Serial 1656



To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

Enclosed for San Francisco under separate cover by registered mail are numerous photographs and negatives which are further described below and eight video tape cassettes furnished by NBC News, New York which represent film taken in Guyana, including the actual shooting scene by NBC photographer Bob Brown (deceased).

The enclosed photographs include crime scene pictures taken at Port Kaituma and Lamaha Gardens by [2 names deleted], respectively, both of the Guyana Police Department. Also included are 16 rolls of film taken off of the body of Gregg [Greg] Robertson, photographer, San Francisco Examiner. One roll of 3″ by 5″ photographs is enclosed which was obtained by the Baltimore division from [name deleted], a PT defector. The original negatives have been returned to [name deleted]. Also enclosed are miscellaneous photographs taken by SA [name deleted], a member of the FBIHQ technical team sent to Guyana.

The above enclosures are being forwarded to San Francisco for whatever investigative significance they possess.