Serial 1606

0 292240Z DEC 78
FM SAN FRANCISCO (89-250) (P) (SQD 6)

Mont Wesley Swearingen – retired SA, TGP, 00: Los Angeles (SF file 52-20186)

Re telephone call from San Francisco to Los Angeles dated December 29, 1978 and Los Angeles teletype to Director, dated December 21, 1978.

On instant date in cursory review of documents received this division from records of People’s Temple, Jonestown, Guyana, the following document was located. It is noted that “JJ” is most likely Jim Jones, leader of the People’s Temple and “Teri” is most likely Terry Buford. The text of the document follows:


To: JJ, From: Teri reports

FBI Agent:

Mr. Sweringen is a newly retired agent of the FBI. He worked both AIM and Panther cases and had access to a lot of materials. He claims to have become disillusioned with the FBI when he became the censorer who goes through the files and marks out the bad stuff with that special pen that you can’t see through. He claims that it was then that he saw just how low down the FBI really was. It could well be that after Watergate and after more investigations of different agencies have begun that he knows that he is going to be in trouble anyway so he has decided to turn to the left in hopes of building alliances before he goes down the drain. This guy retains Garry as a lawyer because he felt that information could be best disseminated working through the attorney-client privilege. The guy is a white male, 30-ish according to Pat. He has not yet surfaced and doesn’t know if and when he would do so. He has written the book of which you have a copy. Pat has shown me a very limited amount of the total stuff thinking that what she showed me could be conveyed to Dennis Banks. We do do that.


However, I found Pat’s “secret hiding place” two weeks ago so every few days we check it and photocopy any new materials that have come in from this guy. None of it to date has been earthshaking to us, in fact there is some that I didn’t bother to copy. But we do keep checking because the only way to know if it is worthwhile or not is to keep reading it so we are doing that much. I do think that both Pat and Garry would be very upset if they had any idea that this was what we were doing.

Pat has shown me all the stuff that deals with AIM and some of the Panther stuff – but not the book and supporting documents. In that this guy worked on AIM in LA where this whole Mohawk Skyhorse case is going on, the man has agreed to talk to Dennis in early January”.

[Paragraph deleted in its entirety under B3 grand jury information exemption]

Lead. Los Angeles. At Los Angeles, California. Will


attempt to develop a chronological breakdown as to when Charles Garry received the documents from Swearingen. Will develop a simple scenario showing relationship between deliverance of documents by Swearingen to Garry correlated with the time analysis based upon knowledge of agents who have handled this matter and previous interviews of Swearingen. This information will be utilized to assess answers to be provided by Terry Buford.

[Deleted name] is scheduled to reappear Federal Grand Jury, San Francisco on [date deleted]. Information from Los Angeles requested to be submitted so as to allow adequate review by AUSA.

RYMUR matters carry a dangerous and suicidal tendency alert.