Key to abbreviations in RYMUR serials


RYMUR Ryan Murder [FBI Major Case 16 investigation]
AMCIT American Citizen
Codel Congressional Delegation
GDF Guyana Defense Force
GOG Government of Guyana
GY Guyana
NOK Next of Kin
SSN / SSAN Social Security Number
USG United States Government
W/W Whereabouts and Welfare
Z [All government cables have a six number time stamp – two numbers for day of month, two numbers for hour of day (military time), and two numbers for minutes after hour – followed by a “Z,” denoting “Zulu” or Greenwich Mean Time. Hence, “031920Z Dec78” is 7:20 PM, GMT, December 3, 1978.]

General Government

AFO Awaiting Further Occurrence
AFSP Administration–Post Administration
ASEC Administration–Security
BT Break Text (separates the telegram or cable text from message format lines)
CAS Congressional Assassination Statute
CASC Consular Affairs–Assistance to Citizens
CDES Consular Affairs–Death and Estates
CGEN Consular Affairs–General
EFTO Encrypted For Transmission Only
E.O. Executive Order
FPC Foreign Police Cooperation
GDS General Declassification Schedule
Legatt Legal Attaché
LOU Limited Official Use
NIACT NIght ACTion (immediate action security classification)
NOTAL Not To All Addresses
OREP / ORP Operations–Congressional Travel
Retal / Reftel Referenced teletype/telephone call
Sitrep Situation Report
Telcon Telephone conversation
UNC Unclassified
UNSUB Unknown Subject[s]

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBIHQ Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
ADIC Assistant Director In Charge
SA / SAC Special Agent/Special Agent in Charge
UACB Unless Advised to Contrary by the Bureau
AQ Albuqueque
AT Atlanta
AX Alexandria, Virginia
BA Baltimore
BT Butte, Montana
BU Buffalo, New York
CG Chicago
CO Columbia, South Carolina
DE Detroit, Michigan
DL Dallas
DN Denver
IP Indianapolis
KC Kansas City, Missouri
LV Las Vegas
LA Los Angeles
ME Memphis
MEX Mexico City
MM Miami, Florida
NO New Orleans
NY New York
BQ / BQMRA  Brooklyn/Queens Metropolitan Resident Agency
PD Portland, Oregon
SC Sacramento
SD San Diego
SF San Francisco
SJ San Juan, Puerto Rico
TP Tampa
WFO Washington Field Office

Department of Justice

DOJ U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.
CID Criminal Investigative Division
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service

State Department

DOS/USDS U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.
SECSTATE Secretary of State
CA Central America
ARA Bureau of Inter-American Affairs
Conoff Consular Officer
DCM Deputy Chief of Mission
Emboff Embassy Officer
AmEmb Bridgetown American Embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados
AmEmb Caracas American Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela
AmEmb Georgetown American Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana
AmEmb Kingston American Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica
AmEmb Port of Spain American Embassy, Port of Spain, Trinidad/Tobago


DOD Department of Defense
AFB Air Force Base
AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JTF / USJTF U.S. Joint Task Force
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
USAF U.S. Air Force
USSOUTHCOM U.S. Southern Command


HEW U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare [now Health and Human Services]
NMCC National Military Command Center
USMS U.S. Marshals Service
USSS U.S. Secret Service