Serial 2239

Central Medical Laboratory
PO Box 863,
Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana
1st June 1979

The Chief Officer,
FBI Identification Division,
Washington DC
United States

Dear Sir,

I was at Wichita Kansas at the Western Conference Seminar on Investigation of Mass Deaths and application of Science in Criminal Cases.

Mr. [name deleted] of your Division gave a very interesting and helpful talk on FBI identification and this was accompanied by illustrations of the Jonestown persons and scenes.

I would be glad to have a set of slides he showed i.e. copies either the pictures or slides as they are better than mine and all present felt I should ask him this favor. When I approached Mr. [name deleted] he asked that I contact you on this request, for your permission. I was the Pathologist on the Jonestown Cases and accompanied Messrs. [name deleted] and [Carl] Oglesby of the FBI to Jonestown and was helpful to them in their investigation and discussions, as a matter of fact we gave them copies of all the photographs we took even those of the damaged plane and Congressman Ryan’s body.

I hope to have an early reply in the affirmative and thanking you in advance.

I am,
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Dr. Leslie Mootoo

[Pages 2 and 3 are photocopies of envelope]