Jonestown Petition to Block Rep. Ryan (Text of Second Draft)

Notice is hereby given that residents of Jonestown Community and the Board of Directors of Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ Church have resolved:

(1) Individual residents will not see or communicate together with or in association with the [party of] Congressman Leo Ryan, Congressman Ryan himself, and any media representatives, or any member of the so-called Concerned Relatives Association or any persons associated with either of them, the individual Congressman or the Concerned Relatives group.

(2) That the founders of Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ leased of state land for mixed farming purposes which constitutes the boundaries of exclusion residence of members of the Jonestown Community who exert their rights under the law of Guyana to formalize by resolution of the Board of Directors under the laws of Guyana and every member to exclude therefrom all persons whose presence is not considered desirable (excluding officials of the Guyanese government).

And therefore serve notice that any person described in paragraph one above will not be permitted entry within the boundaries of the said Peoples Temple leasehold, or any other Peoples Temple properties, and,

Further, that the Jonestown Community has requested police assistance from the government of Guyana to protect their community from unwanted trespassers.

The above decision was based on the unobjective and utterly biased statements against Peoples Temple that have been made every time Congressman Ryan has met with his so-called Concerned Relatives.

Dated: November 10, 1978

Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ (Guyana)

[Signed] Paula Adams
Mrs. Paula Adams