Serial 1598

0 080044Z JAN 79
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQ. 10)

A cursory review of records received by San Francisco which originated in Jonestown, revealed the following certificates which may be bearer certificates for a Peoples Temple (PT) Corporation:

[2 paragraphs in Spanish follow]

A signature which appears to be Eloy Alfaro appears near the lower left on a line designated as Tesorero. In the lower right, a second signature, which is totally illegible, appears on the line for Presidente.

Below the signatures is the phrase “anotado en el libro de registro de acciones.”

On the left-hand side of the certificates, separated by perforations, much like a check stub, is the following information:

[Several lines in Spanish follow]

The same signatures appear as on the certificate.

Following is an English translation of the above information accomplished by San Francisco Special Agent:

“Certificate Number – Shares

Religious Association Pro San Pedro, Anonymous Association or Society (S.A.) with residence in Panama City, Republic of Panama, established by public writing, no. 1881, dated March 4, 1977, of the 5th notary, Panama circuit, recorded on the Public Register, Microfilm Section (Mercantile), Card 010190, Roll 413, Frame 4061.

Social capital: Ten thousand dollars (U. S. $10,000.00) supported by one hundred (100) shares to the bearer, of one hundred dollars (U. S. $100.00) par value.

We certify that the bearer owns ___ shares of social capital “Religious Association Pro San Pedro, S.A.”, totally paid and released.


Recorded in the book shares”

The stub is translated as follows:

“Religious Association Pro San Pedro, S. A.

Social Capital: U. S. $10,000.00

Certificate No. —

For — shares to the bearer which have been issued today. Certificate under the number above indicated for — shares paid and release, of which he is owner.

Panama, —, 19—


San Francisco is in possession of 25 of the certificates.

Mr. James Hergen, Civil Division, DOJ, expressed an interest in the above certificates at the January 5, 1979 meeting.

“Armed and dangerous. Suicidal tendencies”.