Serial 143

[Editor’s note: One of the subjects of this serial whose name is deleted is Steven Katsaris. The deleted information from the memorandum – designated by brackets – which is known to the editor has been indicated by red type.]

0 222000Z NOV 78
FM SAN JUAN (89-123) (P)

Reference San Juan teletype to Bureau and San Francisco dated November 21, 1978.

Appearing in the local newspaper “The San Juan Star”, November 22, 1978, is a United Press International (UPI) interview of Steve [Stephan] Jones, son of Jim Jones as referred in referenced teletype. In the UPI interview Jones advised that his father was “ill, paranoid and drugged when he ordered the mass suicide”. Steve Jones was also quoted in the article as saying, “I hated him, he was a fascist, he


destroyed everything we lived and worked for”. Jones also stated he was in Georgetown, Guyana to “play basketball”.

The Bureau and San Francisco should be aware that investigation within San Juan determined that Steve Jones, along with several other members of the Jones sect were seen by members of Congressman Ryan’s group and were apparently surveilling the hotel at Georgetown where the visitors were launched. [Deleted name] [Steven Katsaris] during his interview at San Juan stated that when he talked with Steve Jones at Georgetown, Jones denied the suicide rehearsals, beatings, and other irregularities ever took place at the Jonestown camp.

[Katsaris] also advised that with Steve Jones in Georgetown among others was Lee Ingram, black, male, white complexion, about 30 years, 5’11”, 155 pounds, glasses, short black hair, and with Caucasian features. Ingram stated to [Katsaris] that he and the other members of the Jonestown camp along with Steve Jones were in Georgetown to play basketball. They had been there for several weeks and should be staying for a couple of months. [Katsaris] believes that Ingram was lying


in light of the fact that when [Katsaris] wanted to know why other members located at the Jonestown camp could not come into Georgetown, Ingram stated that everyone at the camp was working so hard that none of the members of the camp could get away to come to Georgetown to see visitors. [Katsaris] thought this to be unusual since everyone was working so hard at the camp but a basketball team could come to Georgetown for a couple of months.

Also according to [Katsaris], Steve Jones told Tim Stoen (a member of the Concerned Relatives group) that, “you”, (referring to the visitors), “may be responsible for the death of those people up there” (referring to the Jonestown camp).

Additionally, [Steven Katsaris] reiterated information previously furnished and reported in referenced San Juan teletype to the effect that a local Georgetown taxi driver, one [Deleted name] told [Katsaris] he had overheard the male members in Georgetown talking about killing the people in the hotel. In addition to Lee Ingram, referred to above, other Temple members observed in Georgetown with Steven Jones were


Michael Touchete [Touchette], Tim Jones (adopted son of Reverend Jim Jones), and first name unknown (fnu) Cobb [John Cobb] (brother of Jim Cobb).

[Katsaris] advised that it is his belief that Steve Jones knew of possible plan of action against the right party, and that Stephen Jones statement to UPI is a ploy.

San Juan is unaware of current whereabouts of Stephen Jones, Tim Jones, Michael Touchete, or (fnu) Cobb; however, in view of information set out above, San Juan office believes these individuals should be regarded as suspects.

[Steven Katsaris] further advised that communications between the People’s Temple in San Francisco and Jonestown camp were usually by coded shortwave transmissions. In June, 1978, the Concerned Relatives started monitoring these communications and eventually broke the code. Apparently one hundred tapes of these transcriptions [tapes], some of which have been transcribed, were made and are in possession of Al and Geanie [Jeannie] Mills, Human Freedom Center, Berkley [Berkeley], California.


Berkley, California, at Human Freedom Center, will contact Al and Geanie [Jeanne] Mills regarding takes referred to above if not done already.