. Mozambique has IMF, and they certainly have been brably– bravely resisting the terrible Union of South Africa and the U.S.-equipped planes from Ian Smith’s treacherous illegal regime of Rhodesia. And the same with Zambia. Zambia has certainly been an ally to the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Not once have they failed to give complete support to the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, even though they have had their own villages bombed out every day of this week. They continue to give support, refuge and asylum to the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, which are the only true leaders of that country that the Man wants to call Rhodesia but the Africans proudly call Zimbabwe. (Pause)

Uh, stand by. I have a question that’s come up.

Six hundred kilometers from Tehran, Ira– Iran was totally destroyed by earthquake. The water and electricity supplies were cut off. Houses simply collapsed. According to the government spokesman, eighty-five percent of the twelve-thousand population are either dead or injured. A convoy of trucks and organized troops were dispatched to the area, along with five planeloads of supplies and a sixty field bed hospital. Because of the rough terrain and the damage to the road, there are doubts of how much will be able to get through. The Shah of Iran has declared three days of national mourning for the catas– for the catastrophe. The Shah didn’t need an act of nature working against him. There are reb– r– rebellion – I never liked to call people struggling for their rights “rioters” – there are rebellions in nearly every city of Iran. It has gotten in to the hundreds of thousands. There were a hundred thousand people that attempted to meet Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] from China to show their disapproval for uh, uh– Chairman Hua of the People’s Republic of China for having anything to do with the dread Shah of Iran, who– his, by the way, his secret police were trained directly by our CIA.

The Camp David summit talks are in their fifteenth day and final day. President [Jimmy] Carter met Sunday morning with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat as the eleven-hour negotiations continued without pause. A spokesperson said there were intensive discussions with and among all three delegations who are illegally deciding the fates of nations that are not even participants. He said Carter expects to meet with Israel Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin sometime this afternoon. Carter met with Begin Saturday evening for almost four and a half hours. How the summit talks will end still remens– remains in uncertainty. For thirteen days now, the three leaders have been seeking a framework for peace that will guide future negotiations, but the goal, so far, has eluded their grasp. However, there was a late news report – not clear because there’s too much static – that Carter and Begin did reach some proposal. I hope it’s not the proposal that they will establish a U.S. Air Force base that U.S.A. openly admitted that they had had intentions of doing so and the Soviet Union said that they would find intolerable.

We will give you the news as we hear it, ‘cause I know some of your radios don’t come in very clear.

John Vorster, dictator of Union of South Africa, apartheid regime where our brothers and sisters live in camps that are worse than chicken coops and have to walk miles from the cities, degraded when they do work for the Man, in the city, then walk the streets. Now it looks as if the U.S. has planted neutron bombs there. What possible reason would they have for that bomb, that they proudly call the “nigger bomb”? The Air Force does. Anyway, John Vorster is expected to resign this week. The report says Mr. Vorster, who was hospitalized earlier this month for exhaustion and bronchitis, will retire for reasons of health. There is speculation that he will become prime minister in 1966. Observers say that the race for his successor is now down to four men, the defense minister [P.W. Botha], the African affairs minister [Petrus Cornelius Mulder, Minister of Interior Affairs], the foreign minister [Pik Botha], and the mines minister. However, for your information, it makes little difference, because the U.S. mumi– multinational corporate elite continue to control our brothers and sisters, black, brown and Asian, living in pure hell every day, every hour of their life. We should work. We should toil the fields so that we can make money, not only to save the people here, but so we can reach out and touch those that are struggling all over the world. We have conscience. That’s what we will do. It is hell what they have done. Remember the picture that we showed you the other night on the Union of South Africa with Sidney Poitier– Sidney Poitier, and how terribly, terribly unjust the conditions of South Africa are. Remember, it was said by CBS that the Union of South Africa could not be maintained one day without U.S. aid. It was found that U.S. multinationals had given billions of dollars just a few days ago, secretly, not to mention four hundred and forty-seven billion dollars that our taxes, which makes me somewhat guilty – I don’t know about you – went to that dread– that dreaded fascist regime.

