Serial 136


Date 11/21/78

FROM: SAC [Special Agent in Charge], SACRAMENTO (89-191) (P)

Re Bureau teletype dated 11/21/78; Sacramento telephone call to Bureau Supervisor [deleted name] 11/21/78, and Sacramento teletype to the Bureau and San Francisco, 11/21/78.

Enclosed for the Bureau are two photostatic copies of applicant fingerprints of JAMES WARREN JONES, DOB 5/13/31.

Enclosed for San Francisco is one copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, obtained from California Department of Justice, OCCIB.

The fingerprints were submitted to California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (CII) by the Indianapolis, Indiana Police Department. Fingerprints were taken 3/24/64 under Indianapolis PD #251094.

On the fingerprint card JONES is described as race Caucasian, sex male, height 5’ 10 1/2″, weight 180 lbs., hair black, eyes brown.

No CII identification record is available concerning Jones as sources at CII indicated action was started in 1973 or 1974 to seal JONES’ arrest record.

2 – Bureau (Enc. 2)
2 – San Francisco (89-250) (Enc. 1)
1 – Los Angeles (Info)
2 – Sacramento

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SC 89-191

CII sources indicated no knowledge of the reason for the purpose of sealing the records.

It has been determined that Jones was fingerprinted in 1973 or 1974 by the Los Angeles PD under their number 1286540-J/27C7007. Apparently the charge was conduct. No further information available concerning his arrest.

[Ed. Note: Remaining four pages of serial consist of Jones’ fingerprint records]