Man Claims Jonestown Parentage

As Sean Michael McGavic leads off every discussion about his search for his birth parents, he has always known he was adopted. The fact that he didn’t know who his parents were didn’t bother him as a child or as a young man: he grew up with loving adoptive parents, and “always felt comfortable being adopted.”

In more recent years, however, he has been on a quest to locate his birth parents, sifting through thousands of hospital, police, and court records, but doesn’t have much to show for it. He believes he came from the St. Petersburg, Florida area, that he was born on October 8, 1978, and that the adoption placement was through Catholic Social Services. Beyond that, all he has been told is that he “wouldn’t be able” to find out who his parents were.

More recently, in the course of going through his “baby book,” McGavic “discovered pages filled with newspaper clippings regarding the Jim Jones cult mass murder suicide — which occurred in November 1978 in Guyana.” As NBC Dateline, which has been following McGavic’s quest, notes, it is odd that the clippings would be included in a baby book, unless there were some reason. “[T]heir presence has offered some tantalizing clues – including the possibility that Sean is an infant survivor” of the Jonestown tragedy

“Sean McGavic’s baby book also includes notes from a doctor in Argentina he cannot locate.” For those reasons, he believes his parents may have been members of Peoples Temple and died in Jonestown.

McGavic’s search is continuing. Any readers of the jonestown report who believe they might have information which would aid in his search are urged to contact him at