Direct discussions between the South African government and the five-member western compact group on Namibia continued over the weekend. The South African foreign minister met in Pretoria with the ambassadors from the United States, Britain, France, West Germany and Canada. The five nations have helped to negotiate a UN-backed plan for Namibian independence. South Africa, while basically approving the plan itself, has objected to many of the steps considered necessary by United Nations officials to carry it out. The South African foreign minister also discussed the government objections in a telephone conversation Saturday with the British Foreign Secretary David Owen, who said they discussed a let– a letter sent to him by the foreign minister of the five western countries. But he did not disclose the letter’s contents. However, it is thought that secretly, the Union of South Africa has no intention of keeping its agreement with the union– uh, with the United Nations to turn over Namibia at the end of this year. That’s why the Soviet Union has had nothing to do with this. That’s why there were two abstentions, two that voted against this proposal, the Soviet Union and China. I mean the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, because they called it nothing more than just a mock name, just make a mockery out of people’s hopes for justice.

Southern Lebanon. For six– another six months, the fifteen-mem– member council is expected to approve the extension. UN reports also say that the council is expected to launch a new diplomatic move aimed at setting up a security system for both Israel and Lebanese Christian militia forces while restoring Lebanese government control in southern Lebanon. Meanwhile, Radio Jerusalem reports renewed overnight shelling exchange between Christian militia and Palestinian guerillas in southeast Lebanon. There are no reports of casualties.

Due to medical advice, I’m ta– taking it easy, but I want to say, we all say with a great heart, saddened heart, that a comrade of ours who seems like– to us, we’ve known him from the beginning. He fitted in– fit in to us, our community, just like a part of the family. We wish comrade Mark Lane all of our love and affection. He always has a place with us. No matter what kind of weather, whether it’s fair or foul, there’ll be a house here, and as long as we eat, he shall eat. I know all of you feel that way. We appreciate all the advice and all the help he’s given us, far more than I could begin to elaborate on at this time.

(Off mike) Black knob over here. (Calls out) Come and turn this son of a bitch off.

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–would you be use uh– I would like to say, that not only has our counselor been a legal friend to us in setting up a team that’s going to chase this conspiracy to the very highest levels of government, but he’s going to see that those who have been so devious that they even brought about the death of Chris Lewis, are exposed for the murderers they are. Not only that, he suggested security fo– for us, which the government has approved, so you’ll be seeing people with objects, and from now on, we will not have to worry about people coming in, bothering us or causing difficulties in our community. We are not going to be defenseless. That’s the assurance. We’re not to talk about that, but that’s the assurance that we’re given by government. Believe me, we will be able to take care of ourselves. Everybody that’s been here has suggested that we should be ar– ar– armed in a very sophisticated fashion. And I’m not just talking about guns. So, I thought that might ease your mind. We’ll not have any more of these situations and little games that people want to play.

We continue with the news. In Beirut, Sy– Sy– Syrian troops of the Arab deterrent force and Lebanese right-wing Christian militia held their fire.

