Serial 1692

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of the last FD-302 in this serial whose name is deleted is either Gerald Woodward, a son of Jonestown survivor Miguel De Pina, and whose last name is released at one place in the FD-302. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

FBI Airtel

Date 1/17/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for San Francisco is original and two copies and for the Bureau to copies of FD-302’s pertaining to [names deleted].

Enclosed for San Francisco are the US Passports of Robin Faye Tschetter, #[number deleted] and Joan Parsley [Pursley], #F 020911.

Enclosed for San Francisco’s newspaper article which appeared in New York Times, 1/7/79.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/13/78

[name deleted] was contacted at her sister’s residence, [address deleted] New York. Special Agents (SAs) [names deleted] identify themselves to [name deleted] as SAs of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It was explained to [name deleted] that the FBI was investigating the events and circumstances concerning the mass suicide of members of the People’s Temple.

[name deleted] was advised that if at any point she desired to discontinue the interview her decision would be honored.

[name deleted] advised that she had in her possession several addresses and phone numbers of people in both Georgetown South America and also in the United States whose significance she would explain.

She advised that [name deleted] was her brother and could be reached in San Francisco at phone number [deleted].

She advised that [name deleted] (LNU) was her sister, [name deleted] next-door neighbor in California who would take any messages if [name deleted] wasn’t home by calling [number deleted].

She advised that the address “CBC And Sunshine”, Household Gaming Products Company, 119 Regents Street, Langtown Georgetown, South America was a company where she and Leslie Wilson would go shopping as they were able to hock United States (US) goods such as transistor radios for money and goods.

She stated that [name and address deleted] San Francisco California, phone number [deleted] was her sister with whom she would be staying in California.

She advised that she had also written down [identification deleted] name Richard Clark, with his passport number as well as her own. She advised that his passport number was reflected as H 998457 in her own as [deleted].

She stated that the notation “Port K” was Port Kaituma and that the phone number there was 8RA- 2321.

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BQ 89A-16

She advised that the notation “Matthews R” was the Matthews Ridge Police Department in Guyana and that its phone number was 8RA-63, code 75, which was taken from a phonebook she found in Guyana.

She advised that the notation [words deleted] phone number [deleted] was the name of her [words deleted] who resides at [address deleted], San Francisco, California and is a non-Peoples Temple member.

She advised that the notation “Skip Roberts”, Guyanese Commissioner, CID office, was the Guyana official who relayed announcements as to those individuals who were able to leave Guyana and return to the United States as they continued the investigation into possible crimes committed by People’s Temple members.

She stated that the notation “Dwyer”, “Don Wever” and “Nancy Mason” were individuals at the United States Embassy Office whom she had thought about contacting in the event she was delayed in returning to the United States.

She stated that the quotation [notation] “United States of America E” was the United States of America Embassy at 31 Main Street, C’Burg with phone numbers 06-62680, 62-687-9, and 02-616289.

She advised that United States (US) Embassy officers had handed out to all survivors a xerox form authorizing US government to respond to questions regarding her whereabouts and well-being. She advised that she had included a xerox copy of the form and that she had submitted, with the names of family members noted thereon. Those names are as follows:

[names, addresses, and identifying information deleted for eight people]

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She advised that she also had within her possession a list of names given to her of Leslie Wilson’s relatives in the US in the event that she ever wanted to contact her. She stated that the relatives were [relationships deleted] of Leslie Wilson) former People’s Temple member, married to [name deleted] of San Mateo, California (Street address unknown), phone number [deleted].

[Name, address, and identifying information for one person deleted]

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BQ 89A-16

She stated that the notation “P.M. House” 71574 was the address and phone number of Prime Minister Burnham of Guyana. She stated that she received this phone number from an individual named Julius Evans.

She stated that the notation Hotel Belvedere, 65871, room 215, 928-2558, 455 Eddy Street was the name of the hotel in Georgetown where [names deleted] stayed.

She advised that the notation “Lamaha Gardens”, 68787 was written by Leslie Wilson indicating where Andrea Walker was staying.

She advised that Andrea Walker was married to Tony Walker an individual who was on the security force whom she believes to be dead.

She advised that Andrea Walker was in Georgetown when the US Congressman Ryan was killed.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/13/78

[name deleted] [Gerald Woodward] who arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFKIA, Queens, New York (NY), on November 26, 1978, accompanying [his father] Miguel DePina, date of birth (DOB) September 29, 1884, was contacted as he and [Woodward] departed Pan-American flight 228. After clearing USINS and US Customs, [Woodward] and DePina were advised of the identity of the interviewing agent and the official nature of the inquiry.

[Woodward] advised that he and [his father] would be departing that night to Los Angeles on TWA flight 17. He added that [his father Miguel] DePina, will be permanently residing with a relative in California. [Woodward] furnished interviewing agent with the relative’s name and address. [Woodward] further advised that he was [line deleted] Long Beach, California, and provided his business and home address where he could be contacted later if any additional information was necessary.

[Woodward] advised [his father] arrived in Jonestown, Guyana, approximately August 14, 1977. [Woodward] advised that DePina never wanted to go to Jonestown, but went because he followed his wife, Lovie DePina. [Woodward] said DePina and his wife were known as Moms and Pops in the commune. [Woodward] stated he was told by someone in Guyana that the body of DePina’s wife was found lying near the body of the Reverend Jones. At this time, however, Woodward advised [his father] had not been told of his wife’s death due to his poor health.

[Woodward] advised that DePina was ill and exhausted from his experience in Guyana and flights back to the United States. [Woodward] stated that [his father] is very frightened and feared that his life was in danger. When [Woodward] was questioned why [his father] felt this way, he replied that DePina had told him this and that [his father] fears that the Reverend Jim Jones ordered members of the commune to get him.

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BQ 89-495

[Woodward] was then advised by interviewing agent that upon his arrival in Los Angeles, he would probably be met by agents from our Los Angeles Division. He acknowledged this and advised he would cooperate fully in this matter.