Serial 1698

FBI Airtel

Date 1/18/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

Enclosed for San Francisco are original and two copies and for the Bureau two copies of FD-302 pertaining to Leslie Monique Wilson.

Armed and dangerous; suicidal tendencies

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date of transcription 12/6/78

On December 5, 1978, Leslie Monique Wilson was interviewed at 23 Howard Street, Tindon Falls, New Jersey, telephone number (201) 747-5845 by a Special Agents (SAS) [names deleted] of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Wilson was interviewed concerning the Peoples Temple movement.

Wilson stated the following individuals were Jim Jones’ bodyguards and they were armed with rifles and shotguns:

1. Johnny Cobb
2. Tim Jones
3. Bruce Oliver
4. Joe Wilson

The following individuals were supporters of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple in California:

DiMally [Mervyn Dymally] – Lieutenant Governor, California
George Moscone – Mayor of San Francisco
Harry Miles
Angela Davis
Leona Collier – San Francisco Minister

Wilson stated she had no knowledge as to whether Jim Jones had in his possession a nuclear device.

Wilson stated the following individuals were members of the basketball team:

1. Steve [Stephan] Jones
2. Tim Jones, also known as, Tim Tupper
3. Jim Jones, Jr.
4. Calvin Douglas
5. Johnny Cobb Jones

Wilson stated the basketball team traveled to Georgetown, Guyana, approximately two weeks prior to Congressman Ryan’s arrival in Jonestown. Wilson stated to her knowledge, the basketball team was in Georgetown during the suicides.

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Wilson furnished descriptions on the following individuals:

1. Chris Newel [Newell]
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Complexion: Dark
Age: 16 or 17
Height: 5’4″
Weight: Medium

2. Jim MacAbone – possible Jim McElvone [McElvane]
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Age: 45
Height: 6’2″
Member of Security Force

3. Herbert Newel [Newell]
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Complexion: Dark
Age: 21
Height: 5’8″
Crew member of Kudjoe [Cudjoe]

Chris O’Neal
Sex: Male
Race: White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Age: 20
Height: 5’6″
Facial hair: Mustache

Wilson stated she had no knowledge of where Jim Jones or Dr. Lawrence [Laurence] Eugene Schacht acquired the poison.

Wilson stated she was not aware of a Contingency Plan in the event of a mass suicide or death of Congressman Ryan.

Wilson stated she was not present during the mass suicide; therefore, she had no knowledge of who assisted Schacht during the suicides.

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Wilson stated Dr. Schacht was self-centered, sadist and had a schizophrenic personality. Dr. Schacht stayed stoned on drugs. Dr. Schacht went to Medical School in Mexico ended his internship at San Francisco County or City Hospital. Dr. Schacht’s girlfriend was Marilyn Pursley. Schacht had stayed with Pursley in Mexico while he attended medical school. Pursley’s daughter, Joan Pursley, survived Jonestown and was in Georgetown.

Wilson stated that the Peoples Temple’s house in Georgetown, Guyana, is located at 41 Lamaha Garden, Georgetown, Guyana. The house consisted of four upstairs and downstairs bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The house staff member[s] were rotated from Jonestown to Georgetown.

The individuals are listed below according to the position or positions which they worked in Georgetown.

House Coordinator

1. Andra [Andrea] Walker
2. Robin Tschetter

These individuals would know where Jim Jones stored the Peoples Temple’s funds.

Radio Room
Sharon Amos
Andra Walker

Medical Staff
Versey [Versie] Perkins

Public Relations
Sharon Amos

Linda Mitchell
Tim Jones (Night)

Maryanne Casanova

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Mail Room

Versey Perkins

Rose Shelton
Redia Tupper

All mail entering or leaving Jonestown was censured by the mailroom staff. If mail arriving or leaving Jonestown contained information which Jones considered harmful to himself or the Peoples Temple, Jones had the information edited from the mail or the mail destroyed.

Wilson stated Peoples Temple members were treated by two dentists in Georgetown.

1. Dr. Nggafook [Ng-A Fook]
2. Dr. Jagan

Wilson stated that she was in Georgetown, Guyana, approximately 14 months and could only recall five deaths.