Remember tonight is the People’s Rally, the town forum and our testing time for our current kno– knowledge of– of news and prizes for those that show their achievement in that area and in other areas of skills, particularly production. We want the analysts to bring up all production skills where people are producing. Extraordinary, because the production of a hand is no– certainly no less of important, in fact, in our situation, in many ways, it’s more important than the production of the head, though we have found the healthy and beautiful cooperation of both mind and manual labor, where we have no elite here, where all of us go and do the heavy work and take our turn. And that, certainly, is a delightful experience. There’s nothing makes one feel so good. When I– when I unloaded that wagon full of wood– that wagon wood– wagon load, oh, good lord. It was a big load, but I never had a better afternoon. Every pore in my body felt purified. Work is a good ethic. That’s one thing the Americans have always talked about, the work ethic. They’ve misused it, exploited the poor, but work is a very fun thing. The medical associations of BB– BBC in uh, one of their announcements and AMA say that they that live longer, have c– no cancer, they rarely have blindness and hardly any of the de– debilitating diseases, no arthritis, no kidney failure, none of those situations are the people that work, not just hard – get this now – strenuously. Work strenuously. And we’re in a society that tries to teach us to do everything to avoid work. Well, we certainly can say that we have a lot of beautiful seniors here who have proved what work has done. They’re lively. Their smile is always there. And let us remember to keep our smile for our neighbor. A smile we can always give. But we see people like Ever [Rejoicing], making her lovely rugs at a hundred and seven years of age, Pop Jackson always full of energy and smiles, hundred and four years, uh, making his chairs. Every day. And not in an infirmed condition. So, some of you may take note of that, the few who don’t like to do work and won’t, you are the law– you are the person that loses. But more than that, morally, let us think how much we can give to the struggle, how many people we could liberate. We have over a hundred sixty-three from the prison systems alone, begging, begging. White, black, Chicano, India– Indian, begging through church people who are our friends to please let them come over here to start a new life, that they know that they’re dead if they go out on the streets. We would like to do something about that. We adopted two fine young men yesterday, but we have limited means. It means we must work, and we will have to put more energy now than we would ordinarily, because we’ve got a lot of housing to be built. A hundred and one new houses that would’ve been built by now, if it had not been for the harassing elements of the CIA conspiracy against us.

Finishing the news. (Pause) Demonstrations numbering two hundred thousand marched through the streets here, last week, demanding a new Israeli move for peace in the Middle East on the eve of the Camp David summit huddle, which was to bring Premier Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat together with U.S. Carter. Compromise is not a dirty war– dirty word, said one of the slogans unveiled at a city hall plaza rally, where speakers denounced the Begin government’s policy of erecting new settlements in the occupied West Bank, which they said is sabotaging the peace progress. We are glad to see that there is that kind of resistance, even in Israel, to imperialist designs. Certainly been very, very evidenced. We can’t possibly write off the number of communists and socialists and trade unionists that are active in the nation of Israel.

Nestle boycott supported. Shreveport, Louisiana. An unprecedented accident– action, probably (unintelligible) an action usually when a church does this, the Presbyterian Church of the United States has become the first major religious denomination to endorse a consumer boycott of the Nestle Co– Corporation for this summer only. Well, that’s nice of them. The boycott is aimed at halting the Swiss-based company’s promotion of infant formula in Third World countries. The organizers of the boycott, a Minnesota-based group called Infant Formula Action Coalition, has charged that the company’s promotion of infant formula in Third World co– countries has resulted in malnutrition among many infants whose mothers can afford to buy some but not enough of the formula. (Unintelligible), the church’s highest governing body, called on Presbyterians and other persons of goodwill to par– to participate in the boycott and refuse to buy the Nestle products. Among the better known Nestle products are such things as Nestle chocolates and chocolate bars, Nestle Quik, Taster’s Choice coffee, Sunrise coffee, Nescafé and Nestea.

I shall hope that there is apathy that can be overcome in the United States about a number of matters. At times I wonder if the U.S. has just about gone so far asleep she can’t be woken, but miracles happen, and we shall always continue in the struggle. We’ll continue the struggle till the last moments. That’s the duty of everyone. Stand by just a moment. (Pause)

The Presidium of the Soviet Union– the Soviet people, send greetings to the participants of the World Conference against Racialism and Racial Discrimination. The cost before your conscience, said Leonid Brezhnev, Chairman of the Communist Party, are the cost of the (unintelligible) conference are close and understandably to the Soviet people. This is exactly one week after the birth of the Soviet state, a historic declaration of the rights of the peoples of the Soviet Union, laid down as the fundamental principles of the nationalist policies. The national– national– nationalist– nationality’s policy (unintelligible) of the Soviet system. The equality and the sovereignty of the people of Russia, national religious privileges and restrictions, and the free development of all the national minorities. Before equality, before the law, in the Soviet Union, the nationality’s problem has been fully resolved. Equally– (Pause) equality of citizen– citizens before the law, regardless of their nationality or race, has not only been proclaimed and laid down in the constitution, but it is affirmed and guaranteed every day by the entire way of life of socialist society and the socialist political and economic system.

