Serial 2257



To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

Re San Francisco telcal of SA Donald Hale 7/24/79.

Enclosed for San Francisco is the original FD-302 reflecting interview on 12/12/78 with Richard A. McCoy, US Department of State.

You will note that FD-302 reflects that two cassette tapes are attached to the FD-302. These cassette tapes were, in fact, made into a bulky exhibit and were furnished to San Francisco previously.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/13/78

On 12/12/78, Richard A. McCoy, Trinidad and Tobago Desk Officer, Latin American Affairs, Department of State, advised that he received via diplomatic pouch that date a letter from the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM), US Embassy, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, which enclosed two cassette tapes received by the DCM from a ham radio operator in Trinidad. According to the DCM’s letter, they are recordings of radio broadcasts from Jonestown shortly before “the calamity”. The messages are in code.

Attached are a copy of the letter received by McCoy and the two cassette tapes.

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[Editor’s note: According to the FBI, the balance of Serial 2257 is a duplicate of a page from Serial 2209, the text of which may be found here. The duplicate page was not released.]