Serial 1658

[Editor’s note: Two of the subjects of this serial whose names are deleted is Phil Tracy and Marshall Kilduff, who wrote for New West Magazine. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

P 0130137Z JAN 79
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)
RYMUR, 00: SF.

Re LA tel to Director and San Francisco December 19, 1978.

Re LA tel states [name deleted] [Phil Tracy], reporter for “New West” Magazine, was advised by Buagents on December 12, 1978, that he is on a People’s Temple (PT) “hit list”. As Los Angeles is aware, [Tracy] in connection with [name deleted] [Marshall Kilduff], wrote derogatory PT articles for “New West”. [name deleted], Executive Editor for “New West” magazine, advised that [Tracy] possesses letters written by politicians and other prominent figures supporting the PT. A review of San Francisco file does not reveal whether [Tracy] has been formally interviewed regarding PT.


Los Angeles, at Los Angeles, California:

Interview [Tracy], who can be reached at telephone number [deleted] (business) or [deleted] (home) and if not already done, determine:

1). His entire involvement with PT from first exposure to present. Document any threats by the PT against [Tracy].

2). Does [Tracy] have letters from politicians and prominent figures supporting PT. If so, request and obtain copies of same. Specifically ask if there is any correspondence from Bernard Tietelbaum (George Moscone’s deputy), Cyril Magnin, or John Maher;

3). Does [Tracy] have any direct knowledge of California Assemblyman Willie L. Brown pressuring “San Francisco Chronicle” columnist Herb Caen into writing articles in defense of PT allegations. Probe [Tracy’s] knowledge of the relationship between Brown and Caen;

4). Does [Tracy] have specific knowledge why Assemblyman Brown openly supported the PT. If he has no specific knowledge, [Tracy’s] opinion;


5). Does [Tracy] have specific knowledge regarding the relationship between Doctor Carlton Goodlett and Willie Brown.  (Goodlett was for some time Jim Jones’ personal physician and to this date defense Jones and the PT);

6). Does [Tracy] know how PT physician Larry Schact [Schacht] was able to gain admittance to the University of California at Irvine Medical School;

7). Does [Tracy] have specific knowledge or has he heard rumors regarding Doctor Goodlett supplying narcotics or other dangerous drugs to PT members. From whom has he heard rumors, etc.;

8). Does [Tracy] have specific knowledge of Carlton Goodlett referring 100 of his patients to be PT members as sources of income for the Temple;

9). Does [Tracy] have specific knowledge if Jim Jones compromised US and Guyanese public officials and if so, how.

10). Secure [Tracy’s] knowledge of the murder of Chris Lewis. (Lewis was a PT “enforcer” who was murdered December 10, 1977. PT also paid $28,000 for Lewis’ defense in a 1973 homicide charge for which he was acquitted;

11). Does [Tracy] know of any jury tampering that led to the Lewis acquittal;


12). Does [Tracy] know if Lewis was involved in illegal narcotics transactions on behalf of PT;

13). Does [Tracy] know who [name deleted] is and his role in the PT, if any. (For the information of the Bureau and LA, it is rumored that while acting as [title deleted] for the San Francisco Housing Authority, [name deleted] was the main narcotics connection for the PT. It is also rumored that [name deleted] ordered Chris Lewis’ murder after Lewis gained Jim Jones’ confidence and encroached on [name deleted] “action.” It is noted that this information is from the source of unknown reliability and in all likelihood is unfounded);

14). Is [Tracy] aware of any business transactions involving Jim Jones and Mervin [Mervyn] Dymally. (Feasibility of asking this question should be discussed with Los Angeles case agent working [name deleted] investigation).


15). Does [Tracy] know who Oliver Sims (phonetic) is and his role in the PT, if any;

16). What does [Tracy] know about Tim Stoen’s tenure as a San Francisco Deputy District Attorney, specifically in regards to voter registration fraud.

If at all possible, these questions should be sufficiently couched so as not to alert [Tracy] of any current or impending Bureau investigation.

Forward appropriate FD – 302’s and any material secured from [Tracy] to San Francisco.


Originally posted on May 3rd, 2018.

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