Serial 176

United States Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Date: 11/21/78
To: Mr. Moore
From: J. O. Ingram

Subject: RYMUR


Captioned code name is assigned to the Bureau Special investigation into the murder of Congressman Leo J. Ryan of California on Saturday, November 18, 1978, by unknown persons in Jonestown, Guyana. A Command Post has been established at FBI HQ with a Field Command Post under the direction of ASAC Lawler at the San Francisco Office.

The scope of FBI investigation is for the purpose of establishing or discrediting allegations received from former People’s Temple Sect members that a conspiracy existed amongst followers that retaliation would be taken out against those who posed any threat to the Church.

The investigation also is based upon a Departmental interpretation of the Congressional Assassination Statute (18 USC 351) that the statute provides for extra territorial prosecutive jurisdiction in that the murder of Congressman Ryan was an act committed against his office and the institution of Government in the United States.

This matter is also being investigated as a Protection of Foreign Officials matter regarding the assault upon Deputy Chief of Missions [Mission] Richard Dwyer, a State Department official and member of Congressman Ryan’s traveling entourage. DCM Dwyer is designated as an internationally protected official in 18 USC 1114 and 1116.

The investigation has been subdivided into the areas of developing the identities of subjects responsible for the actual attack upon Congressman Ryan’s party in Guyana along with the collection and preservation of physical evidence pertaining thereto.

DES/jap (5)


J.O. Ingram Memo to Mr. Moore

Another major area of inquiry surrounds individuals in the United States who may be identified as conspirators who in some way supported the attack upon Congressman Ryan and his party.

Agents designated to travel to Guyana have been removed from the military transport plane at Temple, Florida, at the request of United States Ambassador [John] Burke, Georgetown, Guyana. Ambassador Burke advised that the Government of Guyana has issued an instruction to him that no FBI personnel other than the Legat are to come to Guyana and that all Americans living or dead are to be removed from the territory of Guyana at the earliest possible time. This attitude on the part of the Government of Guyana necessitates that the Legat through liaison with local authorities will have to secure Bureau interests in this matter in Guyana through the cooperative efforts of the local authorities. Furthermore, Legat Robert Ogelsby, who is currently in Georgetown, Guyana, has been instructed to advise FBI HQ Command Post of the itinerary of all individuals departing Guyana for the United States. These individuals will be interviewed at the points of entry into the United States.

Numerous ham operators throughout the United States have contacted various FBI Offices indicating that they possessed tape recordings of radio transmissions between Jonestown and the United States. These tapes are in all instances being obtained for forwarding to FBI Laboratory.

All living victims of the attack on Congressman Ryan and his party have been returned to the United States and interviews have been conducted of those possible due to their physical condition. Remaining victims who are not in a condition to be interviewed are being monitored constantly. Medical teams who have performed surgery upon victims in this matter have turned over physical evidence, including projectiles removed from their bodies to the FBI.

The Dallas Office was contacted by a female claiming to be a former member of the People’s Temple [deleted name] during the years 1961-1973. She claims that she and 14 to 15 others were in the ruling body

J.O. Ingram Memo to Mr. Moore

at that time of the People’s Temple. She claims to have intimate knowledge of illegal activities of the People’s Temple followers, including personal knowledge of at least eight murders committed by Sect members during the years 1970-1973 in San Francisco; Southern Oregon; Reno, Nevada; Southern California; and Washington State. [Several lines deleted] She claims to have documentary evidence of crimes that Reverend Jim Jones and his followers were involved in. [Line deleted] She claims to be the former mistress of Jones. Dallas is following this matter closely.

This matter continues to receive continuous supervisory attention at FBI HQ and in the field all leads are being set forth by telephone and followed by teletype.

Investigation continuing.