Articles, the jonestown report, 2017

Eddoe Harvesting in Jonestown
(Photo courtesy California Historical Society)
  1. The Women of Peoples Temple, by Catherine Abbott
  2. Casting off the Material Body, by E. Black
    1. Addendum: The Peace Mission Announces the Transcendence of Mother Divine
  3. Jim Jones and the Malachi 4 Prophecy of Elijah, by John Collins
  4. Digital Jonestown: Annotating an American Tragedy, by Brad Crowell
    1. Digital Jonestown: A Syllabus
  5. The Black Preacher From Indiana: The Reverend Jim Jones and the Rise and Fall of Peoples Temple, by Nicholas Mullins
    1. Bringing Socialism into Religious Teachings: The Origin of a Paper
  6. “You Don’t Know How Hard It Is To Be God”: Rev. Jim Jones’ Blueprint for Nurture Failure, by James L. Kelley
  7. The Death of Robert H. Houston, Jr., by Kenneth A. Odell
  8. Jim Jones: Purveyor of Fake News, by Bonnie Yates
  9. Masses of Mass Suicide, by Erica Guthrie
  10. Jonestown Massacre, by Daysha Edfors
  11. Jonestown Victims Died of Murder, by Jakob Harrison
  12. A Reckoning: Five Examinations of Tim Carter’s Essay, by Taylor Black
    1. A Lost Narrative: The Reception of the Jonestown Tragedy in the Modern Psyche, by Ian Chen
    2. Outside the Ring: Humanity in Tragedy, by Brad Davis
    3. Identity’s Savior, by Cameron Fachman
    4. A Capitalist America, by Jasmine Hia Sin Che
    5. In the Wrong Hands, by Deakon McCurdy