Serial 1722

FBI Airtel

Date 1/18/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

(ATTN: RYMUR Command Post)

ReNYairtel to Bureau and San Francisco, dated 1/2/79.

Enclosed for the Bureau is one color photograph of 12 individuals.

Enclosed for SF are four color photographs of 12 individuals.

The following individuals arrived at JFKIA, 12/21/78 and were photographed:

Name Age
Dale Edwin Parks 27
Christopher Keith O’Neal 20
James Ernest Bogue 46
Tracey [Tracy] Lee Parks 12
Monica Sharon Bagby 18

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BQ 89-495

Name Age
Thomas James Bogue 17
Edith Elizyabeth Bogue 39
Brenda Karen Parks 18
Gerald Eugene Parks 45
Juanita Jane Bogue 21
Teena May Bogue Turner 23
Harold Ernest Cordell, Jr. 42

For information, black and white photos of above furnished to Bureau and SF by airtel, dated 1/2/79.

On 1/18/79, three copies of above photos furnished to US Secret Service, NY, NY.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies.

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[Photocopy of manila envelope]

[Balance of serial consists of photocopies of photos, most of which have faces and identifications blacked out.]