Serial 1634

December 29, 1978

Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Division

Director, FBI


Reference is made to your letter dated December 27, 1978, of which a copy is attached.

Your letter advised of a request by the House International Relations Committee concerning an inquiry being conducted by that Committee into an ongoing FBI criminal investigation.

It is our policy to furnish no documentation to a Committee of Congress pursuant to its request where the inquiry involves an ongoing FBI investigation. Each Congressional request is received, the Department of Justice consulted, and a determination made as to the propriety of furnishing specific information and/or documentation. In view of the sensitive nature of our investigation and the involvement of the Federal Grand Jury, it would not be proper to furnish documentation or specific information to the Committee at this time. Our position is necessary to protect our investigative responsibilities. As you know, representatives of the FBI provided a general briefing to the staff of this Committee on December 26, 1978.

This letter will confirm the conversation of Associate Director Adams and yourself on December 28, 1978, reiterating our position to decline to furnish specific information concerning a pending investigation.