Serial 122

[Editor’s note: The FBI withheld much of this cable under the B6 Exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. The deleted information is indicated below in green type. The duplicate of this serial at Serial 100 includes several words deleted here. Those words have been noted in red type.]

0 2122244Z NOV 78
FM SACRAMENTO (89-191) (P)

On November 20, 1978, [deleted name] contacted the Fresno, California, RA, SC Division, and stated he was member of [deleted information] of People’s Temple (PT) during years [deleted dates]. [deleted name] stated he had info re planned assassinations of the national and California state leaders as well as other details re Jones operation of PT. [deleted name] expressed fear of being killed by Jones followers.

[deleted name] then came to FBI office Fresno and furnished


following to Buagent [Bureau agent] and SA [Special Agent] [deleted name] USSS [U.S. Secret Service], Fresno, CA. [Several lines of almost completely deleted information]

In 1972 while living in [deleted information] heard Jones speak on radio and as he was once a [deleted information] was attracted by Jones’ humanitarianism to the downtrodden. He approached Jones and was so impressed he joined PT bringing his immediate family, [deleted information] . Jones told him that as a [deleted information] he could be of great value to church and the church would take care of him and his family forever. [Deleted name] donated [deleted information] of real estate to Jones as well as other property.

Because of his abilities in donations, [deleted name] was made head of the [deleted information] and taken into the inner coancil [council] of PT. There were no specific titles of departments, heads or council.

[deleted name] stated that the inner council consisted of fifty


to one hundred members of the most fanatical followers of Jones. Jones developed incredible control over these people and regularly administered tests of their loyalty by having them drink liquid purporting to be poisoned and having been signed numerous confessions of incest, child abuse, other crimes as well as statements of intent to kill the president and vice president, etc. According to [deleted name] , Jones repeatedly instructed followers that the government and “the system” were his enemies and that in the event of his demise retaliation should be immediately taken in the form of assassination of the president and all in line of succession as well as state leaders, Mayor Moscone of San Francisco, bombing of power plants, specifically Rancho Seco nuclear power plant near Sacramento. [deleted name] could not furnish specific details of assassination plots and it is noted [deleted name] has not been in contact with Jones or PT directly since late 1974 when he was able to extract entire family from Jones control. He said this effort took months of careful planning as Jones kept family members separated and closely watched. [deleted name] stated he is certain some defectors were murdered but could not provide specifics and was only present during planning of one execution which was not carried out because defector, Archie Ijames, returned


to PT.

[deleted name] furnish the following is persons who called as being members of Jones inner council:

(1) Karen Layton, WF, age 30, 5;5”, 120 pounds.

(2) Carolyn Layton, WF, 35, 5’5”, 115 pounds. Carolyn Layton is described as very dangerous. Both Karen and Carolyn were at different times married to Larry Layton, in custody in Guyana.

(3) Terry Buford, WF, age 30, 5’8”, 100 pounds, very thin.

(4) Michael Prokes, news correspondent, WM, 30 years, 5’8″, 145 pounds.

(5) Eugene Chaikin (PH) [phonetic], WM, 5’8″, 40 years, 140 pounds, an attorney.

(6) J. R. Randolph, WM, 30-34 years, 5’6″, 130 pounds.

(7) Archie Ijames, NM, 64 years, 6’2″.

(8) Jack Beam, WM, 55, stocky build, 200 pounds, extremely violent.

(9) Jim McElvane (PH), NM, 32-33, 6’2″, 180 pounds.

[Deleted name] personally witnessed numerous beatings on children and adults. In 1974, he saw Jones strip John, six-year-old son of Grace Stoen, and insert electric prod in boy’s rectum as


punishment. Jones was allegedly father of this child.

The day before the explosion munitions train at Emoryville [Emeryville], CA., [Deleted name] overheard Jones at a meeting make statements to other lieutenants to the effect “make sure everything is in place with that munitions train and don’t be seen”. The next night at a meeting in Redwood Valley, Jones alluded to the explosion stating “the next time they bringing before the press it will be because of the great act of justice like the munitions train last night. I don’t care what they say but me and mine were there.”

Jones also claimed credit for bombing of PG&E power plants in Sacramento Bay Area, claimed contacts with members of Nation of Islam, LCN, Mooonies, Synanon, and numerous government officials. [Deleted name] claims stones traveled to East Germany, Cuba, Switzerland. Jones personal wealth from income from PT is estimated at being thirty to fifty million dollars. Total PT membership in 1974 estimated at twenty to thirty thousand, one hundred fifty of these being hard-core fanatics.

[Deleted name] rebuilt PT Temple in San Francisco after Jones burned structure in an insurance fraud. He also went to Guyana


and helped in construction of the compound. [Deleted name] stated that he believes many of the 1200in Guyana were being held against their will including many minor children who had been taken from their parents.

Since his defection, [Deleted name] was visited about fourteen months ago by Carolyn Layton and two men who promised to kill him if he talked to authorities.

[Deleted name] identified other possible defectors as being Deanna Myrtle [Mertle] of San Francisco, Jack Beam, Jr., son of Jack Beam, supra, Debbie Blakely [Blakey], interviewed on NBC news.

[Deleted name] requested federal protection or assistance in obtaining concealed weapon permit from SO. Requests were denied but rapport maintained.

[Deleted name] claims to have been contacting about one and two years ago at Fresno, CA., by two federal agents who were interested in tax status of PT. He believes one was with IRS and one was FBI. Details of this contact vague but he claims most of the above was furnished to these agents. Sacramento indices negative re [Deleted name] insisted on taping interview.


[Deleted name] appeared on local [deleted information] news program November 19 and November 20, 1978.

[Deleted name] appears to be legitimate and fully cooperative but memory dates and places is weak. Further, his information is mostly four years old.

[Deleted name] being recontacted on November 21, 1978, re referenced Dallas and San Francisco teletypes.

Bureau is requested to personal information to U.S. Secret Service, Washington, D.C.

San Francisco and Sacramento will ensure appropriate state, city and utility officials advised of threats.