Serial 2237

Routing and transmittal slip

Date: 4/26/79

To: Mr. Emil Moschella
Chief Congressional Affairs Officer
Bureau of investigation
Department of Justice


We feel that the attached Congressional falls within your jurisdiction as discussed by phone April 24. I am attaching a copy of our response to the Congressman for your information.

From: Richard McCoy
Department of State
Office of Caribbean Affairs

[Page 2 – photocopy of envelope]

[Page 3 – coversheet for congressional inquiry]

[Page 4]

Congressional Inquiry

Name: [deleted]
Address: [deleted]

Summary of Problem: [line deleted] called my office and stated that NBC had played a tape that was recorded during the suicide at Guyana (Jonestown). He said the US Government has the original tape and he wants to know if NBC now actually has possession of this tape and if so why? He says that NBC played this tape on TV all day long the 15th or 16th of March. He is not sure of the exact date. Thinks it was first played that day on the “Today Show”. He explains that the family of [name deleted] has never had an opportunity to hear this tape and feels that if the government has permitted NBC to have it then the family should be permitted to have a copy. Is there an explanation?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Please send written reply to:
Congressman Phil Sharp
US Post-Office Building
400 North A Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374

[Page 5]

Department of State
Washington, DC 20520

May 2, 1979

Dear Mr. Sharp:

I refer to your letter of April 12 pertaining to the request of your constituent, [name deleted] for a copy of a tape recording made during the Jonestown mass suicides on November 18, 1978.

All tape recordings and other documentary evidence collected at Jonestown were turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by the Guyanese authorities to assist that agency in its investigation of the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan. As the Department is unable to respond to your request, we are forwarding a letter to Mr. Emil Moschella, Chief Congressional Affairs Officer at the Bureau. I am sure you will be hearing from him in the near future. Mr. Moschella can be reached on 324-5410.

Douglas J. Bennet, Jr.
Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations

Originally posted on March 9th, 2018.

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