Serial 1695

FBI Airtel

Date 1/18/79

FROM: SAC, BUFFALO (89-96) (P)

Re San Francisco teletype to Bureau, 11/22/78.

Enclosed for the Bureau and San Francisco are three copies each of FD-302 regarding an interview of [name deleted] and three copies each of the letter received by [name deleted] from the Peoples Temple, Georgetown, Guyana, postmarked 10/25/78. Original copy of FD-302, investigative notes and original copy of letter being submitted to San Francisco since they are Office of Origin. Also enclosed for the Bureau and San Francisco are three copies each of a newspaper article which appeared in the “Buffalo Evening News” on 12/30/78 entitled “Mother’s Jonestown Alarm Unheeded.”

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[Photocopy of manila envelope]

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[Handwritten letter]

Dear [name deleted],

Pastor Jim Jones has undertaken a great work for humanity. His one thousand (1000) member community of Jonestown, Guyana, South America, is showing the world a model of cooperation and love. Here, every good desire is being realized. The hand of hope is reaching out in love to care for the needy, to bring relief to the oppressed. Everyone who comes to the miracle community of Jonestown has marveled at what Pastor Jones has accomplished in such a short time, yes, a miracle of faith, work and determination – an inspiration and help to all in need.

Though literally hundreds have been reached by the miracle of this healing ministry, much more needs to be done. Our free medical clinic is now serving many in the immediate area of our district, and we would like to reach even more of the outlying areas and add to the appreciable number of orphans that we already have.

Pastor Jones asks you to keep sowing the seeds of love with practical assistance. The jungles bloom with hundreds of plants and acres of vital, organic foods. Can you catch the lovely fragrance of this beautiful land? A reminder of how wonderful our lives are here as we follow the higher path of service to mankind with Pastor Jones.

Won’t you help in this great effort; assist us to build the foundation for a new world, extend the great chain of compassion across the seas to unite mankind in bonds of universal cooperation? The special number of faith this month for Jonestown is $50.33. Your generous gift, as always, will be a blessing to others, and by the higher laws of life, your giving will return to bless you. The Scriptures of every great faith proclaim this to be so.

From this beautiful community of love, Pastor Jones since to you in advance is personal thanks and meditations for health, well-being and prosperity.

Sincerely in His Service,
Emma Kennedy

P.S. No cash. Make donations payable to: Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission, P.O. Box 893, Georgetown, Guyana, S.A.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 1/18/79

[2 lines of identification], New York, who resides at [address deleted], New York, work telephone number [deleted] furnished the following information:

She stated that she received a letter from the Peoples Temple, Georgetown, Guyana, in late December, 1976. [Name deleted] stated that the letter was mailed to [address deleted] Texas [ZIP Code deleted] which is her sister’s address. The letter was handwritten and was signed by Emma Kennedy or Rennedy. [Name deleted] explained that she does not know Emma Kennedy or Rennedy, nor, to her knowledge, does she know any individuals who are members of the Peoples Temple. She stated that this was the only letter she received from the Peoples Temple. [Name deleted] felt that the letter was sent to her at the request of an individual who she knew some time in the past who is now a member of the Peoples Temple. She stated that it was probably someone she attended high school with at Roy Miller High School, Corpus Christi, Texas, where she was [words deleted] and very active in other school functions. She also stated that during her high school years, she was very active in church functions. She explained that the church she was affiliated with was the Pentecostal Mission Church of God and Christ, where [several words deleted]. She stated that it was probably someone who knew her during this time who requested that this letter be sent to her. [Name deleted] could provide no additional pertinent information.

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[Copy of newspaper article from “Buffalo Evening News” on 12/30/78 entitled “Mother’s Jonestown Alarm Unheeded.”]