Serial 1576

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)

ReBQtel to Bureau, Butte, Los Angeles, Houston, and San Francisco, dated 12/30/78.

Enclosed for the Bureau are three copies each of eight photos.

Enclosed for San Francisco are 12 copies each of eight photos.

Enclosed for Butte are three copies of two photos.

Enclosed for Los Angeles are three copies of five photos.

Enclosed for Houston is two copies of one photo.

On 12/29/78, the following individuals arrived at JFKIA, Queens, NY, and were photographed:

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BQ 89-495

Name DOB
Herbert Newell [withheld]
Eugene Erskine Smith 7/29/57
Henry Frank Cannon [withheld]
Aurora Rodriguez 9/13/25
Michael Julien Carter [withheld]
Timothy James Carter [withheld]
Mary Ann Scheid Casanova [withheld]
Dianne Scheid Casanova 15 years

The following individuals traveled to location within Butte Division:

[2 names withheld]
Michael Julien Carter
Timothy James Carter

The following individual traveled to location within Houston Division:

Aurora Rodriguez

The following individuals traveled or planning to travel to locations within Los Angeles Division:

[Name withheld]
Dianne Scheid Casanova
[Name withheld]
Aurora Rodriguez

Photos of above individuals furnished to respective divisions.

On 1/5/79, eight copies of above photos furnished to US Secret Service, NY, NY.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies.

[Balance of serial consisted of photocopies of photographs, most of which have been withheld from release.]