Serial 00×4


Mr. Wm. Webster, Director
Federal Bureau of investigation
U. S. Dept. of Justice
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:

I understand another complaint is being filed against Peoples Temple and this I am totally against! I think it would be biased, unjust and completely anti-democratic to attack this church and its’ minister with another investigation. They have been harassed enough! I don’t think this much investigation was given to Watergate.

To pursue attacking these people will really prove just how low justice has fallen.

To me, and I’m sure, many others, this church has, and is still doing, more humanitarian work than any other church.

It’s too bad the character of the conspirators isn’t being investigated so thoroughly. This can be done in any idea of investigating People Temple ought to be dropped.

Can anyone ever do good here in the US without being framed, conspired against or murdered? Please let these people live in peace.

Yours sincerely,
[name deleted]