Boxx Family Tree

Willie Boxx ƒ
Mattie Lee Thompson ƒ
Verdella Boxx Duncan
Walter Duncan ç
Sonje Regina Duncan Downs
Jackie Colbert *
Ebony Patrice Duncan
Tyrone Duncan *
Dorothy Lee Boxx Daniel ƒRichard Brown ƒ
Charles Wesley Williams
Melvin Johnson *
Wanda Kice Johnson * (see also, Kice family)
Sharon Denise Johnson
Steve Nathaniel Daniel Jr. ƒ
Betty Leon Daniel
Steve Nathaniel Daniel III
James Boxx ƒ
Eural Boxx ƒ
Willie Boxx ƒ
Patsy Boxx ƒ
Jewel Boxx ƒ
Peter Holmes (John Harris)
Shirletha Holmes ƒ
Philip Holmes ƒ
Mark Holmes ƒ
Sharon Holmes ƒ
Lonnie Shelton Holmes ƒ
Barbara Jean Boxx ƒ
Rosetta Boxx ƒ
Veatta Boxx ƒ

The key for symbols and colored type in these Family Trees appears here.

Originally posted on August 13th, 2017.

Last modified on October 28th, 2020.
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