Serial 2233

FBI Airtel

Date 6/28/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for the Bureau are two copies of index of Guyana evidence received at San Francisco on 1/20/79, and two copies of the xeroxed evidence.

For information of Bureau, 15 crates of Jonestown evidence received in second shipment had been reviewed and categorized by SAs and AUSA, San Francisco. Portions of that evidence were removed and xeroxed. Enclosed xeroxed evidence represents that portion of the 15 crates that was determined by AUSA to be of possible evidentiary nature.

Bureau is being furnished under separate cover to complete copies of evidence, one copy is being furnished for the Bureau to disseminate to the Department of Justice.

Evidence is being shipped in six separate packages. One complete set is contained in packages marked one through three and second copy is contained in packages marked four through six.

One complete copy is being furnished to Secret Service, California State Attorney General, and USA locally. Portions determined to be significant in respective investigations are being furnished to IRS and HEW locally.

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SF 89-250

Request of the Bureau

Bureau is requested to furnish one complete set with index to Department of Justice. Bureau is also requested to obtain permission from Department of Justice to disseminate to California court ordered receiver portions KK, QQ, RR, and advise San Francisco.

Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies.

[Page 3 – photocopy of manila envelope]

[Page 4 – photocopy of bill of lading for shipment of six boxes of evidence]

[Pages 5-9 – Guyana Evidence]