And remember– It is interesting to note that Muhammad Ali and his wife [Veronica Porché Ali] went to the Soviet Union, and our good friend, who we’re going to miss so much, he was able to use us for a time. We hope it’s only a short time. Dr. Mark Lane said– (Pause) someone challenged uh, Mr. Muhammad Ali on the television about uh, him being taken in, and he said oh, you mean all those millions of ch– children that were well dressed and well-fed and all taken care of so beautifully were all just done for me, little old me? Muhammad Ali made a big joke out of it, even though he’s being harassed by, as we understand, tax investigators. Also, it’ll interest you to know that uh, that uh– Frances and uh– Frances Johnson’s going to go back to assist in getting help so we can develop this community to its fullest and then have the people here that need to be here and the worries over, the– over with. She’s discussing some very complex problems with our faithful Leona [Collier], who has worked all through the years. And of interest to you also to know that they’re going to try to get both (unintelligible name) and Muhammad Ali to visit here. Uh– If it’s possible, that would be one of the most splendid things I think that could happen to your children. But at least we’ll have to dream and we’ll have to hope. We never would’ve dreamed that we have been fortunate enouh to have such a wonderful man as Dr. Wa– uh, Mark Lane nor as Dr. Van (unintelligible). But we did. We had them. Good things have happened to us. We kept our joy and kept dancing and kept singing, and we were all alone. And you can’t imagine how much friendship was extended to us last night, the friendship taking into consideration the pressures upon us. The lawyer offered us a staff of people at a price unimaginable, a price unfortunately that others have wanted more for the month and we were strapped to the bone, and some of us have– as I said, wouldn’t even take our arthritic medicine to try to make ends meet. So, we are so grateful to have a man that cares like that, and we shall let him know. Forever and ever, our solidarity is with him, and we’ll go with him to the wall. (unintelligible word) everyone knows about Jim Jones, and (unintelligible) a soul as ever walked on the planet.

That is enough of the news for the day and (unintelligible) said I should take it a little easy, so I am. That (unintelligible word) you should also know that my blood pressure has been down one third since I (unintelligible) been here. One third. That says something, I would say. And with all great folks say that– that means she hoped and build and she promised that the people you love because I live just for the people. That’s– that’s the last of my existence. You. I’ve lost myself in you. You’re far more beautiful to live for than anything monetary or mat– uh, of a materialistic nature. I am certainly the most fortunate peop– person of all, to be able to live for so many beautiful people. So I’ll get tired, it gets rough, but I’m glad that I can be around as long as I’m needed. When– When I’m not needed, won’t bother me at all to take a step to that great beyond. Thank you so much. Much love and be sure, be sure, give my love to comrade Mark Lane. And all of you show him from the depths of your heart how mu– how warm, how deeply, deeply heartfelt our appreciation is to him.

