Serial 1605

FBI Airtel

Date 12/28/79

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (89-4286)
(ATTN: FBI Laboratory, Firearms Examination Section)
FROM: SAC, SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (Sqd. 4)

Enclosed for the FBI Laboratory under separate cover are the following items:

1. One .22 caliber revolver slug taken from the body of Christopher Lewis.

2. One .38 caliber revolver slug taken from a wall of the house at 1447 Palou Street, San Francisco.

3. One .22 caliber rifle slug taken from the living room wall of the house at 1447 Palou Street, San Francisco.

[Handwritten addition] 4. Cartridge from front of house at 1483 Palou Street.

For the information of the FBI Laboratory, Christopher Lewis, Negro male, date of birth 9/24/43, a former member of the People’s Temple, San Francisco, California, was shot and killed on December 10, 1977. Removed from his body and from the crime scene were the enclosed projectiles.

Through information developed in the San Francisco Division concerning the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan, there have been allegations that the People’s Temple may have been responsible for numerous criminal acts, including the murder of Christopher Lewis.

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SF 89-250

It has been determined that a large number of weapons have been located in Jonestown, Guyana, and examined by firearms experts of the FBI Laboratory.

Request of the FBI Laboratory

The Firearms Section of the FBI Laboratory is requested to compare the enclosed projectiles with the test-fired projectiles obtained from the weapons examined at Jonestown, Guyana, and to furnish the results of this examination to the San Francisco Division.

Upon completion of this examination, the enclosed projectiles should be returned to the San Francisco Division so they made be returned to the San Francisco Police Department.

Armed and dangerous – suicidal tendencies