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Mr. William Webster, Dir.
FBI U.S. Department of Justice

I find it difficult to believe that your agency could recklessly allow itself to be the tool such a base individuals as Tim O. Stoen and some whom he has in his tow. It has become known to us that the FBI is again targeting P. T. For what now? Have we not satisfied the agency of our reputability and integrity? How can you fire up another investigation on the most fallacious contrived accounts? One look at Mr. Stoen’s situation should convince you that he has a vested interest in keeping anti-P. T. campaign alive. Will he has in short, states his own reputation on the downfall of the Temple. It appears that he sees his sole function in life to be the discrediting of a great man and a great organization.

In psychology there is something called the love-hate syndrome, which affects certain individuals. When they love something, it encompasses all aspects of they [their] life and they are totally enthralled with it. Then when love turns to hate, the same individuals derive solely on the destruction of that which he loved. How clearly I remember Mr. Stoen sang approximately 1 year ago how extraordinary Jim Jones’s character was, how much courage and honesty he had. He said it was apparent sincetivity [sensitivity]. Now look. The same man is a writing maniac bent on alienating all support for the Temple and bent on destruction. But Tim Stoen is the proverbial dog being at the moon.

The FBI is under new direction. The scorch of JE Hoover should not be re-lived. Do not become the vehicle of reactionary elements that attempt to discredit and destroy groups that are oriented towards true human service work. Why should a work. group which has drug rehabilition, college scholarships, senior citizen programs etc. be subjected to harassment and attempts to destroy it? That infamous “credibility gap” which threatens to serve the agency from the American people has reared its ugly head again.

[name and address deleted]

Mr. William Webster, Director
FBI U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.