Serial 1679



To: SAC, San Francisco
From: Director, FBI

Enclosed for San Francisco is an original typewritten note from Sharon Amos which was recovered amongst documents retrieved from the Jonestown community by FBIHQ technicians. Also enclosed for San Francisco is a copy of an Immigration & Naturalization Service Intelligence Report along with this transmittal slip concerning [name deleted].

The above enclosures are being furnished to San Francisco as having possible investigative interest.


The attached enclosure for San Francisco consisting of a typewritten note of Sharon Amos indicates transfers of funds to the Counsul [Consul] of the USSR. It is recommended that the Intelligence Division review this material and furnish recommendation regarding any FCI interest in RYMUR.

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One problem – Carolyn [Layton] told the USSR consul that we would be taking 1 million dollars from the External account in Guyana and transferring it to the State Bank of the USSR in England or wherever they say. However, the money in the account is $1,950,000 (rounded off) Guyanese. Richard [Janaro] is taking $60,000 to Trinidad which leaves 1,890,000 and Mary needs $25,000 left in the account which leaves 1,875,000 that ends up when transferring to American dollars under 1 million dollars. This is upsetting for them to have changes so is there a way to add to that to make up a million US or should I tell them what the real sum is?

Sharon Amos

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[Routing and transmittal sheet indication “copy furnished to CIA/PCS/LSN [deletion]”

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United States Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service

Intelligence Report
Freeport, Grand Bahama
John C. Forman, IO
Week Ending: December 9, 1978
Activity: 1112


The reliable informant from a local flying service reported the ferrying of eight Colombians (5 females 3 males) to Bimini on December 6, 1978. Believed to be departing Bimini for the USA from a place named The Fishing Hole. This information was sent U.S. Customs FIA via TECS.


Dr Jerorme [likely Jerome] Peister D&POB 7-6-15 NYC was admitted FBA 12-6-78 Destination c/o Neal Kadin 13155 Ixora Ct North Miami, FL 33181 Has been employed the last 14 years as a dentist in Georgetown, Guyana. Claims to have pipeline to information regarding the Jonestown massacre. He arrived in the Bahamas with a young pregnant Guyanese girlfriend who was refused a visa in Nassau. Subject claims he has been in contact with the CIA regarding Jonestown. Stated he will attempt to trade information in return for visa for girlfriend. Subject is tall, possibly mulatto, white kinky hair, prominent hawk nose.

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