Serial 1582

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 1/8/79
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR

On 1/5/79 a conference was held at the US Department of Justice on the RYMUR investigation. Associate Attorney General Michael Egan chaired the meeting. Those in attendance were Assistant Attorney General Philip Heymann, Criminal Division; Deputy to Associate Attorney General Robert Ford; US Attorney (USA) William Hunter; Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Robert Dondero, San Francisco; ASAC Larry Lawler, San Francisco; Stuart Schiffer, Jim Hergen, and Dave Epstein, Civil Division; and Mike Abbell, Criminal Division. Representing the Bureau from FBI Headquarters were Deputy Assistant Director Ingram; Adrian Steel, Special Assistant to the Director; Section Chief Douglas Gow and Case Coordinator [name deleted].

Egan advised he has been given the responsibility by the Attorney General to follow this case and his Deputy Robert Ford has been assigned by him to handle liaison with the Hill as well as with the White House. USA Hunter gave an overview of the case; the fact that Grand Jury is presently in session with the primary purpose to seek out all possible Federal violations and looking for the conspiracy. Hunter advised that there are approximately 25 individuals now living at the Peoples Temple in San Francisco and all have declined interviews by the FBI through their attorney Charles Garry. He said Peoples Temple members desire immunity. A discussion was held by Hunter and Larry Lawler regarding those in charge of the Temple in San Francisco and they indicated that the key figures are Sandy Bradshaw, Leona Collier and Jean Brown. Bradshaw had been living in Rev. Jim Jones’ apartment in San Francisco.

The majority of discussion at the conference was held regarding funds. Jim Hergen of the Civil Division set out that based upon information to date it appears that the Peoples Temple could possibly have control of about $20,000,000. Funds are scattered in such places as Panama, Switzerland, Nassau, Bahamas; Granada [Grenada], West Indies, Antilles, Tobago, Trinidad, and Caracas, Venezuela, as well as in California.

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Memorandum to Mr. Moore

Assets in California being reviewed and IRS has indicated in California they are extremely interested in Peoples Temple funds. Hunter and Dondero indicated they are questioning all individuals going before the Grand Jury regarding funds.

Hunter advised that Joe Frietas [Freitas], San Francisco District Attorney, has a local Grand Jury underway but is not furnishing data to Hunter or to anyone else regarding Grand Jury proceedings. Hunter is upset with the local Grand Jury; however, allegedly it is investigating possible state and local crimes by the Peoples Temple.

Discussion was had regarding names of prominent individuals mentioned thus far through the years as possible targets. Hunter set forth the names [Barry] Goldwater, [John] Stennis, Hunter, [Evelle] Younger, [Ronald] Reagan, [Richard] Nixon, Cecil Andrus, Willie Brown and Mayor [George] Moscone (now deceased), as those who could be potential targets. He explained that through the years Jones and others have thrown these names out and to date no hit list has been uncovered. Lawler said the San Francisco Office is reviewing all FD 302’s to insure where there could be allegations of possible targets; this information is immediately disseminated to the San Francisco Police Department or to appropriate law enforcement agencies as well as those persons named being immediately contacted and alerted.

Those named above have been so advised, according to Hunter. Twelve Agents have also been assigned by the San Francisco Office to review all documents obtained from Guyana.

Lawler also mentioned that he has met with the members of the Task Force of the House International Relations Committee and the committee staffers were pleased with the arrangements worked out to assist them by the Justice Department and the FBI.

Lawler indicated that out of the eight shooters named by [name deleted] who are deceased, information was gathered that possibly three others involved in shootings, Ernest Jones, Anthony Simon (both deceased), and Ronnie Dennis.

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Memorandum to Mr. Moore

Heymann indicated after a request by [name deleted] that the Department would review the Federal Kidnapping Statute, specifically regarding cult groups and would so advise. He also indicated that the domestic security is possibly still down the road perhaps two or three months away, meaning that we have sufficient other statutes to pursue in this case: the assassinations, conspiracy, illegal acquisition, transportation and exporting of firearms, extortionate threats, obstruction of justice, civil rights, involuntary servitude, as well as the financial violations. He indicated he is very pleased at this point that we are still pursuing to the Grand Jury possible violations.

Heymann then indicated he wanted to meet separately with USA Hunter and Mike Abbell meet separately with AUSA Dondero to discuss the case in general.

On January 8, 1979, Director [William] Webster and Associate Director Adams were furnished an oral briefing by Deputy Assistant Director Ingram regarding the meeting at the Justice Department on 1/5/79.