Serial 112

P 192300Z NOV 78

Unsubs; U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan (deceased) – victim; People’s Temple Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

Re Butecal [Bureau telephone call] from Supervisors Norb Rascher, [deleted name] and [deleted name], November 19, 1978.

Review of Los Angeles indices reveals the following:

LA File 48-0, 1311 relates to a letter received by this office August 12, 1978, from Michael J. Prokes, Associate Minister of the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, San Francisco, wherein Prokes complained about [deleted name], who may contact the FBI alleging improprieties about the People’s Temple in San Francisco.

The individual [deleted name] was apparently making threatening calls to the Temple in efforts to have his wife


and children released. His wife was a member of the church. The “Temple” that the individual was mentally disturbed.

Los Angeles reply to Prokes noted that a search of FBI, Los Angeles files determined no record regarding the People’s Temple or the individual mentioned in the letter.

File 7-2002 contains a letter from U.S. Senator S. I. Hayakawa dated May 31, 1978 requesting response to a letter from a constituent, Mae Fields, of Los Angeles. Fields was interviewed June 20, 1978 by Buagents [Bureau agents] and alleged that her son, Donald James Fields, age 44, and his wife Shirley Fields, age 36, their two children became members of the People’s Temple of the Disciples of Christ. One year ago they sold their home and car, donated the money to Jim Jones, the head of the People’s Temple, and moved to San Francisco. Several months ago they voluntarily moved to Georgetown, Guyana to Jim Jones’ colony. Fields feels her son is being held against his will although he has not said so. Mrs. Fields stated there is a group of 25-30 concerned citizens in Los Angeles led by San Francisco attorney Tim Stoen telephone number (415) 391-5020 who claim to have relatives being held by Jim Jones in Guyana.

Los Angeles conducted no other investigation and recommend


to Senator Hayakawa by letter dated June 22, 1978, to bring this matter to the attention of U.S. State Department as the FBI has no jurisdiction in foreign countries.

Los Angeles had one reference to a Reverend Jim Jones People’s Temple, Oakland, California in File 7-1627, Hearnap. Jones’ name appeared on a prison visiting list at California State Prison, Vacaville, California. No other information set forth.

Other Los Angeles references to Jim Jones not identifiable to People’s Temple.

LAPD contacted 12:15 AM this date and advice of information furnished by BU Supervisor Norb Rascher regarding the People’s Temple. LAPD stated the information would be passed on and if any other information was needed this office would be recontacted. LAPD Sgt. [deleted name] was recontacted 1300 hrs. He was advised that there is unconfirmed information that the Temple may have contingency plans of violence against ex-members of the Temple.

Sgt. [deleted name] advised that Lt. [deleted name], Los Angeles PD, PDID Unit has been advised of the Temple’s possible location in Los Angeles. [Deleted name] advised PDID investigating.

Secret Service, agent [deleted name] was advised of the Temple’s activities and possible contingency plans violence. S.S. had no further information re Temple or Temple activities.


LA telephone directory lists People’s Temple Christian Church Disciples of Christ, 1435 Alvarado Terrace, Los Angeles, telephone number 384-3604.

On November 19, 1978 [deleted name] telephonically advised that his daughter Toni Denise James, age 18, currently living with PTCCDC in Guyana. Toni joined the group several years ago. Letter received November 18, 1978 from Toni indicating everything okay.

Los Angeles attempting contact and interview [deleted name] Dr. Thomas L. Layton, (213) 515-3478 re Larry Layton, arrested Guyana re death Rep. Ryan. Results will be furnished when available.



Originally posted on May 18th, 2018.

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