Serial 155

[Editor’s note: Two of the subjects of this serial whose names are inconsistently deleted are Tim and Grace Stoen. The deleted information from the memorandum which was revealed in the duplicate at Serial 884 is indicated by blue type. The deleted information which was revealed in the original here but deleted in the duplicate is indicated by green type]

0 220410Z NOV 78
FM DENVER (89-175) (P)

Rebutels, November 20, 21, 1978; Denver teletype to Bureau, November 21, 1978; DNtelcal [Denver telephone call] to SF, November 21, 1978.

[Deleted name] who resides at [deleted address] Evergreen, Colorado, non-published telephone number [deleted] was interviewed and advised he is [line of deleted type], Golden, Colorado. He commented that he has not slept for 3 days and has been under considerable stress because of his physical and mental condition. He said he had an apparent misunderstanding with an FBI agent during a telephone conversation on November 21, 1978. He was apologetic and stated he is willing to cooperate with and


assist the FBI in this matter in any way possible.

[Deleted name] stated he is the [deleted information] of Timothy Stoen. He advised Timothy and his wife [Grace Stoen] have been acquainted with Jim Jones for several years and were duped by Jones into becoming members of Peoples Temple (PT). He said Timothy became closely allied to Jones and prior to Timothy’s defection from PT approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years ago, he rose to the position of no. 2 man in the organization under Jones.

[Deleted name] stated he met Jones on one occasion; that being at the wedding of Timothy and his wife [Grace Stoen] in Redwood Valley, California, a ceremony at which Jones officiated. [Deleted name] has not seen or had any contact with Jones subsequent to the wedding. He claims to have no personal knowledge of PT and has not at any time been affiliated with this organization. He stated Timothy has discussed the organization with him on a few occasions. He has been told by Timothy that Jones had an arsenal of weapons stashed in various locations throughout the world and that Jones has also attempted to obtain nuclear weapons from foreign countries. He said Timothy told him members of the PT are totally and completely


devoted to Jones and would do anything for the “cause”. He was told further that should there be any interference with PT by the government that high government officials, identities unknown, would be assassinated. He believes these government officials, to include the president, may still be targets of remaining group members and their lives could be in jeopardy. He said Timothy told him that individual members of the cult have been assigned the name or names of persons whom they are to assassinate should such an order ever be given by Jones. These cult members have further been instructed by Jones that after the assassination orders are carried out, they are to commit suicide. He stated defectors from PT were number one priority on Jones’ assassination list. He further advised that Timothy has received numerous death threats from PT since his defection and Timothy is believed to be the number one target on Jones’ “hit list”.

[Deleted name] advised on this date he has received telephone calls from both [Deleted name] and from [Deleted name], both from Los Angeles,


California, inquiring as to the present location of Timothy. He stated [Deleted names] are acquainted with each other. He described [Deleted name] as a longtime friend of Timothy and [Deleted name] as a psychic. He expressed concern over the reason for [Deleted name] wanting to know Timothy’s location. He said although he has no knowledge of any involvement [Deleted name] may have in PT, he considers it a possibility that she may be attempting to determine Timothy’s location and certain members of PT.

[Deleted name] stated he has taken extreme measures to prevent Timothy’s location from becoming known and indicated that he would not want that information available to any time with the exception of the FBI or close confidants of the family in view of their concern for his life and safety. He stated Timothy left Denver on the evening of November 20, 1978 en route to San Francisco and is presently at the New Freedom Center [Human Freedom Center], Berkeley, and can be reached through telephone [deleted number] or [deleted number].

During this interview, [Deleted name] received a telephone call from an individual at the Freedom Center informing him FBI


agents were at that time interviewing Timothy. He stated Timothy would be a better position to provide pertinent information regarding Peoples Temple and would expect Timothy would be completely cooperative.

In view of the type of crime committed, members of the Temple should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.