Serial 96

0 212033Z NOV 78
FM SACRAMENTO (89-151) (P)

Re San Francisco teletypes and telcalls to Sacramento, Nov. 20 and 21, 1978, and Sacramento telcall to San Francisco, Nov. 20, 1978.

On Nov. 2L [21], 1978, [deleted name] OCCIB, California Department of Justice, made available the Articles of Incorporation of the People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ. The original Articles of Corporation were dated July 30, 1965 and filed with the California Secretary of State, Nov. 26, 1965. The original articles were signed by James W. Jones, President, and Marceline M. Jones, Secretary. The original


Articles of Incorporation listed the directors as James W. Jones and Marceline M. Jones, both of Box 402J, Route 1, Redwood Valley, California. The third director was Archie J. Ijames, same address. The articles state that the principal office for the transaction of business of the corporation is located in Mendocino County, California.

The annual statement, which must be filed by a domestic corporation in the state of California, lists the principle [principal] office of the corporation as 1859 Geary Blvd., San Francisco. The officers are listed as follows:

President, Carol A. Stahl, 2451 Road K, Redwood Valley, California. Vice President, Lee Ingram, 1859 Geary Blvd., San Francisco. Secretary, Linda S. Amos, 1859 Geary Blvd., San Francisco. Treasurer, June B. Crym, 1859 Geary Blvd., San Francisco. The statement was filed with the California Secretary of State’s office on April 14, 1978.

An amendment to the Articles of Incorporation filed July 3, 1974, lists Michael B. Cartmell as vice president of the corporation and Jean F. Brown as assistant secretary of the corporation. No address is listed for either individual.


An additional amendment to the Articles of Incorporation filed Dec. 31, 1976, lists Brown as assistant secretary and Archie Ijames as vice president. No address is given for their individual.

As San Francisco was advised in referenced Sacramento telcall, on Nov. 20, 1978, Dr. [name deleted], Director, Calif. Department of Developmental Services, Sacramento, telephonically advised Sacramento as follows:

His department had conducted an investigation into a home known as Happy Acres located in Ukiah, California. Clients of the department, all mentally retarded adult males, have been quartered at Happy Acres for some time and the investigation was conducted concerning allegations of mistreatment of the clients and possible misuse of federal and state funds. None of the allegations were substantiated, however, information was developed during the investigation that Happy Acres was licensed by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Janaro at the time of the investigation. The name of the licensee has subsequently been changed and is currently licensed by a Mr. and Mrs. Becking [Beck],


not further identified. The investigation also determined that the Janaros and possible the Beckings were members of the People’s Temple.

On Nov. 20, 1978, [deleted name], Deputy Sheriff, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, contacted the Department of Developmental Services Chief Investigator [deleted name]. It is noted that [deleted name] had worked with [deleted name] on the original investigation of Happy Acres.

[deleted name] advised that allegedly Richard Janaro had gone to Guyana approximately one year ago and that one to two weeks ago Mrs. Janaro had gone to Guyana, presumably to go to the People’s Temple colony there. Allegedly both Janaros are in Trinidad at this time and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department had some indication that they were possibly to be members of an assassination team coming into the Mendocino County area. Neither [deleted name] nor Dr. [deleted name] had any indication of where the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department had obtained the information about a possible assassination team.

For the information of the Bureau, the San Francisco


office advised on Nov. 20, 1978, that they were aware of the ownership of the establishment in Mendocino County and had alerted the authorities there to the possibility that members of the People’s Temple were still affiliated with Happy Acres. It is possible that this is the information which was related to Dr. [name deleted] but somewhat enlarged upon.

Copies of the People’s Temple Articles of Incorporation will be furnished San Francisco by airtel.