Serial 134

212040Z NOV 78
FM TAMPA (89-79) (P)

Re Chicago teletype to Bureau, November 21, 1978.

[Deleted name] Clearwater, Florida, home telephone number [deleted number] was contacted. He was advised of the identity of the agent and of the purpose of the interview. He stated he is a ham radio operator and as such is the [deleted information] for frequency 21.415. Part of his responsibilities are to handle net discipline and to police the airwaves so that the proper FCC rules and regulations are observed. Frequency 21.415 is basically a frequency primarily used to assist missionaries in their work.


Within the last year he has been listening to and making patch phone calls or turning station WB6MID/8R3 over to places in the continental United States. WB6MID/8R3 is a ham station out of Jonestown, Guyana. The call sign WB6MID is registered to Albert Touchette of 3747 Road B, Redwood Valley, California. [Deleted name] stated that the station has operators known only to him as Sara, Bea and Jim. Sara operates the radio, and the radio has been violating the FCC regulations by operating illegally, cutting in for emergencies when there are no emergencies and transmitting coded messages. The coded messages have been using mainly the names of flowers, small animals and birds. [Deleted name] stated he believes [Deleted name] of NBC news in Chicago, Illinois, knows the name of the man believed to be from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who has broken the code.

[Deleted name] stated the Peoples Temple apparently has stations at unknown locations in Texas, California and Chattanooga. He said an operator in California may have more knowledge of transmissions by the group. He is a [deleted information]


[Deleted address] Freemont [Fremont], California.

[Deleted name] stated he did not know the last names or identities of Sara, Bea or Jim. He also said he did not make any patch calls for Sara to Terry in California, with Calif. telephone number 922-9597 on October 12, 1978, and this apparently must have been some other operator.

[Deleted name] stated that approximately one month ago Sara contacted him on frequency 21.415 wanting him to transfer her to California. He told her at the time he would no longer handle the Peoples Temple transmissions because of the aforementioned illegalities and coded transmissions. Sarah then told him that these allegations were false, and he was being slanderous, and they would sue him, and their attorney, Mark Lane, would be contacting him. Approximately two or three days later, [deleted name] was telephonically contacted by Mark Lane. Lane told [deleted name] that he wanted to know more about the Peoples Temple and did not identify himself as an attorney. He only stated he wanted to have the information because he was writing a book. [deleted name] ask Lane if he was the attorney for the Peoples Temple, and Lane admitted he was the attorney.


[deleted name] asked him if he was going to sue him, and Lane stated that he would not be suing him and was only interested in more information regarding the Peoples Temple so that he could write a book. [deleted name] told Lane of the violations of the FCC rules and regulations by the Peoples Temple and Sara, and that since time has had no further contact with Lane, Sara or the Peoples Temple.

Chicago at Chicago. Will, if not already covered, recontact [deleted name], NBC news, for the correct information regarding the transmission of Sara to Terry in California on October 12, 1978. Also contact [deleted name] for name and address of the operator in Chattanooga, Tenn., who supposedly has broken the code and set out leads to interview.

San Francisco. Will, if not already covered, interview [deleted name], Freemont, Calif., for any information. Will identify an interview [deleted name], Redwood Valley, Calif.

Tampa at Tampa. Will forward appropriate FD-302.

Armed and dangerous.