Serial 1681-23

[Editor’s note: This FD-302 interview with Edith Bogue appears two different places, as part 1 of Serial 1578 and as part 23 of Serial 1681, the FBI’s 387-page report of January 12, 1979. While each version of the interview had unique deletions – designated by blue type – in neither interview was the subject identified. The deleted information which is known to the editor is indicated by red type.

[This section of Serial 1681 covers page 274-291 of the FBI Report of January 12, 1979.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 1/2/79

[Name deleted] [Edith Elizyabeth Bogue] was met at Pam American Hangar 17, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA). She was advised of the identities of the interviewing Special Agents (SAS) [names deleted] and [name deleted] United States Secret Service, and of the nature of the inquiry. At this time, she advised that a member of their group, one [name deleted] has made arrangements for an Attorney, Joseph Blatchford to be on hand at JFKIA and that she would be willing to be interviewed only after being advised to do so by the attorney.

[Name deleted] entered the area where [Edith Bogue] was located and advised her that he had met with Attorney Blatchford and that Blatchford advised that he and the others be fully cooperative in answering all questions asked by law enforcement officials. At this point, Supervisory SA [name deleted], Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), advised [Edith Bogue] that if she still desired to talk with the attorney, he would take her to where the attorney was located. [Edith Bogue] declined and advised she was now willing to be interviewed and would be fully cooperative. [Edith Bogue] thereafter provided the following information:

She first became aware of the Reverend Jim Jones while living in Redwood Valley, California, in February 1968. Her husband, [Jim Bogue] had attended some of Jones’ services and was impressed with this Church.

Later in 1968, [Jim and Edith Bogue] joined Reverend Jones’ Church. At the time they joined the Church, the [line deleted] in Redwood Valley, California. Although a member of the Church, [Edith Bogue] retained ownership of this home until 1976, when it was deeded to the Church. In [date deleted] [July 1974] [Jim Bogue] went to Guyana to help in the early development at Jonestown. Also in [several words deleted] went to Guyana with Reverend Jones.

It was not until [Released in Serial 1681-23: July of 1977, that] [Edith Bogue] decided to go to Jonestown. Prior to her departure from

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BQ 89-495

the United States of America (USA), she was shown on several occasions photo slides of Jonestown and was told by other members of the Peoples Temple (PT) that it was like heaven on earth. Living conditions were described as being excellent and every family was said to have their own cottage. [Edith Bogue] was still reluctant to go to Jonestown. At the time [she was] [line deleted related to her children] and most of them desired to go to Jonestown. They were unable to go without her agreeing to accompany them. She finally agreed to go to Jonestown in July of 1977.

Upon arrival in Jonestown, she discovered that she had been misled as to the living conditions in Jonestown. Families did not live together, but were separated, as she lived in a cottage with 14 other adults.

Although she was married to [Jim Bogue], she received permission from Reverend Jones to live with [Harold Cordell].

[Edith Bogue] worked as [occupations deleted] at Jonestown. The regular working day consisted of 11 or more hours of work and then usually a meeting in the evening. Food consisted of rice and gravy, sometimes soup and almost never any type of meat.

After arriving at Jonestown, she was convinced that the only way out of there was death. Reverend Jones often told them that the roads to Jonestown were all one way leading in. The only time she spent away from Jonestown was approximately six weeks approximately six months ago. She was assigned to be a [driver] in Georgetown for a group of visitors. During this entire six week period, she was not allowed to talk to anyone in the visiting party. Also during the entire time she was in Georgetown nobody in her family was allowed out of Jonestown.

It was standard procedure in Jonestown that when a husband left Jonestown, his wife would not be allowed out. In rare cases, when a husband and wife were allowed out together, their children would be held at Jonestown.

