Serial 169

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/20/78 [Received]
To: Assistant Director – CID [ Criminal Investigative Division]
From: SA John T. McCarthy

Subject: RYMUR – Special

On 11/20/78, Kenneth Harding, Sgt. at Arms, House of Rep. telephonically contacted writer regarding the travel and safety of Congressional group planning to attend funeral in SF for Rep. Ryan on 11/22/78.

Harding advised that Joe Holsinger, Sr, Adm. [Administrative] assistant to Rep Ryan advised his son, Joe Holsinger Jr., a SF attorney, received a threat “your [you’re] next” following the reported death of Rep. Ryan. According to Harding, Holsinger Jr has been involved in investigating the church group in the SF area for sometime [some time].