Serial 130-post

[Editor’s note: This unrecorded serial follows Serial 130]


Attached refers to our investigation captioned “RYMUR” involving the murder of Congressman Leo J. Ryan on 11/17/78, at Jonestown, Guyana. Instant teletype from Dallas advises of contact Dallas FBI has had with [deleted name] (protect identity by request) who, after some convincing by FBI and Carrollton, Texas, police officers indicated that she was a member of [deleted information] the Peoples Temple church from [deleted date]. Very reluctantly she stated [2 lines deleted]. She stated she had knowledge of numerous illegal activities of church followers, including at least 8 murders which occurred from 1970-1973 in San Francisco; Southern Oregon; Reno, Nevada; Southern California, and Washington state. [2 lines deleted] She has general knowledge as to the disposition of some of the bodies. [4 lines deleted]

The sources extremely fearful for her own safety and that of family members. She also appears prosecution. Dallas assesses source as truthful. [Deleted line] Jones, leader of this sect.

An extremely edited text of the above was furnished to Deputy Attorney General (Emergency Programs Center); White House Situation Room; CIA, State, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Security Agency.

1 – Mr. Adams