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BQ 89-495

She advised that regarding any written oaths made by members of the PT that she must have signed hundreds and hundreds of blank pieces of paper while at the PT in San Francisco, and in Jonestown. Members, including herself, were also required to sign confessions admitting that they molested their own children, to having committed murders and other crimes. This was done as a test of loyalty to the Reverend Jones.

Reverend Jones had bodyguards that were armed. They included Tim Jones, Jimmy Jones, Calvin Douglas, Joe Wilson, and Johnny Cobb.

There was a security force at Jonestown and it was used for internal policing. Reverend Jones first claimed that the security force was for defensive reasons, to defend the camp from Guyana Government forces. He later claimed that the security force was to guard the camp against an invasion from Venezuela.

In reality, the security force was used to prevent escapes from Jonestown and to enforce Reverend Jones’ rigid standard of discipline. All during the night security guards patrolled the perimeter of the camp. These guards carried weapons. They carried shotguns and they carried rifles with scopes. These weapons were in clear view and no attempt was made to conceal them from the view of camp residents. Many were equipped with straps and carried on the backs of the guards. In addition to patrolling the perimeter of the camp, the security forces also made bed checks during the night. The security forces had informers among the ranks of the PT and it was not uncommon for one’s own family member or spouse to turn one in to security.

The following people were considered to be members of the security force by [Edith Bogue]:

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BQ 89-495

1. Steven [Stephan] Jones – Described as overall head of everything at Jonestown after Reverend Jones.
2. Tim Jones – White male – Head of security
3. Jimmy Jones, Jr.
4. Calvin Douglas – Head of security
5. Bob Kice
6. Johnny Cobb – Head of security
7. Cleveland Newell
8. Chris Cordell
9. Tom Kice
10. Greg Watkins
11. Danny Motin [Moten]
12. Billy Oliver
13. Bruce Oliver
14. Lee Ingram
15. Paul McCann – security informer
16. Lora [Laura] Johnston – security informer directly to Reverend Jones
17. Mike Prokes
18. Mike Touchette
19. Marie Rankins [Rankin] (Duckett)

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BQ 89-495

Although she never heard the term “Angels” used, she speculated that this might refer to the Church hierarchy made up of the following women:

Terri Buford
Sandy Bradshaw
Jean Brown
Carol [Carolyn] Layton
Annie Moore
Marie Katsires [Maria Katsaris]
Sharon Amos

The above women were in on all decisions made by Reverend Jones at Jonestown and they were the most powerful people in the Church next to Reverend Jones.

The Planning Commission consisted of possibly 100 members who help decided PT policy regarding purchases and future plans. [Edith Bogue] was a member of the Planning Commission while in San Francisco. There was no Planning Commission at Jonestown. Reverend Jones did all the planning personally.

She did not know of any information concerning bribery or influence peddling by members of the PT.

Concerning Lieutenant Governor DiMalley [Mervyn Dymally] of California, she advised that he visited Jonestown and was very impressed with the PT and made favorable remarks about the PT and Reverend Jones. [Edith Bogue] views DiMalley as a dupe who was taken in by Reverend Jones.

She could provide no information regarding members of the PT who are fugitives from justice in the USA.

During the latter part of September 1978, a Soviet official visited Jonestown. She believes this official’s name was Tim Ophea (phonetic) [Timofeyev] [Edith Bogue] spelling).

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BQ 89-495

She has no specific knowledge as to how weapons were shipped to Jonestown. They were specifically told that the guns were there legally to protect the camp from invaders. These guns were used by security and she would estimate that there were between 50-100 guns at Jonestown.

Although she never witnessed any firearms training either in San Francisco or in Jonestown, while at Jonestown, she often heard shots. Steven Jones was known to be an excellent marksman and considered the weapons expert at Jonestown. He personally had charge of cleaning the weapons.

[Edith Bogue] heard the term “Contingency Plan” used when Reverend Jones was talking about the Myrtles [Mertles] or the Stones [Stoens] or other defectors from the PT. Reverend Jones openly advocated the killing of anyone who he considered to harm his Church. By this, she understood he meant defectors or anyone who would even talk against the PT.

