Searches, Remembrances & Reflections

  1. The Searches
    1. MaryLou, Our Secret Sister, by Mike Higgins
    2. The Aunt I Never Knew, by August Silverstein
    3. The Profound Loss, The Profound Conversation, by Pete Wypyszinski
    4. Man Claims Jonestown Parentage
      1. Were Sean’s Parents in Jonestown? An Analysis, by Fielding M. McGehee III
  2. Remembrances
    1. A Glimpse into the Life of Phyllis Tuttle Houston, by Kenneth A. Odell
    2. Memories of My Best Friend, Robert Houston, Jr., by Kenneth A. Odell
    3. Edith Roller Goes to College, by Brad Crowell
  3. Reflections
    1. The United States of Jonestown, Alive and Well, by Kathryn (Tropp) Barbour
    2. Jim Jones, MK-ULTRA Poster Child?, by Kathryn (Tropp) Barbour
    3. Our Own Worst Enemy, by Charles W. Johnson
    4. Change and the Chameleon That Was Jim Jones, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    5. What Does it Mean to be a “Survivor”?, by Laura Johnston Kohl
      1. Letter from Leslie Wagner-Wilson
      2. Letter from Yulanda D.A. Williams
      3. Reply from Laura Johnston Kohl
    6. Only the Survivor Activists “Get” Me, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    7. Laura Johnston Kohl and the Politics of Peoples Temple, by Joseph L. Flatley