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News. Attention. Attention. (Pause) Are we on? Lighter news for those that may remember, Charles Boyer, famous French actress [actor], secretly planned his own death. In the greatest performance of his life, Charles Boyer struggled desperately to keep his wife from learning that she was dying, while he secretly planned to take his own life as soon as she passed away. He even made elaborate pl– plans with her doctor and friends to hide the terrible truth from her, and he kept a brave smile while her horrible fate tore him apart. Then, on August 28, just two days after his beloved wife Patricia died, at the age of sixty-seven, as he clutched her hand, Boyer wrote the final act of their great love story by committing suicide. Without his wife, life was not worth living for him, confided close friend Marjorie Everett, in whose house the couple lived for the last few months. The final role for the great screen lover began just last March, when Boyer was told that his wife of 44 years had incurable colon and liver cancer, and she was sent home from the hospital to die. Mrs. Boyer’s surgeon in Scottsville– Scottsdale, Arizona, when– who asked to be named by the magazine, Times, Miss Boyer put up a very brave front for Pat when it was quite obvious that deep, deep inside, his spirit and will to live were dying along with her. Secretly he planned his own end. Looking back, there was indications everywhere that he was planning to take his own life. When the doctors gave Boyer the grim news of her impending death, the doctor firmly replied, “She’s not to know anything about it.” That’s a philosophy we find very helpful here too, because it’s brought so many, many healings to us. Mine is a powerful, powerful phenomena. You– The Soviet Union spends uh, approximately three million dollars a day on the study of the paranormal, so you can realize how important it is to have faith and keep optimism, and keep looking to the future to build societies that are liberated, where egalitarian– uh, ega– egalitarianism is the rule and not the exception. “Anyway,” recalled the surgeon, “I lied, saying the tumor was not malignant, and we’ve got it all.” Patricia’s health began to get better for a while. But Boyer and the doctor convinced her she was suffering from hepatitis. And in May, when a loving Boyer wanted to take his fa– failing wife to a trip to their apartment in Geneva, Switzerland, he and the surgeon came up with another elaborate deception. The surgeon wrote a letter to Pat’s Swiss doctor saying that the tumor was not malignant, and Boyer showed this letter to Pat. Another letter for the same doctor– by the– the same doctor was written stating Mrs. Boyer’s true condition. In the final tragic months of Patricia’s life, Boyer provided a (stumbles over words) companionship that is seldom seen in capitalism. And certainly, it is a classic example of fame, great wealth, handsome man, but the alienation of age in U.S.A. is terrible. The man had nothing at all. There was nothing left for him when he lost his wife. He preferred death than to all his– his millions could buy. Because people don’t count in United States. They’re just dollars and c– cents figures and this is a sadness. The tragedy. We happened to read about a celebrated millionaire, but how many poor people? And if the celebrated millionaire can want to commit suicide the moment his wife goes, how many people who are impoverished, who can barely feed their families, feel the same way? Charles never left her side. He was with her constantly, sleeping as little as three hours in 24, confided their close friend and personal physician, Donald K. (unintelligible name). The people who came to see her, her friends, were instructed by the– by Charles not to discuss her condition with her. He just wanted her days to be as peaceful and calm as possible, without worry. Close friend Marjorie Everett disclosed Charles spent long hours at her bedside, holding her hand, and when she felt well enough, he played gin with her as she lay in bed. In a desperate effort to raise his dying wife’s spirits, Boyer fought her– Boyer bought her at least six different types of coats, according to Everett. But in the pre-dawn hours of August 26, as the do– as the actor held her hand, Patricia passed away at 9 a.m. in Everett’s Scottsdale, Arizona home. Paralyzed by grief, Boyer did not attend his wife’s funeral, and just two days after her death, he took a fatal dose of barbiturates, as he had always planned to do. Said Mrs. Boyer’s surgeon, “He was an actor right to the ve– very end. He wrote the script, produced and directed it and in fact arranged for both of them to die with dignity.”

It’s amazing that they even print how empty American life is. [Of] Course, it’s not an American. It’s a British paper, but it is amazing that any of these stories are let out to capitalist society, or perhaps people are so lacking in literacy, they don’t realize just how empty life is, because a lot of people without socialism, without other people that love you and that you need and that need you. When we look around, we think of how many children need you and how many people are helped by each one, and how important you are to so many people, and then how important we are to the whole world struggle. We have so much to live for, that we don’t die based just on one person’s passing. But it’s amazing that more Americans with the emptiness of the material life don’t follow suit with this famous actor Charles Boyer.