Although she never knew if any specific official [was] targeted for murder, Reverend Jones often went into a tirade about former President Richard Nixon. Reverend Jones also frequently went into a tirade against Senator John Stennis.

[Edith Bogue] participated in three suicide rehearsals while a member of the PT, specifically recalling the year or circumstances. While residing at Jonestown, she participated in two suicide drills. The first one in Jonestown was a result of the threat that the parents of John Stone [Stoen] were coming to get him.

During this drill, a big container of Kool-Aid was put out and everyone was told to drink. Some people even acted as if they were dying at the direction of Reverend Jones. During the drill, armed security guards were all around and there was clearly no choice as to drink or not to drink the Kool-Aid. There was one other time in Jonestown when she participated in a suicide drill, but she could not recall what specifically triggered this drill.

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BQ 89-495

She is not aware of any relocation plans in the event of a mass suicide.

Regarding the radio, she was aware that they used some type of code and that Harriet was called Sarah in this code. She is also aware that Sharon Amos was operating the radio at Georgetown during the time the mass suicide was ensuing in Jonestown.

People who operated the radio trusted members of the PT, as well as knowledgeable of the Church’s business.

Reverend Jones often referred to former President Nixon in very derogatory terms and referred to him as “Tricky Dickey.” He also frequently stated that he would get his someday. Although she has no knowledge of a hit list, she believes that any PT defector would be likely candidates for assassination, as well as former President Nixon.

Paula Adams was used by Reverend Jones to seduce officials in the Guyana government. The identity of these officials is not known to her. Adams also lived with some Guyana official in Georgetown. It was widely believed at Jonestown that in addition to Paula Adams, Carolyn Layton, and Sandy Bradshaw were also used in this manner. Reverend Jones was also reported to be sexually involved with Paula and Sandy.

The only reference she has never heard to a nuclear device was made by Reverend Jones in San Francisco in 1976. During one of his tirades, he alleged that he had the bomb. He gestured with his hands to indicate the mushroom cloud and then made an A with his hands to indicate an A-bomb, although he did not verbally say A-bomb.

There were numerous “White Nights” during the one and one-half years she spent at Jonestown. An alarm would sound and they would all respond to the pavilion where Reverend Jones would ramble for hours about various topics.

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BQ 89-495

Hut C-14 was the hut in which Reverend Jones resided. There were also movements of weapons in and out of Hut C-14.

She was aware that drugs were administered to people who were discipline problems at Jonestown.

The following is an account of the events leading up to Congressman Ryan’s visit to Jonestown, through and including his murder.

During the last few weeks previous to Congressman Ryan’s visit to Jonestown, there was a general consensus among many members of the PT that the end was near for all of them. Approximately one and one half weeks prior to the visit, Harold Cordell was made aware of the fact that a large quantity of deadly poison had arrived in Jonestown. This poison was discovered by the man who ran the piggery.

During the last few weeks at Jonestown, Reverend Jones talked often about moving Jonestown to Russia or Cuba. Reverend Jones showed a preference for moving to Russia. The Russian language was being taught and the Russian Ambassador visited Jonestown.

When Ryan arrived in Georgetown, Reverend Jones called everybody to the pavilion and announced that Ryan had arrived in Georgetown and intended to visit Jonestown. Reverend Jones raged that he did not want Ryan or anyone else to visit Jonestown. He stated that he would stop Ryan and his party at the gates and take their cameras from them. He also stated that he might make “stew”out of Ryan. ([Edith Bogue] explained that Reverend Jones claimed to have made stew out of the remains of an individual who attempted to invade Jonestown at an earlier date and fed it to the residents of Jonestown.) Reverend Jones also commented that maybe the Congressman’s plane would fall out of the sky before reaching Jonestown. After being dismissed from the pavilion, another announcement was made advising the people that Ryan was going to make his visit and that all were to report to the pavilion again at 8:00 PM. The people were warned not to talk to any of Ryan’s people if they valued their children’s lives. They were warned that security would be around and that they were to be cleaned up and dressed up properly. When the Congressman arrived, an announcement was made that there was to be entertainment for “everyone” at the Pavilion. The everyone meant that everyone was being ordered to the pavilion to meet the Congressman. After the entertainment was over, everybody went back to their respective hut.