1. Vivian Anderson
2. Letta [Lynetta] Jones – Jones’ mother
3. Lelia [Lisa] Layton – Larry Layton’s mother
4. Lelia Murry [Lela Murphy]
5. P. C. Layton [Norris]

Wilson stated the following individuals were the attorneys for the Peoples Temple.

1. Tim Stone [Stoen]
2. Charles Gary [Garry]
3. Eugene Chaiken [Chaikin]

Wilson stated Dianne Louie, Registered Nurse, was assigned by Jim Jones to accompany Dr. Federuskki, a Russian doctor, during his visit in Jonestown. Louie informed Wilson that Dr. Federuskki specialty was in reviving the dead.

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Wilson stated Dale Parks looked similar to Jim Jones. Jim Jones would have individuals dry [dye] their hair, wearing glasses and dress like Jones. Jones’ look-alikes would accompany Jones at speeches. Jones stated he needed look-alikes to confuse protenial [potential] assassins.

Wilson furnished a brief background of the following individuals:

Deborah Touchette – Black woman, 24 years old, possibly married to Mike Touchette in Guyana – 4-5 years, secretary, coordinator – PR.

Claui [Claire] Janaro – Had retarded home in Ukiah, Redwood Valley – “Happy Acres” on PC commission.

Jim [Tim] Carter – Close to Jim Jones, escaped with half a million dollars, dedicated.

Mike Carter – Radio room operated, dedicated.

Mike Prokes – Close to Jim Jones.

Steven [Stephan] Jones – A hostile person to people – did what he wanted in Jonestown.

Cleve Swinny [Swinney] – Older man. Had health problems in PT for years.

Helen Swinny [Swinney] – Wife of Cleve Swinny. Mean. Racist.

Don Beck – White male, active, dedicated to Jim Jones.

Klingman Mike – Related to Marceline Jones. Had a wife and children in Jonestown. Active in PT.

Tim Clancey – Worked with Publications in San Francisco.

Leona Collier – Held meetings in San Francisco. Would know about Jim Jones’ drug habit and the basic operations in Guyana.

Sandy Bradshaw – Close advisor to Jim Jones. Did PR work etc.

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Tom Adams – White male, husband to Paula Adams, dedicated in San Francisco Temple.

Jean Brown – Public Relations, close to Jim Jones. Visited Jonestown a couple of months ago and stayed for about one week.

June Cym [Crym] – Visited for about three days, stated San Francisco as secretary, finances etc.

Jim Randolph – Dedicated, active member and financial aide.

Joanne Davis – Not active when I left. Seemed to be slightly off.

Chris Kice – Active, working in San Francisco as nurse I think.

Ted Holliday – Security personnel in San Francisco Temple. Not too active, did what he wanted to do.

Doxie Swaney – Bus driver for Temple. Active on PC.

Laurie Effrin [Efrein] – Worked in San Francisco Temple. Jim Jones fanatic.

Doreen Greaves – Nurse, active, lazy – didn’t follow Temple rules a lot of times.

Vera Young – Worked in Temple actively in San Francisco.

Hattie Newell – Nurse in San Francisco, girlfriend to Tom Adams.

Maxine Betts – Worked in Temple as cook. I didn’t know her well.

Dennis Allen – Boyfriend to Vera Young. Did not know well.

Frances Johnson – Came to Guyana – hated it, and was sent back to San Francisco. Why just her?

Jimmie Ingrahm – Security – didn’t follow Temple rules, had wife and children there in Jonestown.

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Gina Severns – Jim Jones fanatic – but crazy.

Dyan [Brian] Kravitz – Worked in publications – active in PT.

Don Davis – Didn’t know too well – but was active in helping PT.

Margie Davis – Do not know.

David Gallie – Brought on the floor a lot for not working well or following instructions.

Archie Ijames – Longtime member of PT – close to Jim Jones. Senior citizen.

Rosie Ijames – Wife to Archie. Senior citizen. I think the only reason she stayed was because of her husband.

Kathy Tropp – Publications workers. Dedicated.

Patti Chaistain [Chastain] – Publications – active member.