Stand by. (Pause)

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–be helpful to millions of people across the world. More relaxed and peace with the world, say two experts. One out of every four American men, women and children is a victim of minor calcium deficiency which can lead to headaches, dizzy– (Tape edit) –relax or sleep, warns Dr. W. M. Ringsdorf Jr., co-author of the best seller, Cycle Dietetics. Why nervousness, irritability, and other such nervous disorders can result from muscle tension which can result from calcium deficiency. And, of course, the writer said, many immediately when reading the article will bring all their psychosomatic and imaginary diseases to mind or their de– imaginary complaints to mind. But it’s a rather interesting article. But taking calcium can replace certain drugs, such as tranquilizers, aspirin and sleeping pills, declared Dr. Ringsdorf, associate professor in the Department of Oral Medicine at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. If you feel down, at odds with the world, take a calcium pill instead of drugs or tranquilizers, he said. It will make you feel just as contented and happy. Calcium deficiency can indeed cause problems, agreed Dr. Richard (unintelligible) of Westlake Village, California. Many Americans may suffer from problems associated with minor calcium deficiencies. Irritability, sometimes insomnia, the ability– the inability to relax, grumpiness, all of these can be caused by minor calcium deficiencies Dr. (Unintelligible) said. The average American diet is too high in phosphorous and too low in calcium, elements which should be balanced on a one-to-one basis, he explained. The current American diet has an average rate of calcium to phosphorous of one to four. He said the results from a low intake of milk and a high intake of foods, high in the phosphorous and low in calcium, such as the meat, grains, carbonated soft drinks. To find out if you’re deficient in calcium, simply calculate your daily calcium intake from tables la– available at health food stores and book stores. We’ll get such a– we’ll get such a– a table so that you can judge yours. You should be taking in about twelve hundred milligrams of calcium a day. That can be done by a lot of crushed bones. That’s the way it’s suggested here and uh, the bones of all sorts of animals. Well, if that’s what it takes to get strength, (Laughs) a person should look into the matter. You should be taking in about twelve hundred milligrams of calcium a day, Dr. Ringsdorf explained. You can help balance your calcium-phosphorous ratio by taking calcium either in a tablet or in foods high in calcium, such as greens, broccoli, all the leafy green vegetables, and dairy products. The commonly thought that dairy products is the highest, it is not the highest in calcium.

So, we always like to read these health news and copy or experiment in our herbal kitchen and chem-lab to see if there isn’t something of merit for us, because one thing we want is a high standard of living. We certainly have the highest standard of caring, but we want to develop a high standard of living, because many of our people have suffered a long, long time it seems. Sometimes it seems that this wonderful happening to us, this uh, marvelous experience of having Mark to come and visit us. It is just too good to be true, because for so long, all we could hear were the liars tearing at us like wolves would tear at a sheep, and there was nothing, not a thing we could do, it seemed, because even our newspaper friend, the reporters– the reporters that knew what we were, that knew what kind of people that– that we were, and the publisher even said, “No. I couldn’t touch it. If I did, I’d be fired.” But now we have a brave man who’s going to touch it, and he’s going to touch it wherever it leads. And you can know now that you’ve got reason to have more hope than you ever had. So, look up and be very thankful for our good friend who has come through to assist us so extensively. Comrade. He has been so precious to us that I’m at the loss for words. But we say again, we salute you, Comrade Mark Lane, and give our salute also to your assistant, your investigator, Don Freed. Greetings. Greetings, and I’ll try to get a little rest, and I have more peace in my mind before my rest than I’ve had in years. And that’s the God’s truth. Thank you, and much, much love to all of you. Let– (tape edit)

–and try to build things up to show our appreciation. And give some of those that are on our list, the hundred and sixty, a chance to have freedom. Some of those letters have tears on them. Tears. You can hardly read the print. Begging for an opportunity. Some said they would work twenty hours a day and we, of course, have to tell them that we must take people in line. It ought to be surely in our heart, the desire to do as the ladies are over there with the dolls, make everything we can, so– because Guyana is open, absolutely the only nation left that’s open to real colonization, because they have fewer inhabitants than they do fertile ground. It’s a perfect place to settle, and it’s so vital that we show our love for others in the struggle that we always have this place. [If] Anyone gets in difficulty in the struggle, there’s no extradition. They can’t be sent back, so that we have this haven for them. So, let us all show our love, our gratitude, our appreciation by work. Thank you very much.

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Tape originally posted March 2017