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BQ 89-495

On Saturday morning, Johnny Jones made an announcement that this would be a day off. During the AM on Saturday, [several names deleted, related to [Bogue, Parks and Simons families]] went to the sawmill. [Names deleted] had been planning to escape for some time. [Name deleted, likely Jim Bogue] was very familiar with the jungle because he was one of the first PT people to go to Jonestown. He had made contact with some Guyana Government officials to provide him with railroad passes. [Edith Bogue] had not yet told her children of the planned escape because she was afraid that her children might turn her in to security. At the saw mill on Saturday morning, she started to explain to her oldest child [Teena] about the escape. [Teena] accused her mother of trying to trick her and then revealed that she and [her sister] [Juanita] had been planning an escape, but were afraid to tell her because they thought that she may turn them in to security.

For a variety of reasons, this plan to escape by train went awry and in the interim, the first defectors had already contacted Congressman Ryan. They had avoided using Ryan because they thought Reverend Jones would not allow anyone to leave with him. They then found out that Reverend Jones agreed to allow people to leave and was giving them their passports. It was at this point, that [Edith Bogue] approached Ryan. [Names deleted] defected with her. [Name deleted], [Marilee Bogue] and [Name deleted] [Vicki Marshal] [Marshall] would not defect and eventually died in the “mass suicide.”

Prior to leaving Jonestown, all the defectors lined up and Reverend Jones said goodbye to them. Reverend Jones asked [Edith Bogue] why she was leaving him after all these years. She replied that she had to go with her family. After he said goodbye, both Marcia and Harriet passed through the defectors and said goodbye.

Congressman Ryan requested that each defector state on his tape recorder that they desired to leave Jonestown and were leaving of their own free will. All the defectors got on the truck and then Larry Layton got on. The defectors felt that Layton had a bomb and was going to blow them up.

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BQ 89-495

They told Jim Cobb (a defector who came with Congressman Ryan) that Layton was not a defector, in that he was one of Reverend Jones’ most trusted people. They wanted him thrown off the truck.

There was great anxiety on the truck, in that the general feeling of the defectors was that Reverend Jones would not let them leave alive.

As they were waiting on the truck to leave Jonestown, they were told by one of Congressman Ryan’s aides that Ryan was attacked, but that he was not harmed and the blood on his shirt with that of the attacker. Joe Wilson then got into the truck and they drove off. When they arrived there, there were no planes and only four Guyana soldiers at the airfield.

The smaller plane came in first, followed by the larger plane. It appeared that everybody could not leave in these two planes. Congressman Ryan’s secretary was making arrangements to load all the defectors on the two planes. There was talk that Congressman Ryan intended to return to Jonestown to determine if there were more people who wanted out.

Because of the presence of Layton in the ranks of the defectors, Congressman Ryan was persuaded by other defectors to search people before they got on the plane. The smaller plane was being loaded first and Larry Layton demanded that he be allowed on the first plane, stated that he had been promised that he could be on the first plane. After Layton was patted down, [Edith Bogue] observed him shaking hands with Joe Wilson. She observed Wilson passing something to Layton which Layton concealed under his sweatshirt. Although [Edith Bogue] could not physically see a gun, she thought at the time that Wilson had passed Layton a gun.

