Serial 2258

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: 7/26/79

To: Mr. Moore
From: W.D. Gow

Subject: RYMUR

PURPOSE: To advise of information furnished to James Clapps, Assistant Director, Torts Branch, Department of Justice (DOJ).

RECOMMENDATION: None. For information.

DETAILS: By way of background, on 7/12/79, Mr. Clapps, supra, advised his Branch is currently handling a civil action in which the Government is the defendant in connection with the explosion of a munitions train on 4/28/73 in Roseville, California.

In this regard, Mr. Clapps advised he recently received information that Jeanne Mills, former People’s Temple member, had written a book entitled “Six Years with God” in which she indicates the People’s Temple was involved in this explosion. In view of this information, Mr. Clapps inquired whether any information had come to the attention of the FBI during the investigation of the Rymur matter which would corroborate Mills’ statement.

Subsequent contact with our San Francisco Office, specifically Rymur Case Agent, SA Dan Buckley, determined our investigation re captioned matter had not developed any information which would indicate any involvement by a member or members of the People’s Temple in the Roseville explosion. (See attached teletype.) Contact with our Sacramento office reflects Sacramento previously conducted an investigation as a possible Destruction of Government Property – Major Disaster concerning the explosion of a Southern Pacific munitions train at Roseville, California, on 4/28/73, Bufile 52-97567. The investigation is currently close; however, Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Jim Joiner, Sacramento, is reportedly thoroughly familiar with the investigation and the suspects involved. On 7/18/79 this information was provided to Mr. Clapps.

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