Serial 1681-34

[This section of Serial 1681 covers page 417 of the FBI Report of January 12, 1979.]


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 1/10/79

On December 13, 1978, SA [name deleted], Washington Field Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), telephonically contacted [name deleted], Legal Department, Washington Post Newspaper, concerning the interview of Charles Krause, who had been a witness to the killing of Ryan at Jonestown, Guyana.

[name deleted] stated Krause was in Georgetown, Guyana, and that he, [name deleted], did not know when Krause would return to the United States. [name deleted] was advised that the FBI wished to interview Krause about his knowledge of the facts that he (Krause) can relate concerning the death of Ryan. [name deleted] intimated that Krause, because of his status as a “reporter” would not be obliged to discuss this matter with the FBI. At this point, was explained to [name deleted] by SA [name deleted] that Krause was a witness to a murder of a US Congressman and that this crime falls under the Congressional Assassination Statute, in which case the FBI has the primary responsibility and right to interview any and all witnesses to the crime.

It is noted that several other prior attempts to contact Krause telephonically by SA [name deleted] had resulted in no response from Krause. [name deleted] concluded the conversation by saying he would inform Krause of the FBI’s desire to interview him. It is noted that Krause, two weeks after the Jonestown massacre, had written a book in paperback form, concerning the massacre which was already on the newsstand at the time SA [name deleted] had his conversation with [name deleted].