[Edith Bogue] along with [her daughters and son], boarded the larger plane. [As she boarded the plane,] she noticed the trailer pull to the airfield. She observed Ronnie James and Wesley Bridenbach [Breidenbach] outside the aircraft

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BQ 89-495

looking around. She then noticed the trailer pull up next to their plane. The next thing she recalls is that Tom Kice, Joe Wilson, Albert Touchette were shooting at them into the airplane. She observed Stanley Gieg driving the trailer. She also observed Bob Kice, Ronnie James and Earnest Last Name Unknown (LNU) [Jones] doing the shooting. She was told by other defectors that Anthony [Simones] Simon also participated in the attack.

Although she was not harmed in this attack, [two of her children] were wounded. They were in the rear of the aircraft when the attack started and managed to pull the door shut, keeping the attackers outside. [The woman seated next to [Edith Bogue]] was killed.

During the shooting, someone shot a tire of the plane out. After the shooting stopped, another defector stated that the attackers were driving off. The door to the aircraft was put down and the survivors ran into the jungle.

After being sure the attackers were out of the area, she came out of the jungle to aid the wounded. [She] specifically aided one Miss Spear (phonetic) [Speier], Congressman Ryan’s secretary.

The four Guyana guards did not come to their aid during the shooting and were not around at this time.

The wounded were taken to a tent and the remaining survivors, who were not hiding in the jungle, spent the night in a rum house.

All during the night, there was a lot of concern that the attackers would return to finish them off.

The Guyana army arrived at their location approximately 6:00 AM on Sunday morning. The first plane to get them out arrived at 10:00 AM.

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BQ 89-495

[Edith Bogue] provided the following descriptions of the following individuals. It is noted that persons classified by her as “dangerous” are felt by her to be extremely loyal, even fanatical followers of the Reverend Jones.

Tim Jones Black male, dead
Tim Tupper Jones White male, blonde hair, natural Afro style, head of security, 18-19 years old, now in Georgetown, dangerous.
Jimmy Jones, Jr. Black male, security, 18 years old, dangerous
Eddie Crenshaw Dead
Herbert Newell Black male, work on boat as helper, 20 years of age, now in Georgetown
Johnny Cobb Black male, 6’4″, thin build, head of security, dangerous
Johnny Jones Black male, 5’11”, dead
Mark Cordell White male, 18 years old, now residing in Washington, D. C.
Jim MacElvane [McElvane] Dead
Billy Oliver Dead
Steven [Stephan] Jones White male, 6’5″, 18-19 years old, brown hair, mustache, ran everything at Jonestown, most trusted by Reverend Jones, likely successor to Reverend Jones, had charge of weapons in Jonestown, and security, very dangerous, now in prison for Georgetown

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BQ 89-495

Lee Ingram Black male, 6’3″, 40s, black hair, receding hairline, security, coach of basketball team, now at Lamath [Lamaha] House, Georgetown, dangerous.
Chris O’Neal Returned to USA, December 21, 1978
Calvin Douglas Black male, 6’, well-built, 20 years old, head of security, now in Georgetown, dangerous
Cleveland Newell Black male, 6’ 1”, 22-24 years old, built like a bull, security, dangerous, whereabouts unknown
Bonnie Simon Dead
Paul McCann White male, 30 years, 6’1″, worked at the sawmill, security informer, dangerous, whereabouts unknown
Pauline Groot Dead
Tom Grubbs White male, dead
Marie Rankin Also known as (a.k.a.) Duckett, black female, 5’8″, 30s, dead (?)
Terri Buford  White female, in on all decisions with Reverend Jones, very mean person, extremely dangerous

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BQ 89-495

Jean Brown White female, 30, 5’5″, 130 pounds, head of PT in San Francisco, dangerous
Rennie Kice Dead
Lora [Laura] Johnston White female, 5’5″, 30s, informer to Reverend Jones, “Total Bitch” in San Francisco
Vera Young Black female, 5’5″, thin, 29-30 years, work for Leona Collier in San Francisco Church
June Crym White female, 5’3″, brown hair, medium build, Secretary and lawyer, did legal work for PT, close to Sandy Bradshaw and Jean Brown, in San Francisco
Mike Prokes White male, 5’8″, 30, brown hair, medium build, head man at Georgetown, settlement of PT security, now in Georgetown, dangerous.
Tim Carter White male, public relations man, in on decision-making, got out of Jonestown with the money, now at Park Hotel, Georgetown, dangerous
Sandra Ingram A.k.a. Bradshaw, white female, 32 years, wife of Lee Ingram, 5’4″, thin, blonde hair, residing in San Francisco, extremely dangerous.

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BQ 89-495

Judy Flowers Black female, 5’6″, works in PT, San Francisco, could be dangerous
Jim Randolph White male, 5’4″, 34-35 years, skinny build, very high in Church in San Francisco
Harriet Randolph Dead
Leona Collier Black female, in charge of black people in PT, high up in Church in San Francisco
Dale Parks Returned US, December 21, 1978
Burrell Wilson Black male, 20 years, basketball player, 6’, described as a gentle person, whereabouts not known
Claire Janaro White female, heavy, 35-40, brown hair, lost two children in Jonestown suicide
Richard Janaro White male, middle 40s, 6’1″, medium build, gray hair, purchasing agent on ship, in USA, whereabouts unknown
Bonnie Beck White female, 5’4″, very fat, described as brilliant woman, possibly dangerous

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BQ 89-495

Don Beck White male, blonde hair, 5’10”, 30-35 years old, heavy build, higher up in Church
Marie [Maria] Katsaris Dead
Paula Adams White female, 30s, very attractive, very high in Church, resided in Georgetown, dangerous
Tish Leroy Dead
Chuck Beikman White male, 40 years, 5’8″, very athletic, blonde hair, now in prison in Georgetown, described as not dangerous
Joyce Touchette Dead
Charlie Touchette White male, 5’7″, 50 years, gray hair, worked on supply ship, whereabouts unknown, dangerous
Michelle Touchette Dead
Mike Touchette White male, 5’8″, drive the cat at Jonestown, also security now in Georgetown, close to Steven Jones
Stanley Clayton Black male, 5’8″, medium build, 30 years, cook at Jonestown, escaped from Jonestown after “mass suicide”, described as mean, now at Park Hotel, Georgetown

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BQ 89-495

Mary Lee Bogue Dead
Tom Bogue Returned USA, December 21, 1978, son of [Edith Bogue]
[Released on 1578-1: Tina Bogue Returned to USA, December 21, 1978, daughter of [Edith Bogue]
Odell Rhodes Black male, 36 years, 5’8″, schoolteacher, escaped from Jonestown “mass suicide”, now at Park Hotel, Georgetown
Tim Carter White male, 32-35 years, 5’8″, medium build, brown hair, mustache, at Park Hotel, Georgetown, extremely dangerous
Vera Ingram No longer in PT, defector
Jim Cobb Black male, 6’3″, medium build, dentist, defector, arrived in Jonestown with Congressman Ryan

[Edith Bogue] speculated that should the PT continue, the most likely person to take over as head of the PT would be Archie Hyams [Ijames]. She does not think that Steven Jones will ever be allowed out of Guyana, but then if he is released, he would attempt to become the head of the PT. She does not think Hyams and Jones could work together or share power.

In addition to the above, [Edith Bogue] recalled that during the numerous “White Nights” held at Jonestown, old people would frequently beg Reverend Jones to allow them to strap bombs to their bodies and allow them to walk into government buildings, such as the State Department or Pentagon and blow themselves up, as well as the building.

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BQ 89-495

One such person who frequently volunteered was Bea Orseidt [Orsot], described as a black female, 50 years old.

The following description of [Edith Bogue] was obtained through observation and interview:

[Editor’s note: Balance of page 18 with physical description, marital status, names of relatives, and destination point, heavily redacted]